Very quickly comes up with an excellent plan to save a 747 commercial airplane (that's mysteriously hit by a missile causing it to nose dive) full of people before it can crash into Gotham City. Cleverly, he uses nothing more than his Batmobile's seat ejection rocket motors (placing one rocket motor under each wing of the airplane) and his grapnel gun to move around the airplane then steer it away from Gotham City and into the nearby water successfully saving thousands of lives. This really showcases just how heroic The Dark Knight is by not hesitating to put his life on the line to save others despite the fact that he would've been seemingly been killed in the process if he wasn't saved in the end by the new super heroes known as Gotham and Gotham Girl (Batman v3 #1)

Batman saves 747 Airplane 1 photo batman1-batmanv747airplane01.jpgBatman saves 747 Airplane 2 photo batman1-batmanv747airplane02.jpgBatman saves 747 Airplane 3 photo batman1-batmanv747airplane03.jpgBatman saves 747 Airplane 4 photo batman1-batmanv747airplane04.jpgBatman saves 747 Airplane 5 photo batman1-batmanv747airplane05.jpgBatman saves 747 Airplane 6 photo batman1-batmanv747airplane06.jpgBatman saves 747 Airplane 7 photo batman1-batmanv747airplane07.jpgBatman saves 747 Airplane 8 photo batman1-batmanv747airplane08.jpgBatman saves 747 Airplane 9 photo batman1-batmanv747airplane09.jpgBatman saves 747 Airplane 10 photo batman1-batmanv747airplane010.jpgBatman saves 747 Airplane 11 photo batman1-batmanv747airplane011.jpgBatman saves 747 Airplane 12 photo batman1-batmanv747airplane012.jpgBatman saves 747 Airplane 13 photo batman1-batmanv747airplane013.jpgBatman saves 747 Airplane 14 photo batman1-batmanv747airplane014.jpgBatman saves 747 Airplane 15 photo batman1-batmanv747airplane015.jpgBatman saves 747 Airplane 16 photo batman1-batmanv747airplane016.jpgBatman saves 747 Airplane 17 photo batman1-batmanv747airplane017.jpgBatman saves 747 Airplane 18 photo batman1-batmanv747airplane018.jpg


Uses the environment to gain the upper hand on Deadshot then takes him out with a very clever & skillful trick shot of his own using a batarang (Batman #369)

Easily defeats and subdues his former sidekick (the 3rd Robin aka Tim Drake) Red Robin (Batman & Robin v2 #19)

 photo batmanamprobin19-batmanvsredrobin.jpg

Battles Red Hood (aka Jason Todd, the second Robin) and, once he stops holding back, he clearly beats him (albeit Hood, in the end, manages to grab his gun and have Batman at gun point) (Batman #650)

After an emotional fight with Nightwing, he ends the battle by exposing Dick's mental weakness breaking his will to fight with him anymore (Batman #600)


Battles Batgirl to a stalemate leading her into different locations all across the city while purposely avoiding a prolonged direct confrontation knowing the soul drug had effected both of them which could've led to a very lethal battle. Instead, we find out Batman used this fight as a form of therapy to work out the problems between Batgirl and himself being that Batgirl's main form of language/communication is violence. In the end, Batman reveals he had the fight under control despite being effected by the soul drug (Batgirl #50).

Vs Ra's Al Ghul

Defeats Ra's Al Ghul in a tough prolonged melee battle using skill and battle savvy (Batman #335)

Defeats a lazarus pit powered Ra's Al Ghul (who's 10 times more powerful then normal) by cleverly manuevering him into the lazarus pit (Batman #400)

Withstands a ton of punishment from The Sensei (who's had centuries to perfect his martial arts skill) with his arm and fingers getting broken, being blinded, even impaled and yet he's still able to impressively fight on and outsmart The Sensei by moving out the way in time causing The Sensei to fall into the fountain and burn away (Batman #671)


Defeats enhanced martial artist (see his fights with Batman on the Skills Misc webpage to see what his enhanced abilities are) & master assassin Zeiss using a clever battle tactic with his batarang (Batman #592)

KOes a mind controlled Black Canary (who's also one of the best known martial artists in the world) with a kick after activating the ultrasonic noise damper on his cowl to shield his ears then quickly using chemical foam to cover her mouth to further prevent her from using her sonic scream (Vixen Return of the Lion #5)

Defeats Nobody (Morgan Duncard the son/protege of the legendary manhunter Henri Duncard who happens to be one of Bruce's best teachers) in a brutal bloodly melee battle which Bruce ends by dunking and holding down Nobody in a vat of acid (just long enough to burn off Nobody's armor). We also learn Bruce has made hearing modifications to his cowl to block Nobody's ultrasound attack having been beaten by the powerful ultrasound weapon in their previous battle (see this fight on the Good Showings webpage). Also, be sure see their other battles as shown in the Endurance (Stamina), Good Showings (Street Level Fighters), Martial Arts (Battles) webpages on the site (Batman & Robin v2 #7)

Vs Azbats aka Azrael/Jean Paul Valley in Batman inspired power armor

1 - Knightsend

Battles Azbats in Wayne Manor and in the Batcave. In the end, not wanting to take him down hard because he fears what this would do to his mind, the Dark Knight uses a clever tactic and the enviroment to have Azbats disarm himself and stop fighting (Legends of the Dark Knight #63).

(battle is interrupted by Azbats going in the cave and Batman following him & trying to reason with him, then it resumes)

2 - Showcasing just how powerful Jean Paul Valley had become just before his next fight with Batman (Azrael #86-90)

Lifting a huge tree log over head, carrying it, and then tossing it with ease

Tossing a manhole cover like a frisbee at a cop car causing it to crash then ripping the car door open with 1 hand

Benching pressing 600 pound weights using 1 hand even tossing it with absolute ease

While unconscious he's pushed over a cliff while inside a car and is able to recover from it just fine without drowning plus impressively lifts up the car over his head and off him

KOes the same two meta humans (who displayed super human strength and endurance) who beat him just previously before

3 - Bruce Wayne: Fugitive

Showing an impressive display of skill, speed, weaponary (tranquilizer dart), and use of his own environment (the batcave) to decisively dominate the more physically powerful Jean Paul Valley in his Azbats power armor even forcefully pulling off his helmet (Gotham Knights #30)

Defeats an upgraded tech enhanced Black Spider using a decoy he quickly setup on the spot to trick him and a nearby chainsaw to cut off his high tech back legs (or arms) then takes him down (All-Star Batman #1)

 photo allstarbatman1-batmanvblackspider1.jpg photo allstarbatman1-batmanvblackspider2.jpg photo allstarbatman1-batmanvblackspider3.jpg

Vs Mr. Freeze (wearing an exoskeleton power suit that greatly enhanced his strength and durability) - Cold Case (Legends of the Dark Knight #202-203)

Round 1
Shown gaining the upperhand against Mr. Freeze who posing an unknown armored assassin

Round 2
Mr. Freeze is able to get the better of Batman by subduing him with a freeze blast from his gun which has been turned up to its highest intensity setting making his freeze blasts now lethal as deduced by Batman

Round 3
Despite still being injuried due to his first fight with Mr. Freeze, shortly after their 2nd battle he's still able to win their last real battle (they briefly fight after this but its not much of a fight that goes anywhere with Freeze finally giving up) by first cracking his helmet (which is bullet proof and able to stand up to explosives) with a reinforced batarang then busting it open with brute strength exposing his weakness while impressively withstanding the pain of being locked inside a bear hug

Legends of The Dark Knight #83-84

Early in his career he battles a super human almost zombie like soldier infected by a virus who proves himself to be resistant even to nerve agent (although it badly hurt him), electricity, and who can fire bone bullets

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Uses the Bouncer's (who uses an elastic suit to bounce around at super human speed) own elasticity against him causing the Bouncer to lose control and take out the other thugs in the room (Batman #336)

Defeats the Human Flea (man with special suit allowing him to accelerate at super human speeds and granting him very high leaping ability) trapping up on a pole (Shadow of the Bat #26)

Round 1 (Flea is chased away by Batman)

Round 2 (catching Batman off guard) (Shadow of the Bat #27)

Batman has to fight a Durlan (a member of a race of shapeshifters) and beats & restrains him (Detective Comics #595)

Cleverly defeats a highly skilled immortal alien warrior named Feast by attaching his utility belt (that has plenty of explosives, chemicals, and other high tech equipment) to Feast's waist before he even notices then blows him up overloading his healing factor (which we see working both times when Batman uses his explosives against him). Afterwards, Batman is seen torturing him with a mere pen getting the information he needed out of him (JLA: Welcome to the Working Week)

Turns Spellbinder high tech illusions right back on him then KOes him (Batman #336)

Batman faces the Calculator (i.e. the same villain who we'll later see in Identity Crisis) and manages to beat him despite the super-villain can materialize out of thin air counters to the abilities & gadgets of any hero he meets, but not before Calculator manages to press a special button that will give him the win in their following meeting (but it's Bats who will ultimately have the last laugh by winning the third round) (Detective Comics #468)

Takes Heatstroke out by bringing down a bunch snow on her from above using a concussive blast capsule (Batman and the Outsiders v1 #9)

Shown dodging then cleverly deflecting Heatstroke's aim so her fire blast is redirected into the block of ice that's holding Katana's sword melting it enough for Katana to get it free. Afterwards, he takes advantage of Heatstroke's distraction and almost brings her down through use of hardening chemical foam capsules but she is rescued by Coldsnap before he can finish subduing her (Batman and the Outsiders Annual #2)

Knocks out a mind controlled Nightshade with a batarang and helps Superman out with Gorilla Grodd (Superman Batman #3)

Battles Dr. Light inside the Fortress of Solitude and manages to gain the upper hand on him with weaponry then defeats him by calling down dark matter energy inside the Fortress to cancel out Dr. Light's powers making him helpless against the Dark Knight (Superman Batman #43)

Takes down the twin brother of Lightweaver (Malik) who possesses the same powers (creating light constructs) as his deceased brother and was even powerful enough to successfully take out the JLI single-handedly as shown beforehand. Also, check out the Agility/Speed (Agility) section to see more of this battle (Justice League International v2 #12)

Quickly defeats Livewire by wrapping one glove over the other which protects him from being seriously hurt by her electricity then punches her into a puddle of water taking her out (Superman Batman #44)

Takes down Ocean Master (temporarily) by surprise attack through the smart use of the environment (the water) and potassium powder (Justice League v2 #16)

 photo justiceleague16-batpowder1.jpg photo justiceleague16-batpowder2.jpg

KOes Blackbriar Thorn (Green Lantern Alan Scott/JSA magical level threat) with a batarang (Superman Batman #84)

Takes out Mr. Bones/Director Bones using explosive batarangs (Batwoman #24)

 photo batwoman24-batmanvsmrbones.jpg

Defeats a mind controlled Ray with one of Dr. Midnight's blackout bombs (JLA #31)

KOes Green Lantern with 1 punch after exploiting the power ring's former weakness to yellow using the filter on his laser pen (Brave and the Bold #155)

Batman vs Green Lantern Jordan photo bravebold155-batmanvsgreenlanternjordan.jpg

Defeats a Starro controlled Flash by lowering the air temperature to the point where the Starro's hold is weakened then helps motivate Wally to fight off Starro's control over him then has Wally execute his plan to sabotage the temperature so Starro's hold will be broken (JLA: Secret Files & Origins #1)

Quickly escapes from his binds before Gorilla Grodd even notices, knocks out gorilla soldiers (off panel but you can hear it and see them unconscious), then takes out Gorilla Grodd with batarangs and a lowblow attack. Afterwards, he gets some payback on Grodd by chaining him up and torturing him (JLA: Classified #3)

Despite being amnesiac, Batman manages to defeat Vandal Savage through his physical prowess and smart use of his gadgets (The Return Of Bruce Wayne #1)

Subdues a Talon known as The Butcher/Felix Harmon (also known for being the physically strongest of the super human Talons) using his reinforced cable line and the environment (Talon #11)

 photo talon11-batmanvsthebutchertalon1.jpg photo talon11-batmanvsthebutchertalon2.jpg

Despite being very weakened to the point of barely being able to stand (according to Bruce's own words in the issue) he still defeats Branca (aka "Bat-Bane" Dr. Hurt's 2nd Batman replacement) with skill, strength, and weaponry (tranquilizers & electricity). Branca is a trained cop who's dosed with Venom AND Hugo Strange's monster serum greatly enhancing his physical ability and body growth well beyond basic super human levels. We see examples of this in the battle below when Robin attempted to run him over with his motorcycle but it fails to even hurt him with the motorcycle being dented in/ruined as result which shows off his super human durability then lifting the Batomobile over his head displaying his super strength. Also, see Batman's fights with Hugo Strange's monster men in the demons/mutants/monsters section below plus the Good Showings & Teams/Mobs sections to get an even better idea of how powerful the monster men were (Batman #665)

After being defeated in his previous battle with Emperor Penguin due to severely underestimating him and not knowing how powerful he was, in the 2nd battle Batman immediately gets serious and uses some of his more powerful weaponry to take down Emperor Penguin who's finished off by the real Penguin after being beaten by Batman. It's deduced by Batman that Emperor Penguin injected himself with a combination of the Man-Bat serum, a variation of Bane's Venom, and had his durability enhanced giving him armor like skin thanks to Poison Ivy which explains why he had become so powerful to Batman's surprise. We also learn from Emperor Penguin that he willingly did this to himself for the sole purpose of preparing to combat and defeat Batman for years (Detective Comics v2 #20)

Batman vs Emperor Penguin p1 photo detective20-emperorpenguinvsuberbat1.jpgBatman vs Emperor Penguin p2 photo detective20-emperorpenguinvsuberbat2.jpgBatman vs Emperor Penguin p3 photo detective20-emperorpenguinvsuberbat3.jpgBatman vs Emperor Penguin p4 photo detective20-emperorpenguinvsuberbat4.jpg

Defeats a venom enhanced Bane in melee combat with the help of his ultra sonic device to call upon a legion of bats to confuse Bane leaving him open to attack. This is quite impressive considering the fact that he's been infected with the Colossus virus by Bane which is killing him leaving him severally weakened here yet he's still able to find a way to win (Batman: Europa #4)

Infected Batman vs Bane 1 photo batmaneuropa4-batmanvsbane1.jpgInfected Batman vs Bane 2 photo batmaneuropa4-batmanvsbane2.jpgInfected Batman vs Bane 3 photo batmaneuropa4-batmanvsbane3.jpgInfected Batman vs Bane 4 photo batmaneuropa4-batmanvsbane4.jpgInfected Batman vs Bane 5 photo batmaneuropa4-batmanvsbane5.jpgInfected Batman vs Bane 6 photo batmaneuropa4-batmanvsbane6.jpgInfected Batman vs Bane 7 photo batmaneuropa4-batmanvsbane7.jpgInfected Batman vs Bane 8 photo batmaneuropa4-batmanvsbane8.jpgInfected Batman vs Bane 9 photo batmaneuropa4-batmanvsbane9.jpgInfected Batman vs Bane 10 photo batmaneuropa4-batmanvsbane10.jpg

Defeats the meta human and Venom enhanced Bane in a brutal prolonged melee battle (Forever Evil Aftermath: Batman vs Bane)

Forever Evil - Batman vs Bane p1 photo foreverevilbatmanvsbane1.jpgForever Evil - Batman vs Bane p2 photo foreverevilbatmanvsbane2.jpgForever Evil - Batman vs Bane p3 photo foreverevilbatmanvsbane3.jpgForever Evil - Batman vs Bane p4 photo foreverevilbatmanvsbane4.jpgForever Evil - Batman vs Bane p5 photo foreverevilbatmanvsbane5.jpgForever Evil - Batman vs Bane p6 photo foreverevilbatmanvsbane6.jpgForever Evil - Batman vs Bane p7 photo foreverevilbatmanvsbane7.jpgForever Evil - Batman vs Bane p8 photo foreverevilbatmanvsbane8.jpgForever Evil - Batman vs Bane p9 photo foreverevilbatmanvsbane9.jpgForever Evil - Batman vs Bane p10 photo foreverevilbatmanvsbane10.jpg

Battles the russian super soldier Steel Wolf to a standstill keeping him off balance through the use of skill (countering his every move) and stealth tactics. He even manages to make Steel Wolf feel pain twice despite his invulnerability (Suicide Squad #40)

Beats Brick (meta with super strength and invulnerability) with some powerful gadgets (Green Arrow #71)

In his second encounter with Clayface 2 (Matt Hagen) after being defeated the first time around he is able to defeat Clayface through use of weaponry (flares and gas) and skill (Legends of the Dark Knight #90)

Quickly handles Clayface 3 using skill and the environment to his advantage (Legends of the Dark Knight #201)


Easily defeats Clayface by using Mr. Freeze's freeze ray gun against him then takes out Scarecrow right afterwards (Batman v2 #16)

 photo batman16-batvsrogues1.jpg photo batman16-batvsrogues2.jpg

KOes Artemis with a tranquilizer dart to the neck after being knocked down to ground by her (Superman Batman #9)

Takes down Lashina by putting a gas capsule in her mouth (Suicide Squad v1 #10)

Takes out Sela (ancient counterpart of Wonder Woman) by stabbing her in the back with a batarang (most likely hitting a nerve) coming to Wonder Woman's aid (JLA #74)

Easily humbles Metallo, using a metal rod to take his heart out in a single, swift, move (Superman Batman Annual #3)

Vs Titan Super Gladiator (Batman Superman #10):

Titan Super Gladiator is strong enough to knock down even Superman

 photo batmansuperman10-supertitangladiator.jpg

Despite being weakened and just coming out of coma, he KOes Titan Super Gladiator in melee combat

 photo batmansuperman10-batmanvsupertitangladiator1.jpg photo batmansuperman10-batmanvsupertitangladiator2.jpg photo batmansuperman10-batmanvsupertitangladiator3.jpg photo batmansuperman10-batmanvsupertitangladiator4.jpg photo batmansuperman10-batmanvsupertitangladiator5.jpg

Unexpectedly attacked by Martian Manhunter, Batman manages to fight him off by improvising exposing J'onn's weakness to fire while withstanding a great deal of punishment in the process as Superman points after doing an x-ray scan on Batman's body. Later on in the story arc we find out that J'onn's old alien sidekick Zook was the one responsible for attacking Batman who has the ability to shapeshift plus perfectly mimic all the powers/abilities (including the weaknesses) of the super powered beings he morphs into (Superman Batman #28)

Subdues a berserk Superman with a kryptonite bullet and frees him from Brainaic's control despite being in a very unconfortable position (i.e. hanging in the air from a bat-rope tied to Superman's leg) and being sent smashing against or through buildings (Batman Superman: The Trust, story by Chip Kidd and Alex Ross)

Using fast acting hardening foam he temporarily subdues Superman by cleverly attaching him to priceless objects so it would take his time to get out without breaking them. In addition, he makes Clark believe the adhesive foam he's tied up in is heat vision resistant so he wouldn't use it making things even harder. NOTE: This fight was overall staged to trick Lex Luthor despite this Clark still admits in the last picture that he didn't see the string trick coming from Bruce who successfully managed to fool Superman (Detective Comics #756)

In his first New 52 meeting & battle against Superman, he's able to hold his own against the Man of Steel (who underestimates Batman and is holding back as noted by Bruce) and sends Clark flying out a building with a powerful blast from a explosive batarang. Shortly after, their fight is then ended due to outside interference (Batman Superman #1)

 photo batmansuperman1-batmanvsuperman1.jpg photo batmansuperman1-batmanvsuperman2.jpg photo batmansuperman1-batmanvsuperman3.jpg photo batmansuperman1-batmanvsuperman4.jpg photo batmansuperman1-batmanvsuperman5.jpg photo batmansuperman1-batmanvsuperman6.jpg photo batmansuperman1-batmanvsuperman7.jpg photo batmansuperman1-batmanvsuperman8.jpg photo batmansuperman1-batmanvsuperman9.jpg

After deducing then confirming that Kid Amazo can copy not only all the JLA's abilities/powers but also their psychology, he uses that known fact and power right back against Kid Amazo by calling in a lot of bats into the area they were in via the device on his belt exploiting his childhood fear of bats to scare Kid Amazo off. We also see Bruce impressively withstanding a ton of punishment from Kid Amazo throughout the battle even knocking him back off his feet at the ending before he flies off (JLA Classified #40)

Despite being ambushed inside the JLA Watchtower, he still outsmarts & defeats Amazo singlehandedly by teleporting him into pieces across multiple locations on earth. Also, we see Batman survive being sent into space without much to protect him and still cleverly find a way make it back safely inside the JLA Watchtower (Legends of the Dark Knight v2 #1 & originally from the Digital First Series)


A rock-like creature named Titus has just taken out Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern John Stewart, Flash, Superman and Wonder Woman, tying up the last 2 with Wonder Woman's lasso. It's up to Atom and Batman to try and stop him. While Ray Palmer only manages to distract briefly Titus before being taken down, Bats manages to hurt the foe and to take him momentarily down, indirectly freeing Supes and Diana in the process (JLA Classified #52)


Quickly KOes a league of assassin ninja Man-Bat despite the attempted sneak attack (Batman #658)

Is ambushed by Zsasz who's been transformed into a super strong Man-Bat yet he's able to defeat him by restraining his body with his grapnel gun then tackles him out a high story window sending him crashing down hard on the top of a car KOing him (Detective Comics v2 #19)

 photo detective19-manbatzsasz1.jpg photo detective19-manbatzsasz2-1.jpg photo detective19-manbatzsasz3.jpg photo detective19-manbatzsasz4.jpg

Vs Killer Croc

Soundly defeats Killer Croc (despite being sneak attacked) who's been enhanced by the Hush virus increasing his already formidable super strength, speed, and durability well beyond their normal levels something Batman deduces who notes that he's acting more like a furious animal then ever before. Afterwards, Batman pulls Croc up above ground with chains (a feat of strength as Croc weighs 686Ibs due to the virus) (Batman #608)

While investigating in the sewer system leads relative to a villains-killing vigilante, Batman and Robin are confronted by Killer Croc. The latter is faster and tougher than Bats remembered, and the 2 heroes are in Croc's enviroment (as per his own words). Despite this, first the Dark Knight gets the better of him just hand to hand, then quickly take him out by cleverly using his gadgets. (Detective Comics #819)

Defeats Killer Croc who's high on Venom (which greatly enhanced his already super human strength & speed as Batman somewhat points out who's surprised by him) with a clever tactic using his cable line (Batman The Dark Knight v1 #1)

A rookie Batman faces off against Hugo Strange's 4th and most formidable monster man who was created with Batman's own DNA yet he still defeats it using a combo of weaponry (powerful tranq dart & acid tipped batarangs), skill, and tactics (Batman & the Monster Men #6)

Vs Ferak
Inhumanly powerful plant creatures

Displaying it's super strength and stamina as it easily overpowers Huntress/Batgirl (plus Batman soon after)

Showing a very high level of stamina as bullets seem to have no effect on them as shown when the GCPD SWAT team are unable to kill them with bullets or even hurt them

Uses a combo of skill, stealth, and weaponry to subdue Ferak as gently as possible. Ferak has also proven powerful enough to defeat the teenage super hero team Young Justice (who later became the Teen Titans) singlehandedly (see Standard & Advanced Prep webpage) (Detective Comics #752)

Defeats the very powerful monster man known as Frankenstein in combat via the Castle's electricity cleverly taking advantage of his environment (Batman & Robin v2 #19)

 photo batmanamprobin19-batmanvsfrankenstein1.jpg photo batmanamprobin19-batmanvsfrankenstein2.jpg photo batmanamprobin19-batmanvsfrankenstein3.jpg

Subdues a giant telepathic Cyclops monster with instant hardening foam and a bat-bola (Batman Odyssey v2 #6)

Defeats a giant alien creature by electrocuting it (Superman Batman #29)

52 Aftermath: The Four Horsemen #4-5

Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman have to face the 4 Horsemen, monstrous demi-gods that originally came from Apokolyps, gave an hard time to Black Adam and Isis, and and supposedly got more powerful/formidable since then. Bats has Snapper Carr teleport Plague on the Moon in order to have the monster come to him, thus leaving Supes with just Famine to face, then angers the monster to make it personal & avoid he calls undead followers to help him, finally cleverly uses what he found in the surroundings to take him out.

"Eclipso: The Darkness Within" Annual Event.

Eclipso is the God of Vengeance. Previously trapped in a black diamond, Eclipso broke free when said diamond was shattered and escaped in a crater of the dark side of the Moon. His goal was to possess Earth's superheroes, gain their powers, and destroy the world. His way of possessing people is to have them touch one of the black diamond's shards when they are angry. If the one who touches said shard is a passive person, he/she wouldn't get possessed but would create a manifestation of Eclipso. Otherwise, the God of Vengeance would directly take over the body of whoever summoned him. Eclipso's manifestations are shown to be very strong and bullet-proof, and common people who get taken over (i.e. "eclipsed") by him are shown to have increased strenght & durability and are also bulletproof. Eclipso's only weakness is solar energy, which could force him out of the body of whoever he is possessing and destroy his manifestations & himself, and he has to satisfy whatever revenge fantasy his host body had when he was taken over, before the God of Vengeance could fully be in-control.

Batman battled twice eclipsed people or manifestation of the God of Vengeance himself:

1 - Facing an Eclipso's manifestation unwittingly created by Commissioner Gordon, Bats loses immediately the solar trap given him by Bruce Gordon (solar scientist, former main host of Eclipso and sworn enemy of the God of Vengeance), but manages to win despite that by intelligently using the environment, thanks to luck being on his side (the toy company they are in has solar-powered stuff), and an assist from Commissioner Gordon (Detective Comics Annual #05)

2 - Having to battle an eclipsed Joker out to kill him due to the killer clown channeling his rage towards Batman before letting himself be possessed, and having the solar trap immediately destroyed by one of the Joker's henchmen, the Dark Knight chooses to become eclipsed while focusing his rage towards the clown. So, exactly like Bats planned, he and Joker are forced to fight each other because of Eclipso's conpulsion to carry out his host bodies'revenge wishes. The battle lasts till dawn (as Batman expected), then the sun frees both fighters from the God of Vengeance's possession and Batman knocks Joker out with 1 punch (Batman Annual #16)


The Dark Knight turns the tide of the battle between Starman (Will Payton) and Blockbuster II (a criminal mastermind who has meta human strength, stamina & durability, and has beaten down the super strong & durable Payton the previous issue) by gassing Blockbuster (Starman v1 #10)

With Robin's help, Batman quickly takes out Blockbuster (II) (Underworld Unleashed #3)

Vs Tezumak (JLA #66-67)

Battles the very formidable warrior known as Tezumak from the ancient past (3000 years) who wears highly advanced magical power armor coming off like a much more physically powerful version of Batman based on the way he fought and his brilliant strategic mind as noted by Batman himself when they fight (see examples below). As an example to prove how good/powerful he is, Flash (Wally West) speaks to J'onn how Tezumak managed to take Green Lantern and himself out

Taking out Martian Manhunter despite J'onn also using his telepathy and martian vision (which had no effect) plus showcasing his intelligence as he's able to weaponize/booby trap the amusement park they were in to use against the JLA

Batman is shown multitasking as he's busy dodging Tezumak (who as you can see is fast, skilled, & smart enough to anticipate even the Flash's super speed attacks) while analyzing his power armor for a weakness that he exposes by using Plastic Man (almost like a weapon) to cut off his oxygen successfully stopping him

Systemically defeats an Amazo prototype alongside Nightwing (Batman #637)


Batman #647:

1 - Along with Red Hood (aka Jason Todd, the former Robin II), Bats takes down temporarly the super-strong and very durable Captain Nazi (someone who was created to go toe to toe with Captain Marvel and member of "Luthor"'s Society of Supervillains) by using tactics he and Jason had practiced in the cave years ago

2 - When Count Vertigo (another member of the Society) ambushes them, Batman uses a clever tactic to escape the Count's power while formulating and starting to implement a plan to take him out

3 - With Red Hood's help, Batman executes said plan by having Hyena (a third member of the Society that Bats took out previously with a surprise attack) attacking Count Vertigo, then knock out Hyena himself with a batarang and is ready to handle Captain Nazi with a special (according to Jason's words) tranq gun, but Hood anticipates him by killing Nazi with a tazer

Cosmic Odyssey

A group of heroes including Batman is summoned to New Genesis by Highfather and Darkseid, the latter revealing that 4 aspects of the Anti-life entity are loose on this universe and, if they manage to destroy 4 key solar systems of the Milky Way, the whole galaxy will collapse. This would cause the Anti life entity to enter wholly our universe, which would ultimately results in its and the universe's destruction. So, the heroes are enlisted to stop the aspects. Batman and the New god Forager are assigned to protect Earth and its solar system. After some detective work, the 2 heroes catch up with the aspect and, under the Dark Knight's lead, the 2 stop the aspect and stop the bomb's countdown, temporarly saving the day (the aspect, though, later frees himself, manahandles the heroes and re-start the countdown, so Forager has to sacrify himself to save Earth)

Helps Wonder Woman get through to Aquaman in his devolved state despite being devolved himself and is still able to reason with the Sea King (JLA Primeval)

While teaming up with Green Lantern Hal Jordan, he formulates a plan to take out the Tattooed Man (one of his tattoos being powerful enough to tear apart a sky-scraper), then he and Hal implement said plan, beating the villain (Green Lantern v4 #9)

Action Comics #784

Batman, arriving to help Superman in handling the chaos in Metropolis during the "Last Laugh" debacle, reveals to him that the one responsible for the havoc is what appears to be a jokerized Green Lantern Kyle Rayner

Then, gets Supes out of a blast's way and starts implementing a plan, but Kal, being haunted by recollections of what happened in the "Emperor Joker" saga (memories erased from the Dark Knight's mind), freaks out, causing Kyle to teleport them away and Bats to figure out that something is amiss

Finally, Bats, alongside the Man of Steel, formulates a plan based on something he observed, and the 2 heroes implement it. In the end, Superman and Batman stop "Kyle", who is revealed by the Dark Knight as being, in reality, a construct from the real & unconscious Kyle Rayner's subconscious (as Bats deduced earlier)

Later, Superman reveals to Batman what happened during the "Emperor Joker" saga and that the Dark Knight's memories were taken away & given to the Man of Steel. Bats doesn't like to have had his mind altered, and has 2 missiles hit Supes when the latter tells Batman to hit him if it makes Bats feel better. But, then, the 2 talk things out and depart as friends

Bats formulates on the spot a plan to save the ship they are in from a dimensional shift and send E2 Deathstroke, Ultraman & Owlman back in their universe, then proceeds to take out mainstream Deathstroke exploiting the surprise factor while Supes implements the plan (Superman Batman Annual #1)

Batman battles alongside Superman against tactile holograms of the enemies they faced together and, upon deducing the real nature of the opponents, gives the Man Of Steel directions as to how take them out effectively (Superman & Batman #50)

Batman comes up with a plan to take out Composite Superman (an artificial being with the mixed DNA, weapons and abilities of Batman, Superman and other JLAers), successfully implemented by Superman and himself, thus causing the opponent to tear himself apart (literally) (Superman Batman Annual #3)

Battles a very powerful demon called Will O' the Wisp alongside Superman who holds the creature off just long enough for Batman to retrieve the written spell that summoned it then replicate it all over again to send it back from where it came (Batman v2 #20 - Backup Tale)

Worlds Finest vs Will O' Wisp p1 photo batman20backup-worldsfinestvswillothewisp1.jpgWorlds Finest vs Will O' Wisp p2 photo batman20backup-worldsfinestvswillothewisp2.jpgWorlds Finest vs Will O' Wisp p3 photo batman20backup-worldsfinestvswillothewisp3.jpgWorlds Finest vs Will O' Wisp p4 photo batman20backup-worldsfinestvswillothewisp4.jpgWorlds Finest vs Will O' Wisp p5 photo batman20backup-worldsfinestvswillothewisp5.jpgWorlds Finest vs Will O' Wisp p6 photo batman20backup-worldsfinestvswillothewisp6.jpgWorlds Finest vs Will O' Wisp p7 photo batman20backup-worldsfinestvswillothewisp7.jpgWorlds Finest vs Will O' Wisp p8 photo batman20backup-worldsfinestvswillothewisp8.jpg

Blinds Killer Croc then stirs and controls his body by using multiple cable lines as if he were riding a wild beast and leads him to Clark Kent/Superman's location (who's powerless at the time) who in turn leads Killer Croc towards Bane who Croc then blindly attacks. We then see Batman finish the fight by blowing the ground underneath them while on the edge of a cliff causing them both to then crash into the deep water below (Batman Superman Annual #2)

Worlds Finest vs Arkhams Finest 1 photo batmansupermanannual2-worldsfinestvsarkhamsfinest1.jpgWorlds Finest vs Arkhams Finest 2 photo batmansupermanannual2-worldsfinestvsarkhamsfinest2.jpgWorlds Finest vs Arkhams Finest 3 photo batmansupermanannual2-worldsfinestvsarkhamsfinest3.jpgWorlds Finest vs Arkhams Finest 4 photo batmansupermanannual2-worldsfinestvsarkhamsfinest4.jpgWorlds Finest vs Arkhams Finest 5 photo batmansupermanannual2-worldsfinestvsarkhamsfinest5.jpg