Sunday, January 5, 2014

Tower of Babel Special

Added feat from JLA #45 to the Stealth Section
Added feat from JLA #43-46 to the Standard/Advanced (Advanced) Prep Time Section

As requested I've posted the images of Batman's contingency plans being put into action from Tower of Babel. So, which of Batman's contingency plans/weaponry do you think are better?: 

The Tower of Babel plans or the New 52 Secret Boxes plans? 

Let me know what you think!


Anonymous said...

Tower of Babel >>>>> New 52 Secret Box Plans.

Anonymous said...

This is a Great website and likely the only one that comprehensive on Batman's capabilities.

Are you planning sometime to use cases/examples from movies/animated series as well? Gotham knight series is good to start with

Phantom Ghost said...

I'm thinking about maybe doing something with Batman Beyond feats on a separate blog but outside of that I'm just sticking to the main Batman comics.

Anonymous said...

Please don't, leave it all on the same site.

thebat said...

Tower of Babel plans are far better, in my opinion. Btw, I think in the DC VS Masters Of The Universe you can find some interesting feats, if you haven't yet already added them

Phantom Ghost said...

Hey thebat hows it been man?

I'll take look through the DC vs Masters of Masters the Universe comics pretty soon.

Or you can post them up if you want.

thebat said...

Hi, everything is fine, thanks, how about you?

Btw I'd like to add the feats myself, but I need you to e-mail me the username and password for our photobucket account.

Phantom Ghost said...

I've been fine bro.

I've sent the details to your email so you should have it now. Feel free to post anytime.

Anonymous said...

Tower of Babel clearly the New52 Boxs are just random stuff while Babel is actual plans that involve breaking the League mentaly, emotionaly, and physicaly