Easily beats down nearly his entire rogues gallery that consist of psychopathic criminals even taking out the Joker with a single punch (Shadow of the Bat #4)

Despite being surrounded and caught off guard by a lot of Two Face's armed henchmen, he still easily tears through all of them while dodging their automatic machine gunfire at close range (Batman/Twoface: Crime and Punishment)

Overpowering a large number of armed gangsters (Detective Comics #726)

Takes out a gang of well trained martial artists posing as armed bank robbers (Batman #582)

Pitted up against half a dozen of the best hand to hand fighters in Centurion's army and defeats them off panel (JLA 80-page Giant #3)

Beats down an entire unit of special forces commandos in a impressive display of mostly hand to hand fighting prowess (Gotham Knights #31)

Despite being badly weakened, he still manages to defeat 5 of the most highly trained killers in the world (at least as they're described) that Riddler hired to take him out (Legends of the Dark Knight #189)

Taking out Venom enhanced thugs alongside Bane (Batman: Vengeance of Bane #2)

Ganged up on by Gorilla City soldiers then later seen gaining the upperhand on them (JLA Annual #3)

Using pressure point techniques (plus some normal hand to hand prowess), he knocks out a group of highly armored cybernetically enhanced Gorilla's who all have quasi-telekinetic abilities that boosts their IQ's greatly (JLA: Incarnations #2)

Easily defeats various League of Assassin ninjas ordered by Ra's Al Ghul to kill him (Detective Comics #840)

Easily fighting off multiple well armed League of Assassin ninjas while in the dark despite being ambushed and surrounded by them (Batman & Aquaman #29)

 photo batmanaquaman29-batmanvsninjas.jpg

He is shown having just beaten 15+ League of Assassin ninja manbats (off panel) like its nothing (Batman #664)

With aid from the Suit of Sorrows (which makes the wearer more aggressive), he's able to defeat The Sensei's Men of Death (The Sensei's version of the League of Assassins) within a matter of seconds to his own surprise (Batman #671)

Quickly takes out 4 Talons in -20 cold temperature (which effects the Talons) despite being badly hurt already (Batman v2 #9)

Surprise attacks Wetworks members Dane & Dozer and gets the upper hand on them both using just his skill despite the two being super humanly enhanced greatly due to the golden symbiotes covering there bodies (Convergence Batman Shadow of the Bat #2)

Batman vs Wetworks (Dane & Dozer) 1 photo conshadowofthebat2-batmanvswetworks1a.jpgBatman vs Wetworks (Dane & Dozer) 2 photo conshadowofthebat2-batmanvswetworks1b.jpgBatman vs Wetworks (Dane & Dozer) 3 photo conshadowofthebat2-batmanvswetworks1c.jpg

Singlehandedly taking on Wetworks members Dozer & Jester with just his skill at the same time despite the Wetwork's golden symbiotes boosting them to super human levels physically above him and was still actually winning until the fight was stopped (Convergence Batman Shadow of the Bat #2)

Batman vs Wetworks (Dozer & Jester) 1 photo conshadowofthebat2-batmanvswetworks2a.jpgBatman vs Wetworks (Dozer & Jester) 2 photo conshadowofthebat2-batmanvswetworks2b.jpg

Beats down a super powered villain team that consists of: Hypnotic, Mr. Toxic, Mr. Combustible, Mr. Mosaic, & Snakeskin (Detective Comics v2 #7)

A mind controlled Batman easily defeats the original Teen Titans using just his skill despite the Titans successfully managing to capture the other members of the JLA (their own mentors) (Teen Titans Year One #3)



A team of free-lance killer directed to Wayne Tower to murder someone is first ambushed, then taken out in 2 minutes by the Dark Knight

 photo DetectiveComics2011-021-004.jpg photo DetectiveComics2011-021-005.jpg

Quickly, quietly, and strategically preps the large area of rock salt piles with explosives before engaging the Bastards of Blackgate gang. Once he does engage the gang, he then detonates the explosives to go off resulting in the huge piles of rock salt to overwhelm and bury them (Detective Comics v2 Annual #3)

 photo detectiveannual3-bastardsofblackgate1.jpg photo detectiveannual3-bastardsofblackgate2.jpg photo detectiveannual3-bastardsofblackgate3.jpg

Despite being surrounded by a large mob of well armored inmates he's still able to take them all out using skill and a little weaponry (Batman v2 #16)

 photo batman16-armoredinmates.jpg photo batman16-armoredinmates2.jpg photo batman16-armoredinmates3.jpg photo batman16-armoredinmates4.jpg

Uses a smart battle tactic to catch the super fast Little Boy then takes out the very large Fatman (Batman #624)

Is ambushed by Dollmaker's surgically modified doll men and injected with a paralytic drug that completely numbs the entire left side of his body yet he's still able to withstand all their punishment including being hit by a sledgehammer in the back and still defeats them (Detective Comics v2 #2-3)

 photo detectivecomics2and3-batmanvsdollmen1.jpg photo detectivecomics2and3-batmanvsdollmen2.jpg photo detectivecomics2and3-batmanvsdollmen3.jpg photo detectivecomics2and3-batmanvsdollmen4.jpg photo detectivecomics2and3-batmanvsdollmen5.jpg photo detectivecomics2and3-batmanvsdollmen6.jpg photo detectivecomics2and3-batmanvsdollmen7.jpg photo detectivecomics2and3-batmanvsdollmen8.jpg

Takes down 4 people enhanced with Bloom seeds that gives them each unique super powers (Batman v2 #50)

 photo batman50-batmanvbloompeople1.jpg photo batman50-batmanvbloompeople2.jpg photo batman50-batmanvbloompeople3.jpg photo batman50-batmanvbloompeople4.jpg photo batman50-batmanvbloompeople5.jpg

Stops Firefly from using his gauntlet flamethrower by cleverly using his cape to contain the fire from shooting out (by tossing his cape and wrapping it around Firefly's fire gauntlet) causing it to backfire on Firefly and badly burn his hand taking him out the of fight. He then knocks down Killer Moth by kicking him in the legs before he could aim and spray his acid at him then pins Moth's arm to the floor with a nearby kitchen knife taking Moth out of the battle as well (All-Star Batman #1)

 photo allstarbatman1-batmanvfireflykillermoth1.jpg photo allstarbatman1-batmanvfireflykillermoth2.jpg photo allstarbatman1-batmanvfireflykillermoth3.jpg photo allstarbatman1-batmanvfireflykillermoth4.jpg

Cleverly positioning himself to turn Coldsnap's ice power against New Wave which freezes her in place then quickly KOes Coldsnap with a nerve strike to the body (Batman and the Outsiders v1 #10)

A rookie Batman defeats two of Hugo Strange's inhumanly super strong monsters by attaching them to one another with his steel cables which forces the two monsters to beat each to death as they both try to get free (Batman & the Monster Men #6)

Detective Comics #595

Since a Durlan, part of an invasion force that is trying to take over Earth, came to Gotham for a gun running operation, Batman decides to return the favour by invading the aliens'base in Cube. First he successfully gets in, taking out Khund warriors in the process:

Then, he evades and defeats various Thanagarians and Khunds when they try to kill him

Finally, he finds a way to destroy the aliens'base and escape

Captured by a group of demons who want to sacrify him to their leader and take over the city, Batman manages to free himself, escape the demons leader's grasp, and destroy all the demons (Batman: Book of Shadows)

Luthor's robo-soldiers took over various military bases and had the US army in check. Still, a young Batman, who last issue conquered back a base from an army of said robots using just his Bat-plane and Bat-cycle, is able to beat 3-4 of these robo-soldiers just using his Bat-line. Then, he manages to avoid another one or 2 of them, and escape the restraints yet another robot hit him with, before being eventually captured (he is still later able to escape and win thanks to his prep) (Batman Confidential #6)

Battles a large swarm of enemies known as "The Body" a well trained and organized mob of people made of clay (as noted by Batman). Here we see Batman doing well and holding his own against them in melee combat while leading them to various locations to get them into position where he wanted them to be. When he succeeds into doing so, he detonates a massive ammount of explosive charges that he planted in the area beforehand destroying the entire mob in the process (Detective Comics #814)

Battles 50 League of Assassin Ninja Man-Bats and does well against them until he's overwhelmed by their sheer numbers and captured. However, according to Talia he managed to cripple 30 of them before going down impressing the daughter of the Demon's Head (Batman #656)

Outsmarts Lobo and a giant alien lizard creature by planting explosives all around the giant alien's spaceship thinking ahead in advance and setting off his detonator just as they team up against him. This results in Lobo's face being half blown off and the giant alien being stunned by the explosive blasts long enough for Batman to escape (Batman Superman #29)

Batman vs Lobo & Lizard Giant 1 photo batmansuperman29-batmanvsloboandlizard1.jpgBatman vs Lobo & Lizard Giant 2 photo batmansuperman29-batmanvsloboandlizard2.jpgBatman vs Lobo & Lizard Giant 3 photo batmansuperman29-batmanvsloboandlizard3.jpgBatman vs Lobo & Lizard Giant 4 photo batmansuperman29-batmanvsloboandlizard4.jpg

Destroying 3 Doomsday clones with explosive batarangs (Superman Batman #10)

Taking proactive measures with impressive speed he subdues Black Lightning, blinds Major Force, and KOes Katana before they could react (Superman Batman #4)

Takes down various Legionnaires with cunning, skill, and weaponry (The Brave and the Bold #5)

Impressively takes down 4 members of the JLA (Post-Crisis Year One JLA roster) despite being caught off guard by them with skill, weaponry, & clever battle tactics and is finally talked down by Martian Manhunter to stop (Batman Confidential #53)


Is the JLA's master planner & resident strategist (The Ultimate Guide to the Justice League of America)

Batman is recognised as being the tactical leader of the JLA (Adventures of Superman #567)

Disguised as J'onn J'onnz he's pointed out as being the tactical commander of the JLA (JLA #112)

JLA: Incarnations #2

Batman leads the JLA to victory over Fire-Eye with great planning and an assist from Superman. At the time he hadn't joined the league yet

Then, he leads them to victory also against Gorilla Grodd and his apes, the latters having been enhanced by Grodd and given TK powers, taking out a few of them with pressure point blows to their nerve clusters in the process

As a bonus, here is the Dark Knight giving Supes a lecture on team-work (yeah, you understood it right)

Forumlates a plan on the spot to free Metamorpho from his mind control (Batman and the Outsiders v1 #18)

Joker forces Flash (Barry Allen) and Martian Manhunter to fight each other using a mind controlling device from Kanjar Ro but Batman is able to come up with a plan to reverse the effects of the device thwarting Joker's plot (Hourman #16)

Justice League v1 #148

The JLA managed to cause 2 of competing the Demon Three (each equally powerful as any of the others, one of them (at the time) mighty enough to handle Wildfire, Brainaic 5, Ultraman and Lightning Lad of the Legion of Superheroes with just a gesture) to destroy each other. In the process, Doctor Fate of the JSA casually absorbs their energies and gets temporarly boosted. Batman and Superman notice this, figure out how to take out Ghast (the remaining demon), and Bats immediately comes up with the right plan. The three superhero teams implement it and Ghast ends up prisoner in the reformed in the 30? century JLA Satellite

NOTE - The comic from where the above scans were taken is a pre-crisis one, but it's mentioned in 2008's Action Comics #864, where part of what happened in the comic in question is also reported

Justice League v1 #183

In the very first meeting between the League, the Justice Society and the New Gods, Batman is instrumental in taking out Orion by using tear gas

NOTE - The comic from where the above scans were taken is a pre-crisis one and involves also part of the Earth 2 JSA (Earth 2 Batman's daughter Huntress being one of them) but, since the fact that said issue's and the following 2 ones' plot (aka the JLA & JSA being drawn in a war between New Genesis and Apokolips), is referenced in 1990's Action Comics #650 and 1998's Superman Villains Secret Files #1 suggests the events of the comic we are talkin about could have happened with some changes (like Huntress being left out and references to Earth 2 being omitted), we saw fit to include the above feat

While being prisoner of a Despero (super-strong Kalanorian tyrant with an hypnotic, third eye) more powerful than usual (for instance, he can manipulate matter like he wishes) thanks to the Flame of Py'Tar, Batman deduces that the tyrant has recreated said flame in the tower they were in. Then, taking advantage of Despero's willingness to talk and gloat, has him revealing just how he became that powerful. After Despero leaves the scene, Bats frees himself and fellow leaguer Vixen, devices a plan to beat him by using himself as a distraction and having the Justice League destroy the Flame of Pytar, and start implementing said plan (which will be followed by his teammates, albeit slightly altered in order to give the Kalanorian more distractions) by engaging Despero and keeping him busy after being re-captured. Finally, after being freed by Vixen and having engaged the tyrant & his creations with 4 of hi fellow Leaguers, he has Vibe (who was guided to the Flame by the Martian Manhunter) destroying at the right moment the flame of Py'Tar, thus ending Despero's threat (Justice League of America v1 #253-254)

JLA/JSA: Virtue & Vice

Right after shaking off Anger's possession, Batman reveals how to free the possessed JLAers & JSAers from the other Deadly Enemies Of Men, namely having Captain Marvel say Shazam

Then, he and Terrific come up with a plan to take care of Despero and Johnny Sorrow

In the middle of the Infinite Crisis, Batman leads a group of heroes against the Brother Eye (the super spy satellite Bruce himself created) and, in the end, distracts the satellite in order buy Mr Terrific (who can't be detected by machines) the time to disable it, causing it to fall back to Earth (Infinite Crisis #6)

Because of Bedlam (kid who is using and being used by an ancient atlantean genie), all the adults have been abducted and taken to a perfect replica of Earth that is kept together by Captain Marvel (who is separated from his human identity Billy Batson)'s dream. While Robin, Impulse and Superboy take care of Bedlam, Bats formulates a plan to get all the adults returned to the real Earth & executes it with the help of the League (JLA: a World Without Grown-Ups)

JLA Titans #2 & #3

Cyborg (aka Victor Stone), merged to advanced alien tech and more mechanical than human, abducted & imprisoned everyone what has been a member of the Titans (aka his former team) and assaulted the Moon (aka the Justice League's headquarters), causing chaos on Earth in the process. The JLA intervenes, but the Titans, once freed, are opposed to them hurting Vic. Noticing that Vic causes less trouble to Earth when he is focused on the Titans, Batman first stages a fight between them (who don't know about the ruse) and the League in order to ease the situation back on Earth and to buy time to plan, reaching his goals, then organize the heroes in 3 teams, one destined to fix the situation bak on the Moon, one to handle thing on Earth, and the third composed of the original Titans hand-picked by Nightwing (minus Gar Logan, who invited himself) and whose goal is to have Stone regain his humanity

The Kingdom #2

Gog is a lunatic who survived the atomic disaster in his Earth's Kansas and worshipped Superman, but was told by him that the Man of Steel was indirectly responsible for what happened. Thus, he came to hate Supes, something the Quintessence (Shazam, Ganthet, Highfather, Zeus and Phantom Stranger) exploited by giving him great power and the mission to travel to time and cause the disaster in Kansas before Superman retired. But Gog didn't just time-travel, but hyper-time travelled (i.e. went from alternate time-line Earth to alternate time-line Earth) and killed many Supermen in various ways along the way. In his penultimate stop, he was confronted by a great assemblage of heroes (including 2 Green Lanterns, Doctor Fate, Starman, Power Woman, Flash, Rip Hunter of the Linear Men (time police-men) and many others) who didn't manage to beat him and, albeit he didn't succeed in killing Supes, he escaped with his & Wonder Woman's son to mainstream DCU. Arrived there, Gog beated & imprisoned Captain Atom, beated mainstream Superman and was confronted by him, the mainstream Batman and Wonder Woman and by the trio's counterparts in the alternate reality last visited by the lunatic, but they didn't manage to stop him. So, Rip Hunter brings the fight to the Planet Krypton restaurant and to Hypertime, where the 7 are assisted by 4 other heroes from the alternate Superman's reality. They don't make any headway until mainstream Batman, who was earlier in the restaurant to investigate strange artifacts & ghosts, figures out that the artifacts collected there are weapons to be used against Gog and grab & uses a Phantom Zone projector on him, which hurts him and buy the time for the rest of the heroes to grab the rest of the weapons & fire them on the lunatic. Gog is on the ropes and hurting. Albeit, in the end, he isn't yet beaten and manages to destroy all the weapons, he is so weakened by that battle that, later, a blast from his staff ricocheting against mainstream Supes and Hypertime's walls is enough to overcome him.

Superman: Man of Tomorrow #13 (part of King of the World saga in the Superman titles)

Superman, because of Dominus'manipulation, first went on a 24/7 patrol around the world, then started imposing his own rules rather than enforcing existing ones,for instance taking a proacting position in matters concerning foreign countries' affairs and sending Superman robots to patrol the world. After Kal destroying Lex Luthor's headquarter (which contained labs to make synthetic kryptonite but were perfectly legit, since US governement asked Lex to synthetize kryptonite) made him wanted by the law, the JLA decided to intervene. After a first attempt to stop the Supes didn't go well and was stopped by the robots' intervention and by missiles launced against the Man of Steel on the UN's behalf, Supes rids the Earth of all nuclear and ass destruction weapons while the Leaguers are busy with the Superman robots. After Flash destroying a robot by phasing through it made Bats remember that the robots being computer-guided can be used against them, the Dark Knight has J'onn telephatically instruct Green Lantern Kyle on how to create a magnetic phase destructor. Once GL creates and uses it, most of the remaining 'bots are taken out, thus enabling the JLA and the Man of Steel's closed associates (i.e. Superboy, Supergirl and Steel) to go to Superman's antartic fortress to confront again Supes

In the south pole, the heroes engages Supes and Orion, held in reserve by Bats as an element of surprise, finally attacks the Man of Steel

Batman had also Barda in reserve, and she intervenes to break the rough stalemate settled between Supes and Orion by allowing the latter to gain the upper hand and give the League & co an opening to attack & restrain Superman, thus proving the Dark Knight's tactic effective

Determined to keep the promise made to Supes under the latter's request years ago to use his K-ring to stop him in case he went rougue, but lacking the ring, Bats has Martian Manhunter take kryptonite's formula from his mind and give it to Kyle in order to have him synthetize it. GL does so and expose Superman to it, but the Superman robots intervene and the Man of Steel is saved by them and by the fact that spending recently much time near the sun streghtened him

Having to take down the General (General Eiling's mind in Shaggy Man's body), first Batman tries to hypnotize him, but the JLA and Ultramarines' arrival interrupts his try, which was about to succeed according to the Dark Knight. Then, he devises on the spot the plan that the heroes use to subdue the General, who is teleported to an asteroid far from Earth (JLA #26)

Due to a fiery plane crash, a brainwashed White Martian who was kept as an aide to Bruce Wayne in order to have him under surveillance begins to discover his powers but assume Wayne's identity 'cause he is yet uncertain of his own. In order to prevent him from fully awakening and cause all the other brainwashed martians to do the same, Batman sends GL, Orion (who needs persuasion from the Dark Knight), Barda, Steel and Plastic Man to handle "Wayne" without telling them truth, not to risk the martian to read their thoughts and figure things out. Then, he sends WW and Supes (who know that Bruce Wayne = Batman) to get Flash and to super-speed monitor the other martians, ready to intervene in case they wake up. In this way, an alien invasion is prevented once the Leaguers complete their tasks. Finally, Bats puts Superman in his place once the Man of Steel suggests he could have been honest to GL & co and reveal his identity (JLA #33)

Martian Manhunter mentally finds out that Superman has been enslaved by Mageddon (a weapon from the Old Gods that can bring apocalypse, has already caused the death of at least Wonder World & its gigantic superheroes and of another planet, and can vaporize half the galaxy if it explodes), so Batman is called. The Dark Knight has J'onn mentally link him with Supes and, thanks also to Aztek's sacrifice and the intervention of GL, Orion and WW + the armies of men (i.e. Earth's people turned in superhumans), is able to "wake up" the Man of Steel by lecturing to him, thus indirectly saving the galaxy and maybe the universe, given that Supes is then able to stop Mageddon by absorbing its power-source (JLA #41)

The JLAers have been split in their human and superheroic identities by ID, artifacts of 2 six-dimensional beings called Cathexis. The latters have decided to take over the world in order to experiment on it. After Plastic Man's alter ego Eel O' Brian's (not fully succesful) and Wonder Woman's (succeful) try to return the Leaguers to normal and Flash'move to use the ID to turn the Cathexis in 4 3-dimensional beings, Batman takes the former six dimensional fiends down and quickly formulates a plan to handle ID once and for all and return their creators home. Said plan is succesfully executed by the JLA (JLA #54)

After the JLA's failure to to take out a jokerized Doctor Polaris, who had just absorbed the south pole, by overpowering him as per Kyle's suggestion, Batman formulates on the spot a plan and leads the League to victory (JLA #59)

Due to mythological monsters raising and related events happening, the JLA is called to fix things. Batman leads the team in the resolution of the case, showing also his deductive ability and his fighting prowness against some of the monster, and ends having Plastic Man extracting whatever is controlling Abra Kadabra (the latter being the one who seemed responsible for what's happening), thus ending the crisis (JLA #61).

JLA #74-75 (end of the Obsidian Age Saga)

The JLA got killed in the past by the League of Ancients, who were being manipulated and later got taken out by one of them, i.e. the atlantean witch Gaemnae, in order to make sure that Atlantis will rule above all. However, the JLA's spirits were saved by Manitou Raven (i.e. the only one of the Ancients who understood they were being manipulated), and, now in the present, they & their replacements (aka the League that formed as per Batman's instructions in case of the main team going missing for more than 2 months) have to fight Gaemnae both in the past and in the present. Acting on an hint provided by Nightwing, Batman's spirits has Raven ressurect in sort of zombie forms (i.e. not truly living) the Leaguers (Bats included but save for GL), in order to be able to fight the witch without risking to be absorbed into her (a spell that works only on the living).

So, while Nightwing and most of his team goes into the past to save the present day, stranded Atlanteans and to deprive Gaemnae of her power-source (a goal that they end up accomplishing), the zombie League and the remaining members of Nightwing's JLA engage the witch in the present. They are mostly an annoyance, but Batman's goal (who is leading his teammates) is exactly to annoy Gaemnae just enough to convince her to fully ressurect them. A plan that works.

Later, with Gaemnae defeated but with the Earth spiralling out of its orbit due to the witch having previously sent the water off-planet, Supes, WW and Martian Manhunter have to keep it in check (a goal that they almost ends up missing, until a newly ressurrected Kyle sets things right), and it's up to Batman to compensate for the stress his 3 teammates' actions cause to the planet. Bats does that by having Flash in the pole to absorb Earth's kynetic energy.

JLA Classified #19-21

The League is confronted by the Hypotheticals, a band of freedom fighters brainwashed by General Tuzik (a dictator who got deposed by the JLA and is, therefore, seeking revenge and has just taken over China and its army) via ministarros in their bloodstreams and given metahuman powers and abilities by the Hypothetical Woman (another of the general's thralls). Among them are Jin Si, defined as the living incarnation of hand to hand combat and undefeatable by anything, and Soldat, who has enhanced stats and umbreakable knives.

Right before being attacked, Batman takes the first steps to fix the situation

Then, with his team being in trouble with the Hypotheticals and him personally being engaged in a losing battle against Jin Si where he is taking significant damage, the Dark Knight is still lucid enough to strategize, countering Tuzik's moves during a virtual chess match:

While J'onn continues to enact Batman's plan to handle the ministarros, the League turns the tide of the battle by switching opponents. So, with Flash taking care of Jin Si, Bats is able to take out Soldat and use one of his knives to kill one of the 3 Phantom Zone kryptonian duplicates that Ghost Lion summoned against Superman, thus allowing Supes to finish the other 2 duplicates

With the opponents defeated, J'onn arrives and reveals Batman's hunch to rid people of the ministarros'infection and proceeds to show it by freeing the Hypotheticals

Finally, when Tuzik himself shows up, empowered by lethal (unknown to him) stuff he ingested to give himself superpowers, the last part of Batman's plan is brought into play, with the arrival of Tuzik's son who has his father stand down.

In the end, Bats gets to show his own brand of hopefullness, warning Tuzik's son of what will happen were he to follow in his father's footsteps

JLA 112-113

Batman's role as the team strategist is shown once again when the JLA has to battle a Qwardian uber-weapon manned by the Qwardian supreme leader. In fact, taking advantage of the Qwardian war commander trying to negotiate with the Dark Knight because she wants to stop his leader's sense-less rampage in order to concentrate their attention on the real enemies (aka Krona who was responsible for their planet momentary erasure from reality and the Crime Syndacate of Amerika who humbled the Qwardians), he gives her information (some of which she communicates to her leader after "gaining his attention") in order to make the Qwardians switch focus on the CSA's Earth Two instead of the positive universe's Earth, thus saving the latter (and the League, who was pratically beaten) and leading the Syndacate (who earlier caused great trouble there) to return home.

Turns the tide of the battle between Kid Amazo and the League by quickly finding a way to turn the very same thing Kid Amazo is exploting to beat the JLA (i.e. having not only their powers but also their personalities) into a weakness, with the other Leaguers implementing (some consciously, others not) the plan successfully (JLA Classified #41)

Justice League of America v2 #6

Fighting alongside the yet to be formed new JLA at the time he battles an Amazo who believes himself to be Red Tornado and is able to damage the android's leg with his laser pen with Green Lantern handling the other leg while Wonder Woman restrains him and Superman uses heat vision on him

Later, after Amazo has taken out the League's heavy hitters and upon deducing that the android is processing the powers he stole from them through Vixen's totem, the Dark Knight has Arsenal fire an arrow at him. This not only stuns Amazo, but indirectly causes his defeat. In fact, the totem being hit by the arrow causes Vixen to locate it and to dive through Amazo and re-take it, having the android overload as a consequence (thus proving Bats' hunch to be accurate)

Justice League Of America v2 #23-24

Coming up with a plan to get rid of the latest Amazo (who has taken out most of the JLAers), he enlists Steel's help to make some adjustments to the slideways (a sort of teleporter) and has the Leaguers that are still fighting push Amazo through them. As a result, Amazo ends up being teleported 600 light years away into the gravity well of a giant red star called Anatares thus neutralized.

JLA Classified #54

Both in the past and in the present, Batman is shown as instrumental in taking out Titus, alien god able to take on the whole JLA at the same time without being subdued by the team's sheer power. In the past, Bats came up with the plan, improved by Flash Barry Allen and GL Hal Jordan, to use Black Canary's scream to destroy the god's mace (back then the source of much of his power). Whereas in the present he, alongside Atom and Flash Wally West, builds/adapts the tech needed to make sure a now more powerful Titus gets dispersed throughout space and time.

The Dark Knight is determinant in helping the JLA, JLA Dark and the Masters Of The Universe (alongside unlikely allies Evelyn and Skeletor) save Earth by having Black Alice tap into Orko's powers to free the rest of DC heroes & villains from the trollan's mind control, so the heroes are able to destroy the artifacts that were draining Earth's magic (DC Universe vs. The Masters of the Universe #6 (2014))

 photo DCUniversevsTheMastersoftheUniverse2013006-009.jpg photo DCUniversevsTheMastersoftheUniverse2013006-010.jpg

The Batfamily battles the powerful son of Darkseid known as Kalibak inside the Batcave using the equipment and resources available to them and manages to force Kalibak through a boom tube portal that's opened by Cyborg back to Apokolips ending the battle (Robin Rises Alpha)

The Batfamily vs Kalibak 1 photo robinrisesalpha-batfamilyvkalibak1.jpgThe Batfamily vs Kalibak 2 photo robinrisesalpha-batfamilyvkalibak2.jpgThe Batfamily vs Kalibak 3 photo robinrisesalpha-batfamilyvkalibak3.jpgThe Batfamily vs Kalibak 4 photo robinrisesalpha-batfamilyvkalibak4.jpgThe Batfamily vs Kalibak 5 photo robinrisesalpha-batfamilyvkalibak5.jpgThe Batfamily vs Kalibak 6 photo robinrisesalpha-batfamilyvkalibak6.jpgThe Batfamily vs Kalibak 7 photo robinrisesalpha-batfamilyvkalibak7.jpgThe Batfamily vs Kalibak 8 photo robinrisesalpha-batfamilyvkalibak8.jpgThe Batfamily vs Kalibak 9 photo robinrisesalpha-batfamilyvkalibak9.jpgThe Batfamily vs Kalibak 10 photo robinrisesalpha-batfamilyvkalibak10.jpgThe Batfamily vs Kalibak 11 photo robinrisesalpha-batfamilyvkalibak11.jpgThe Batfamily vs Kalibak 12 photo robinrisesalpha-batfamilyvkalibak12.jpgThe Batfamily vs Kalibak 13 photo robinrisesalpha-batfamilyvkalibak13.jpgThe Batfamily vs Kalibak 14 photo robinrisesalpha-batfamilyvkalibak14.jpgThe Batfamily vs Kalibak 15 photo robinrisesalpha-batfamilyvkalibak15.jpgThe Batfamily vs Kalibak 16 photo robinrisesalpha-batfamilyvkalibak16.jpg