Showcasing his educational years its mentioned a young Bruce Wayne having learned to speed read, lip read, plus developing total recall combined with his genius level intellect was able to ease through college having only taken the courses he needed then moved on (Shadow of the Bat #0)

Bruce having undergone F.B.I. training scored perfectly on every test except gun handling (Shadow of the Bat #0 & Secret Files of the World's Greatest Super Heroes)

Showing an example of how he can use his photographic memory to recall exactly how a previous battle he engaged in played out move for move in slow motion (Detective Comics #454)

Batman v2 #22 - Backup Tale:

- Was taught and trained by a brilliant old Russian engineer named Sergei on how to build advanced weapons technology

 photo batman22backup-teachersergei.jpg

- In his final test from Sergei, he's placed inside a dark closed off room (inside the Egyptian Sphinx) with limited oxygen supply and the tech he built in advance to prepare himself for the test which proved to be useless since they were broken

Bruce vs Sergei's Test p1 photo batman22backup-sphinxtrap2.jpgBruce vs Sergei's Test p2 photo batman22backup-sphinxtrap1.jpg

- Thinking outside the box and using his tech knowledge, he combines the non-operational tech to create unique high tech power gloves to dig his way out of the closed off room passing Sergei's test

Bruce vs Sergei's Test p3 photo batman22backup-sphinxtrap3.jpgBruce vs Sergei's Test p4 photo batman22backup-sphinxtrap4.jpgBruce vs Sergei's Test p5 photo batman22backup-sphinxtrap5.jpg

- Mentions that he's learned how to make 10 minutes of air last for an hour long through a steady breathing technique

 photo batman22backup-steadybreathing.jpg

Taught Tim Drake (Red Robin) the Possum Reflex which slows down the heart to restrict blood loss and ends up saving Tim's life (Battle for the Cowl #3)

While bleeding out, Red Robin thinks how Batman would likely go into a zen spiritual healing state (see the Training section on the Martial Arts webpage for an example) and plot out his next 14 moves if Bruce was in his place (Red Robin #5)

After training 9 months "somewhere in the Himalayas" with Shihan Matsusa, known to be one of the greatest zen warrior monks, he is able to master Tummo meditation ("elemental battle between ice and blood" that takes place while he is meditating nearly naked outside), actually melting the ice he is sitting on (Detective Comics v2 #0)

While in Bhutran (or Bhutan) during his training years, he spent 3 months studying with the 10 Eyed Men learning how to kill demons (Superman #710)

Batman The Demon Hunter photo superman710-bhutantraining.jpg

During his training years before he became Batman, he underwent the Thogal Ritual which is an advanced type of meditation designed to simulate death and rebirth (Batman and Frankenstein #31)

 photo batmanfrankenstein31-batthogalritual.jpg

He is able to enter a trance-like state, similar to coma, and to exit it at will (Gotham Underground #4)

Hypnotized himself into forgetting that he's Batman in order to protect his secret identity and outsmart Hugo Strange (Gotham Knights #11)

Shown using deep hypnosis against The General (aka General Eiling/Shaggy Man) who was vulnerable to psychological attack at the moment according to Batman but wasn't successful in using it due being interrupted (JLA #26)

 Batman's Mind Control Powers 1 photo jla26-batmindcontrol1.jpgBatman's Mind Control Power 2 photo jla26-batmindcontrol2.jpgBatman's Mind Control Power 3 photo jla26-batmindcontrol3.jpgBatman's Mind Control Power 4 photo jla26-batmindcontrol4.jpg

Subdues an Ape Superman without physical force by using Neuro-linguistic Programming techniques (JLA Annual #3)

After observing the effects a strange energy has on Superman's kryptonian powers that also caused Power Girl to lose control over her kryptonian powers as well, he quickly comes up with a solution to stop the effects of the strange energy using the kryptonite ring he bought as a contingency for Power Girl. However, this leaves the Man of Steel no more powerful than the average human due to the seemingly overwhelming energies in his body balancing each other out which proves his theory to be correct (Worlds Finest #20)

 photo worldsfinest20-batsolution1.jpg photo worldsfinest20-batsolution2.jpg photo worldsfinest20-batsolution3.jpg photo worldsfinest20-batsolution4.jpg

Knows the general location of where even the hidden continent of Atlantis is located which amazes his Justice League teammate Aquaman (the King of Atlantis) who he's seen dropping off within close range of where Atlantis can be exactly found (Aquaman #32)

 photo aquaman32-batatlantis.jpg

Made a surgical incision in his own palm a long time ago in advance to cleverly hide a special tool for later use showcasing some his medical knowledge and skill (Batman Annual v2 #2)

 photo batmanannual2-batmanvsarkhamasylum3.jpg

Hacks into and shuts down a high tech network using a device no more advanced than an average cell phone (Batman Inc. #4)

Despite Bludhaven's area is, as per Veteran's words, a communication's black hole, Batman still manages to contact him (Robin #146)

Takes control over the entire Gotham City communication system including Oracle's computers (Catwoman v2 #35)

Hacks into the NASA database and downloads all their information into his computer (Batman The Abduction)

Hacks into Area 51 database (Batman Dreamland)

Using his highly advanced batcomputer he hacks into and accesses the secret files database of Interpol, all law enforcement, military, covert/black ops, and many other special operative agencies. In doing so, he's able to find out the true identity of a special operative who he recently encountered who's real name is Julia Pennyworth who officially doesn't even exist on the record (Batman Eternal #8-9)

 photo batmaneternal8-bathacksinterpol.jpg photo batmaneternal9-bathacksecretdatabases.jpg

Hacks into S.H.A.D.E.'s secret secure files without the organization knowing about it so he could locate Castle Frankenstein. He then reveals to Frankenstein that he's removed the S.H.A.D.E. Net implant from his neck so they would stay hidden from S.H.A.D.E. and prevent the organization from finding them (Batman & Robin v2 #19)

 photo batmanamprobin19-shadenet.jpg

Hacks into the memory bank of an Manhunter android despite its advanced alien technology (created by the Guardians from the Green Lantern Corps) which he had never encountered before (Batman #415)

Quickly hacks into a kryptonian ship bypassing its encryption and recovering its logs (Superman Batman #64)

Superman/Batman #22:

Has learned to speak Kryptonian as we see him speaking with Superman in the alien language

Their conversation translated to english

Can speak (or "dabble") and understand the Kryptonian spoken language without a problem as seen here where he's talking to both Superman and the Daxamite Bi Sar in the Kryptonian language (Batman Superman #30)

 photo batmansuperman30-batmankryptonianlanguage1.jpg photo batmansuperman30-batmankryptonianlanguage2.jpg photo batmansuperman30-batmankryptonianlanguage3.jpg

After quickly studying Mad Hatter's technology, he figures out the radio frequency that controls Hatter's flying buzz-saw hats then jams the signal and turns them right back against Mad Hatter (Detective Comics #573)

Mad Hatter Tech photo detective573-madhattertech.jpg

Able to pilot and use Lobo's alien spaceship seemingly without any trouble (Batman Superman #29)

 photo batmansuperman29-lobospaceship.jpg

Figures out how to use Rann Zeta-beam technology within a few minutes with Adam Strange pointing out that it took years for him to learn to use the technology (Brave and the Bold #6)

Studies the Starro bot made from advanced alien technology and quickly learns how it works plus how to use it to repel the Star Conqueror's invasion of earth (JLA #23)

Quickly deduces how Know Man's technology (given to him by a Controller) works after studying it only for a short while then comes up with a plan using the same tech and his league teammates to free the trapped minds of everyone on earth (Justice League: A Midsummer's Nightmare #3)

Despite the super advanced New God technology that's built inside a Mother Box it's revealed by Batgirl and Red Hood that he managed to modify the Mother Box he originally took from a Parademon, figure out the coordinates of where Apokolips is located, and use the Mother Box to boom tube himself to Apokolips (Batman & Robin v2 #35)

 photo batmanrobin35-motherboxtech1.jpg photo batmanrobin35-motherboxtech2.jpg

Because of Disciple (a lunatic empowered by the Elder gods), the whole League got devolved. Despite being in a devolved mental state, Batman is still able to use intelligence & resourcefulness to become a formidable hunter and weapons creator/tool-maker as pointed out by Wonder Woman (JLA Primeval)

For even more impressive scientific and tech created feats see the Standard/Advanced (Advanced) Prep Time & Special Prep Time Sections!

Has built a device that can lure all the bats from the Batcave to the Gotham's near destroyed building he is in (Batman #406)

Makes sure that a KOed Silver Banshee stays out of the fight by putting on her hypersonics stated to be effective even on paranormal, then modifies said hypersonics on the spot in order to have it redirect her sonic scream back at her (Superman Batman #3)

Designed a high tech private channel communication device that has an impressively far reach as proven when Superman is clearly communicating with him over the private channel despite the Man of Steel being in space just above the earth (Batman Superman #5)

Private Bat Channel photo batmansuperman5-batcommlink.jpg

The comm device he designed and gave to Superman is either always on even if its turned off or he can override the off switch to turn it on any time he wants having used it to eavesdrop on Superman's conversation with Jochi (Batman Superman Annual #1)

 photo batmansupermanannual1-batcommdevice.jpg

Batman Superman #29-30:

- Built a small universal translator device based off Green Lantern's power ring translator technology (having studied Hal's power ring technology secretly) that can be used to talk to other alien beings effectively with no problem as seen when Superman is shown talking to the giant alien lizard using Batman's device

 photo batmansuperman29-batuniversaltranslator1.jpg photo batmansuperman29-batuniversaltranslator2.jpg

- We later learn that he reverse engineered Green Lantern's power ring technology and uses the same device to directly commiuncate to Hal's Green Lantern power ring from outer space while Hal's on earth

 photo batmansuperman30-batmangreenlanternringcommincation.jpg

An OMAC is able to restrain Batman using his own specially made handcuffs against him that was co-designed by Mr. Miracle (best escape artist in the DCU) making them inescapable (The Omac Project #3)

Builds a device that is able to prevent Martian telepathy from invading his mind (JLA Classified #45)

Has Superman build a high tech security door for him that's created with kryptonite in it weakening and trapping Kid Amazo. In addition, the door was invented only for him to open based on his own psychology something Kid Amazo copied from Batman automatically (JLA Classified #40)

Designed the Justice League satellite security system and built in a secret override backdoor code for himself just in case (Batman & The Outsiders #22)

Designed the Justice League security system and put a manual override/shutoff option within the system just in case he ever had to get passed the security system undetected that he takes advantage of to get the element of surprise over the Crime Syndicate (Forever Evil #6)

 photo foreverevil6-justiceleaguesecurity.jpg

Built his own teleporter that transports Superman, Martian Manhunter, and himself inside Lex Luthor's hidden satellite (JLA #15)

Reconstructing Red Tornado's android body (JLA #117)

Going through a stage of grief, he dissects Frankenstein's body so he could study then reverse engineer the life force that fuels the monster's body in order to bring his son (Robin/Damian Wayne) back to life. However, thanks to Alfred and Red Robin his plan is stopped before he could fully go through with it (Batman & Robin #19)

 photo batmanamprobin19-doctorfrankenbat1.jpg photo batmanamprobin19-doctorfrankenbat2.jpg photo batmanamprobin19-doctorfrankenbat3.jpg photo batmanamprobin19-doctorfrankenbat4.jpg photo batmanamprobin19-doctorfrankenbat5.jpg photo batmanamprobin19-doctorfrankenbat6.jpg photo batmanamprobin19-doctorfrankenbat7.jpg photo batmanamprobin19-doctorfrankenbat8.jpg

Batman v2 #43 & #49:

- Built a cloning machine in secret (that he didn't finish) mainly based on his own DNA that he intended to be a used as a means to ensure that their would be a Batman around to protect Gotham forever

 photo batman43-batmanclonemachine1.jpg photo batman43-batmanclonemachine2.jpg

- Uses the same cloning machine at full power resulting in full brain death in order to restore his mind back to where it once was before his recent battle with The Joker so he could become Batman again. He even created what's called "The Alfred Protocol" which is a backup of all the memory drives to get the machine back online after the server had been destroyed

 photo batman49-batmanclonemachine1.jpg photo batman49-batmanclonemachine2.jpg photo batman49-batmanclonemachine3.jpg photo batman49-batmanclonemachine4.jpg photo batman49-batmanclonemachine5.jpg photo batman49-batmanclonemachine6.jpg photo batman49-batmanclonemachine7.jpg photo batman49-batmanclonemachine8.jpg photo batman49-batmanclonemachine9.jpg

On an alien planet, the JLA calls upon Batman's tech expertise (with Flash refering to him as the team gadgeteer) to design and enhance/modify giant alien robots which Batman (with help from construction workers) turns into armor/weaponary that are made to mirror the leaguer's super powers (JLA Classified Cold Steel #1)

Creates an antidote that ends Whisper's slow aging process plus removes her body's chemical need (Detective Comics #750)

Using Poison Ivy's DNA, he creates an antidote in a short amount of time for Scarecrow's powerful new fear toxin (that has taken control over everyone in Gotham) while inside one of Arkham Asylum's medical facilities that was being used by Scarecrow as a laboratory (Detective Comics v2 #28)

Gothtopia Antidote p1 photo detective28-feartoxinantidote1.jpgGothtopia Antidote p2 photo detective28-feartoxinantidote2.jpgGothtopia Antidote p3 photo detective28-feartoxinantidote3.jpg

Developed a broad based antitoxin cure in a short amount of time to counteract The Joker's newly created, very aggressive, and more powerful joker venom that infected his Justice League teammates despite each leaguer being individually dosed with a specific version of the joker venom (Batman v2 #36)

 photo batman36-batmanjokertoxin.jpg

Detective Comics #402 & 407

Creates a serum that returns Manbat (aka Kirk Langstrom) & wife to human form

NOTE: This is pre-crisis material, added because 2005's Batman Villains: Secret Files references Batman curing Kirk, thus fitting more with Man-Bat original stories where the above scans are taken from, rather than a later re-telling of his origins in a Legends Of The Dark Knight annual.

After various tries and in his Bruce's persona, finds a way to change Poison Ivy (who is more plant-like than human) back into a normal woman (Gotham Knights #64)

From The Creeper's blood sample, Bats is able to figure out his secret identity and create an antidote he's reasonably sure will bring Jack Ryder (aka Creeper's alter-ego) back to normal by destroying the alien cells Jack is bonded to (The Creeper #6 (2007))

Creates a compound able to turn a solid wall into somethin akin to water and smelling of milk and honey (Green Arrow #75 (2007))

Created a lazarus pit in his batcave having copied the formula (Batman Ra's Al Ghul: Year One #2)

JLA: Paradise Lost #3

J'onn has died due to grave injuries caused him by Bull-Host King-Angel Asmodel. Batman, alongside Aztek, analyzed the martian's body and figures out that its physiology should have prevented him to be truly killed by the ordeal under any circumstances, and that his body simply shut down. Then he finds a way to use Flash's ability to lend kynetic energy to restart his body, thus bringing him back.

Is the creator of Brother Eye which was a very advanced super spy satellite that went undetected for years and contained information & protocols on every hero and villain on earth (OMAC Project #2, OMAC Project Infinite Crisis Special, & The Essential Batman Encyclopedia - see the blue box at the bottom of the last picture)

- Post-Flashpoint
Brother Eye acknowledges Batman as his creator (JLI Annual #1)


DC Universe Presents #0

Brother Eye's telling his origin to Maxwell Lord and how he originally started out as just the super spy satellite Brother One that tracked and collected data of every meta human and alien being on earth. We also learn that Batman was unknowingly responsible for giving Brother One sentient life by removing the sentient alien tech out of a mother box then installing it inside his Brother One satellite giving birth to the now super advanced Brother Eye satellite who can now access every mainframe on earth which is similar to his Justice League teammate Cyborg



Used to hold a kryptonite ring (which was later destroyed) in his utility belt compartment that was shielded for holding exposives (Superman #44)

Has a photo-reactive costume (Green Arrow v3 #134)

Has a cell-phone that, patched to his computer, can sort of x-ray scan someone (Detective Comics #824)

Has listening devices so advanced that they can record people talking in a building without being inside or even near it (Sword of Azrael #1)

His computer systems are able to detect how many super powered beings are in the world and track them down for him impressing even Superman (Justice League: A Midsummer's Nightmare #2)

Can tap into every security camera in Gotham through his super computer mainframe plus program it to track down a person based on how they move, their personal profile, and more (Batman & Robin v2 #5)

Creates a simulated voice message of his deceased son using his advanced recording technology in order to fool Carrie Kelley into thinking Damian's still alive and overseas (Batman & Catwoman v2 #22/Batman & Robin v2 #22)

 photo batmancatwoman22-batvoicesimulator1.jpg photo batmancatwoman22-batvoicesimulator2.jpg photo batmancatwoman22-batvoicesimulator3.jpg

To be prepared for every possible eventuality (past, present and future) he has an advanced computer able to run various simulations of possible scenarios (Superman Batman #63 - check the rest of the issue to see one of these simulations playing out)

Showcasing just how highly advanced his Internet 3.0 simulation tech is which re-creates the events that led up to Robin's death and displays a different outcome of what might have happened if they had managed to save Robin's life (Batman & Nightwing #23/Batman & Robin v2 #23)

Internet 3.0 Simulation Tech 1 photo batmanrobin23-internet30a.jpgInternet 3.0 Simulation Tech 2 photo batmanrobin23-internet30b.jpgInternet 3.0 Simulation Tech 3 photo batmanrobin23-internet30c.jpgInternet 3.0 Simulation Tech 4 photo batmanrobin23-internet30d.jpgInternet 3.0 Simulation Tech 5 photo batmanrobin23-internet30e.jpgInternet 3.0 Simulation Tech 6 photo batmanrobin23-internet30f.jpgInternet 3.0 Simulation Tech 7 photo batmanrobin23-internet30g.jpg

Alfred is shown using the Internet 3.0 technology to disarm Cyborg and prevent his internal security system from activating by re-creating a joyful event in his life to put him at ease (Batman & Robin v2 #35)

Internet 3.0 vs Cyborg 1 photo batmanrobin35-internet30vscyborg1.jpgInternet 3.0 vs Cyborg 2 photo batmanrobin35-internet30vscyborg2.jpg

Showcasing his computer's advanced defense system we see that even Cyborg is unable to gain access to his computer's mainframe which is quite impressive given Cyborg's technopathy ability that normally allows Cyborg easy access inside any computer on earth (Justice League America v4 #2)

 photo justiceleagueofamerica2-batcpuvscyborg1.jpg

Has something called Bata-Mining software installed on his computer that he used to track down Mad Hatter's assets plus his kidnapped victims (The Dark Knight v2 #17)

 photo thedarknight17-batamining.jpg

Alfred mentions that his data-mining software is the fastest in the world and uses it to quickly find several locations of where Clayface could be which later proved to be accurate having found Clayface based on the data-mining information used (The Dark Knight v2 #25)

 photo thedarknight25-batdatamining.jpg

Has tech that can detect & scan for every living life form within a half mile radius of where he's at including the earth's surface below (The Dark Knight v2 #17)

 photo thedarknight17-locatortech.jpg

Uses various secret "bat-boxes" to scramble signals and video plus to help power Gotham City's eletrical grid (Batman v2 #12)


Used spyware security technology known as a blackbox to bypass the JLA monitors which had recorded everything for the last 2 years without being noticed before the Watchtower was destroyed (Infinite Crisis #1)

Has an ectoplasmic sensor able to detect Deadman's presence (Nightwing #103)

Bats has several batmobiles and other customized vehicles available to him (Batman #615)

Here is a close-up of the Batcave, with various vehicles, tech , mementos available to the Dark Knight (Batman v2 #1)

Has a escape passage located in Crime Alley that leads outside of Gotham City (Batman v2 #30)

 photo batman30-escapepassage1.jpg photo batman30-escapepassage2.jpg

Has an untold amount of Bat Bunkers hidden within Gotham which seem to serve as backup Batcaves and allows Batwing (Luke Fox) to freely use Bat Bunker 3. We then see Luke Fox repair the Batwing suit using the advanced equipment and technology available inside (Batwing #24)

Secret Bat Bunkers p1 photo batwing24-batbunkers1.jpgSecret Bat Bunkers p2 photo batwing24-batbunkers2.jpgSecret Bat Bunkers p3 photo batwing24-batbunkers3.jpg

Has a small secret Batcave (or room) very well setup either under old Arkham Asylum or someplace close it that Alfred lures Bane to who's then knocked out by the deployed emergency gas (as a safety protocol to keep people out) upon Alfred activating the secret command code and confirming who he is (Batman Eternal #31)

Arkham Batcave 1 photo batmaneternal31-secretarkhambatcave1.jpgArkham Batcave 2 photo batmaneternal31-secretarkhambatcave2.jpg

While talking with Dick, who has a special EMP mask connected to the mainframe he apparently lent him to mimic Joker's face, Bruce is testing special contact lenses that allow him to stay linked to the bat-computer even if he is elsewhere ("Meaning, anywhere you go, the batcave goes with you") something that, as we later can see, enables him to instantly perform facial recognition algorithms and read the lips of someone far from him (Batman v2 #1)

His high tech contact lenses also has zooming thermal vision (Batman v2 #8)

Has a portable high tech device that he uses to link to the MTA computer system that can open up a direct connection to his entire communication network then utilizes the facial recognition program on it to find out the identity of the person on the screen (Batman Eternal #2)

 photo batmaneternal2-facialrecognition.jpg

Using a high tech robotic bat to spy for him on Jonah Hex (who's locked away in Arkham Asylum) that's linked to the batcave's computer allowing Bruce to look inside the Asylum with different advanced visuals of the area (All Star Western #22)

  photo allstarwestern22-spybat.jpg

Has robot drones otherwise known as Ro-Bats that can track down locations, people, and even scan for all kinds of energy on command. In addition, he's able to see what they're doing through a remote holographic display device which also linked to the Batcave's computer (Talon #12)

The Ro-Bat Army p1 photo talon12-robats1.jpgThe Ro-Bat Army p2 photo talon12-robats2.jpg

Has Anatomical Reconstruction programs that recreate the decomposed bodies of Zsasz's victims so he can identify them (Detective Comics v2 #19)

 photo detective19-batprogramtech1.jpg photo detective19-batprogramtech2.jpg

Has advanced holographic tech on his main computer that Batgirl uses to recreate surveillance video footage (Batman Eternal #4)

 photo batmaneternal4-holographictech.jpg

Using his advanced DNA profiling tech to correctly link the blood leftover on his batarang to Clayface (who morphed/shapeshifted into someone else) despite the traces being deteriorated (Batman v2 #19)

 photo batman19-dnalinker.jpg photo batman19-dnalinker2.jpg

Has a high tech underwater submarine ship that resembles a Manta Ray and is shown using it to fight off the League of Assassins alongside Aquaman (Batman & Aquaman #29)

The Bat Manta Ray 1 photo batmanaquaman29-batmanta1.jpgThe Bat Manta Ray 2 photo batmanaquaman29-batmanta2.jpg

Batman v3 #3:

- Has a trick car that can split in half and join back together that contains his Bat motorcycle inside that he can deploy while the car is still driving

 photo batman3-trickcar1.jpg photo batman3-trickcar2.jpg

-  Shooting out reinforced cable attachment lines from his motorcycle that he deploys all over the broken Gotham bridge and has them magnetically attached upward to his remote controlled batplane that hovering directly above to keep what's left of the bridge together

 photo batman3-batequipmentbridge1.jpg photo batman3-batequipmentbridge2.jpg photo batman3-batequipmentbridge3.jpg photo batman3-batequipmentbridge4.jpg photo batman3-batequipmentbridge5.jpg

Specifics about the Batplane (Batman #641 & Gotham Knights #33)

The Batplane is capable of grabbing and holding an airplane in midair then landing it by simply activating his "drag and catch" protocol command (Batman Eternal #30)

Batplane Catch 1 photo batmaneternal30-batplanecatch1.jpgBatplane Catch 2 photo batmaneternal30-batplanecatch2.jpg

His Batplane can emit a powerful wide range sonic blast upon command which is used to take down 31 GCPD officers while remaining unaffected by the sonics since he's seemingly protected from them due to already having sonic dampeners in his cowl (Batman Eternal #31)

Batplane Thunderclap Command 1 photo batmaneternal31-thunderclap1.jpgBatplane Thunderclap Command 2 photo batmaneternal31-thunderclap2.jpg

Commands his Batplane through remote voice control to disarm a person of every chemical weapon on him (using non lethal rounds) after his Batplane scans the man's body of where all his weapons are located at on him (Batman Eternal #44)

Batplane Non Lethal Rounds 1 photo batmaneternal44-batplanetech1.jpgBatplane Non Lethal Rounds 2 photo batmaneternal44-batplanetech2.jpg

Batman has his own private rocket (Batman #658)

Has a custom made spaceship and high tech power armored spacesuit (Superman Batman #64)

Shown using one of his customized space suits while on the Moon that also has 2 levels of protection against anything that may go wrong assuming the suit is exposed or penetrated somehow while he's in space (Batman Superman #28)

 photo batmansuperman28-moonmurdermystery1.jpg photo batmansuperman28-moonmurdermystery2.jpg

Shows off his new custom rocket ship to Robin that has a high tech cloaking shield including a cloaked communication secret satellite in space with safeguards in place to protect it against heavy gravity and solar radiation (Batman & Robin v2 #13)


Batman & Robin v2 #34:

- Has secretly kept and carefully stored the body of a Parademon from Apokolips for study

 photo batmanrobin34-parademonstudy.jpg

- Has a Mother Box that he took from a Parademon which is advanced alien technology used by the New Gods and is shown using it by opening a boom tube so he could quickly transport himself to Apokolips

 photo batmanrobin34-motherbox1.jpg photo batmanrobin34-motherbox2.jpg photo batmanrobin34-motherbox3.jpg photo batmanrobin34-motherbox4.jpg

Going into his secret sci-fi stash that holds lots of various highly advanced technology some of which being alien that he's shown using (JLA: Classified #1)

Has a weapons vault full of energy blast guns and flamethrowers thats securely locked up (Robin Rises Alpha)

 photo robinrisesalpha-weaponvault.jpg

Buys kryptonian tech from Supergirl that rewrites genetic code instantly (Supergirl #9)

Is given a key to enter the Fortress of Solitude by Superman (Superman Doomed #1)

 photo supermandoomed-fortresskey.jpg

Batman uses special "super-smelling salts" to wake Supes up (JLA #86)

Has his own nuke (Superman Batman #33)