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Batman's most impressive victories or showings against Enhanced People, Meta Humans, and Super Powered beings using only his highly skilled martial arts ability

Batman 80-Page Giant 2011 #1

Every year or so, one who, among various soldiers, is unlucky enough to draw the short straw, is given an advanced suit and is sent to battle Batman. The goal is to either defeat him or at least escape past city limits by 5:00 AM. Four years, four failures. This is what happens to the fifth, despite he is a trained & experienced soldier and his suit enhances his strength & allows him to blend in with the enviroment:

Defeats Moonson and KGBeast at the same time shortly after his battle with Wildcat (Batman/Wildcat #3)

In a spectacular, 20+ pages battle, Batman beats AZBats despite not using any gadget against an opponent who is using his and is out to kill (Batman #510 and Shadow of the Bat #30)


(Batman leaves the fight to save Catwoman, then the battle resumes)


Beats the super human mercernary Manhunter (Kirk DePaul) in a hand to hand contest (Power Company #15)

Vs Talon (William Cobb)

Battles the Talon known as William Cobb who's the greatest and most skilled of the super human Talon assassins from the Court of Owls.

Batman v2 #2 (2011)

- While at the highest level in the Wayne Tower (30 stories high), Bruce Wayne is ambushed by the super human assassin known as the Talon (notice how Talon is shown easily withstanding over 100 pounds of pressure to his neck unfazed) who precisely hits the two vital areas in Bruce's shoulders using throwing knives that cause Bruce to bleed out and then kicks Bruce out an "unbreakable" window

- Despite this, Bruce still gets the better of Talon in a rapidly fast midair freefall battle then completely stops himself from falling to his death by grabbing ahold of a gargoyle with his bare hands (which should've ripped his arms off given the height of the fall on top of the immense amount of pain from the knives being placed in his vital areas within his shoulders) displaying super human like stamina plus strength

- Just to point how tough/super human the Talon is, he is able to get up, kill the man who was riding him to the morgue and drive away, this despite he fell from the 30th floor of a building all the way down, crashing on a car.

- In his second clash with Talon, despite having been tortured psychologically for more than a week and being in a poor shape physically due being drugged, having to wade through a Labyrinth for days, getting stabbed through the belly, and taking a beating from Talon (see more details in the Endurance Section), Bats is able to beat him so badly that the Court Of Owl's leader (Talon's master) decides that the killer is no longer useful to the organizations and disposes of him (Batman v2 #6)

Vs Lord Death Man

An immortal with a fast healing factor in addition to having complete control over his body due to being an advanced yoga master. He also has a perfect memory and can retain all knowledge of everything he's ever learned and use it to his advantage. His battle with Talon is shown here first to give you a good idea of just how formidable he is.

- Lord Death Man is ambushed by Talon (aka Calvin Rose with the same super human abilities and assassin training of a standard Court of Owls Talon) and easily shakes off the two knives put into his back followed by the pressure point technique that's used against him that has no affect on him as he quickly brushes off the attack. He then easily gains the upper hand against Talon by using a Dim Mak pressure point technique to paralyze his entire body then impales Talon through the chest with his own knife leaving him for dead (Talon #17)

Talon vs Lord Death Man 1 photo talon17-talonvslorddeathman1.jpgTalon vs Lord Death Man 2 photo talon17-talonvslorddeathman2.jpgTalon vs Lord Death Man 3 photo talon17-talonvslorddeathman3.jpgTalon vs Lord Death Man 4 photo talon17-talonvslorddeathman4.jpg

- Not holding himself back since he's fighting Lord Death Man, Batman quickly breaks both of Lord Death Man's knees plus his elbow which completely immobilizes him (Batman Eternal #46)

Batman vs Lord Death Man 1 photo batmaneternal46-batvslorddeathman1.jpgBatman vs Lord Death Man 2 photo batmaneternal46-batvslorddeathman2.jpgBatman vs Lord Death Man 3 photo batmaneternal46-batvslorddeathman3.jpg

Vs Philo Zeiss

- Background information & origin of Zeiss a martial arts assassin who had his eyesight enhanced enabling him to see the world in slow motion and increased his reflex speed far above the average human (Catwoman v2 #30)

- While talking to Oracle who reads his official profile/record to Batman, we learn Zeiss sees at a much higher speed rate than normal, has enhanced speed reflexes, plus an enhanced brain capacity so he can perfectly memorize and store images (or fighting techniques) then play them back in slow motion enabling him to learn very quickly and even mimic people's moves just as he did to Batman as seen in the images below these (Batman #591)

 Zeiss Powers-Record 1 photo batman591-zeissprofile1.jpgZeiss Powers-Record 2 photo batman591-zeissprofile2.jpg

- Staging a robbery, he has Batman purposely fight a hired team of highly skilled martial artists posing as bank robbers to test his skill. Meanwhile, from afar above the event taking place he's shown studying Batman extensively by recording him fighting via his lenses which enabled him to record Batman's combat techniques (Batman #582)

- Now being prepared to fight Batman in their 1st battle he's then able to perfectly mimic Batman's skills and re-use them against him. Zeiss even managed to get the slight upper hand although he's still unsuccessful in beating Batman (Batman #583)

 photo batman583-batmanvszeiss1.jpg photo batman583-batmanvszeiss2.jpg photo batman583-batmanvszeiss3.jpg

- In their 3rd battle Batman stalemates Zeiss in a straight hand to hand contest but decides to bring in Batgirl to end the fight as quickly as possible (Batman #597)

- In their last clash, fighting strictly hand to hand save for 1 panel (where a table is used as a weapon by the Dark Knight), Batman straight up beats Zeiss despite being stabbed by his knives (Batman #632)

Vs Prometheus

New Years Evil: Prometheus

- A little background information on Prometheus and his training which is similar to Batman's

- Showing the kind of power his high tech light weight nightstick is capable of as we see Retro (a normal man pretending to be a super hero in costume who won a super hero contest) easily break an anvil in half without any real use of his own force/strength

- Explaining how he downloads & mimics the knowledge and physical abilities of people into his helmet as he then copies Retro's data in his helmet

JLA #16

- Showing how prepared he is, we see him taking out Huntress through hypnosis via his helmet's lights, he's then confronted by Batman and mentions that he's downloaded the data of the world's 30 greatest martial artists into his helmet including Batman's and is now capable of mimicking all their skills & physical prowess. In addition, he resets his lights to now produce a disorienting strobe effect giving him an even greater advantage over Batman who he defeats off panel as shown later on

- In the rematch, Batman skillfully beats Prometheus to his knees despite not using weaponry and is even shown taking a hit from his nightstick yet quickly recovering (JLA #38)

Knocks out genetically enhanced werewolf man Abbot (Detective Comics #745)

Quickly takes care of Killer Croc then handcuffs him (Batman: Gotham Knights #3)

Defeats Killer Croc (who's enhanced with the Hush virus at the time) in melee combat despite being weakened by the lethal Colossus virus unknowingly which seriously affects his performance being noticeably weaker because of it. Due to the Colossus virus, it also took him much longer to defeat Croc than he usually would (Batman: Europa #1)

Infected Batman vs Killer Croc 1 photo batmaneuropa1-sickbatmanvskillercroc1.jpgInfected Batman vs Killer Croc 2 photo batmaneuropa1-sickbatmanvskillercroc2.jpgInfected Batman vs Killer Croc 3 photo batmaneuropa1-sickbatmanvskillercroc3.jpgInfected Batman vs Killer Croc 4 photo batmaneuropa1-sickbatmanvskillercroc4.jpg

A rookie Batman defeats Doctor Death (New 52 version) in hand to hand combat who has enhanced strengthened bones much more durable/stronger than the average human via the bone serum he's created and injected himself with (Batman v2 #29)

Batman vs Dr. Death p1 photo batman29-batmanvsdrdeath1.jpgBatman vs Dr. Death p2 photo batman29-batmanvsdrdeath2.jpgBatman vs Dr. Death p3 photo batman29-batmanvsdrdeath3.jpgBatman vs Dr. Death p4 photo batman29-batmanvsdrdeath4.jpgBatman vs Dr. Death p5 photo batman29-batmanvsdrdeath5.jpgBatman vs Dr. Death p6 photo batman29-batmanvsdrdeath6.jpg

Batman: Book of Shadows
The Dark Knight has to battle formidable demons who want to conquer Gotham

First he faces and gets the upperhand on the demon known as Ms Mercy

Then, he beats the one who calls himself Mr Sincere (who, after being defeated, degenerates and dies), saving his hostage in the process

After that, he faces & defeats a third demon called Mrs Peace who, after being beaten, ends up like Mr Sincere did

Battles the Creeper to a standstill then is shown taking down Lions alongside him (Detective Comics #447)

Vs Wolfen (Beast/Wolverine inspired hybrid character)

Despite being sneak attacked, he's able to skillfully turn things in his favor and put down Wolfen (Superman Batman #22)

Easily KOes Wolfen with an elbow to the face who attempts another sneak attack on him (Superman Batman #25)

Defeats Lex Luthor who is amped up on a mix of Venom and liquid kryptonite (he's wearing his high tech power armor that he created to fight Superman with, but it's greatly damaged because of his previous clash with the Man of Steel) (Superman Batman #6)

An enraged Batman overpowers and beats down Lex Luthor who's wearing his high tech power armor (Forever Evil #6)

Batman vs Lex Luthor p1 photo foreverevil6-batragevsluthor1.jpgBatman vs Lex Luthor p2 photo foreverevil6-batragevsluthor2.jpg

Shown gaining the upperhand on Robot (Ironman inspired character) knocking it off it's feet with a kick (Superman Batman #24)

Vs Hotshot (Superman Batman #47-48)

A soldier specially trained in super speed aerial combat with high tech kryptonite weaponry created to take out Superman

He's proven fast enough to take out Batman via suprise attack the first time around and here we see he's even fast enough to blind side and take down Superman who was actually winning the battle with the Last Line despite their weaponry

Hotshot attempts to sneak attack Batman the second time around but is KOed with 1 punch as soon as Bruce detects that Hotshot is behind him

Easily handles Hawkgirl with little force by keeping her restrained with only 1 hand until the OMAC is taken care of (Batman And The Outsiders v2 #3)

Defeats Hawkman while under Despero's mind control (JLA #119)

Charging head on at the Wetworks member known as Pilgrim (who's a master marksman especially with a sniper gun) while dodging automatic gunfire from her hyperkinetic rail gun then knocking her out with a punch despite her invulnerability due to the golden symbiote on her body that enhances her greatly (Convergence Batman Shadow of the Bat #2)

 photo conshadowofthebat2-batmanvspilgrim1.jpgBatman vs Pilgrim (Wetworks) photo conshadowofthebat2-batmanvspilgrim2.jpg

Battles the mystical super powered Ragman to a stalemate (Ragman v2 #8)

Vs Tobias Whale - A major crime boss with the meta human abilities of super strength and super stamina

Just to give you an idea of how strong and tough Tobias Whale is, here are two feats of his that display his meta human abilities:

- Puts a massive dent into the hood of a car nearly crushing the front side of it entirely with a two handed strike and then is shown punching through the roof of a limo (Vigilante v3 #7)

 photo vigilante7-whalecrushescar.jpg

- Allows Vigilante to shoot him multiple times to the chest with two handguns without being affected. We then see Vigilante shoot him multiple times with a sub machine gun point blank to the face and chest which doesn't stop Whale and only proves to be a minor annoyance at best as he then overpowers Vigilante (Vigilante v3 #9)

 photo vigilante9-whalevsvigilante1.jpg photo vigilante9-whalevsvigilante2.jpg photo vigilante9-whalevsvigilante3.jpg

Dominates Tobias Whale in hand to hand combat while fighting on top of a speeding cargo truck before there fight is interrupted (Convergence Batman Shadow of the Bat #1)

 Batman vs Tobias Whale 1 photo conshadowofthebat1-batmanvswhale1.jpgBatman vs Tobias Whale 2 photo conshadowofthebat1-batmanvswhale2.jpgBatman vs Tobias Whale 3 photo conshadowofthebat1-batmanvswhale3.jpgBatman vs Tobias Whale 4 photo conshadowofthebat1-batmanvswhale4.jpg

In their first battle, he easily defeats trained cop Branca aka "Bat-Bane" Dr. Hurt's 2nd Batman replacement who's been dosed with Venom and Hugo Strange's monster serum (Batman #674)

Defeats a New 52/Post-Flashpoint Bane in hand to hand combat who is enhanced with venom and is meta human with super human physical abilities even without venom (Batwoman #24)

Batman vs Bane p1 photo batwoman24-batmanvsbane1.jpgBatman vs Bane p2 photo batwoman24-batmanvsbane2.jpgBatman vs Bane p3 photo batwoman24-batmanvsbane3.jpg

Takes down the armored and super strong Clayface 3 using his speed and skill (Detective Comics #605)

Takes down Gorilla Grodd with a kick (JLA: Classified #2)

Defeats an enraged Aquaman in hand to hand combat with a strike that's described as powerful enough to cripple an ordinary man (Brave and the Bold #142)

 photo bravebold142-batmanvsaquaman1.jpgBatman vs Aquaman p2 photo bravebold142-batmanvsaquaman2.jpgBatman vs Aquaman p3 photo bravebold142-batmanvsaquaman3.jpg

Beats Aquaman in a hand to hand contest (Legends of the DC Universe #27)

Pounds Solomon Grundy into unconsciousness after being sneak attacked (Batman: Dark Victory #1)

Knocks out Solomon Grundy with pressure point attacks (Superman Batman #3)

Batman v3 #2:

Solomon Grundy vs Gotham & Gotham Girl - Two super powered heroes who Batman both classify as having a Superman type powerset (we later learn they can adjust their power to higher or lower levels at the cost of their life).

- Solomon Grundy is shown dominating both super powered heroes by himself

 photo batman2-gothamsvsolomongrundy1.jpg photo batman2-gothamsvsolomongrundy2.jpg

- Batman defeats Solomon Grundy single-handedly by skillfully using Grundy's own momentum against him (displaying impressive strength in the process as well since he's shown using only 1 arm to lift Grundy overhead then slam him to the ground) just as Grundy is shown charging directly at him. He's also able to keeps Grundy pinned on the ground by holding him down by the throat using his boot

 photo batman2-batmanvsolomongrundy1.jpg photo batman2-batmanvsolomongrundy2.jpg photo batman2-batmanvsolomongrundy3.jpg photo batman2-batmanvsolomongrundy4.jpg

Vs Fusion - A being who's a fusion of 3 different meta humans all rolled into person who has super strength, super speed, super stamina, and invulnerability (Outsiders v1 #24)

Fusion proves more than powerful enough to take down The Outsiders singlehandedly who are unable to even hurt or faze him physically

After overpowering the Outsiders yet again, he comes up against Batman and is stunned in place with a nerve blow to the face causing him immense pain and isn't able to recover from Batman's attack in time to save himself as we then see Batman saving Geo-Force's life

Vs Brute - A large mindless monster (loosely based off Marvel's Hulk) with super strength and very strong durability

Just to give you an idea of how strong Brute is, here we see him drop Wonder Woman with one punch while she's distracted and has her badly hurt as a result at the time (Justice League America #79)

 photo justiceleagueamerica79-brutewonderwoman.jpg

Dominates and hurts Brute using just his martial arts skill in combination with his striking power (Convergence Batman & Robin #2)

 photo conbatmanrobin2-batmanvsbrute3.jpg photo conbatmanrobin2-batmanvsbrute4.jpg photo conbatmanrobin2-batmanvsbrute5.jpg photo conbatmanrobin2-batmanvsbrute6.jpg

Able to intercept and take out Cheetah before she could get the chance to attack Wonder Woman from behind displaying impressive speed and combat ability (Wonder Woman Annual #1)

Vs Wonder Woman

1 - Driven mad by a chemical mist, he attacks Wonder Woman and is able to actually hurt her with a punch then wrestles with her before he finally shakes off the chemical effects and saves them both (Brave and the Bold #158)

 photo bravebold158-crazybatmanvswonderwoman1.jpg photo bravebold158-crazybatmanvswonderwoman2.jpg photo bravebold158-crazybatmanvswonderwoman3.jpg photo bravebold158-crazybatmanvswonderwoman4.jpg

2 - Gets the better of Wonder Woman in a sparring contest pinning her to the ground and only loses due to Diana resorting to using her super strength to overpower him (JLA Secret Files #3)

3 - Able to perform well against Diana in another sparring contest despite Bruce being only being half focused on the battle due to taking care of more important business (of different kinds) over his comm-line (JLA #61)

4 - In another sparring contest he's able to get the better of Diana by hitting her ears which stuns her in place and causes her intense pain (Wonder Woman #212)

5 - Does very well against a demon possessed Wonder Woman as he maintains the upper hand on her with his skill until she brings down a bunch of debris on him using her super strength (JLA: Scary Monsters #6)

Batman & Lobo - Deadly Serious #1:

Fighting against Lobo, first he manages to gain the upper hand before the battle is broken

Then casually fends off an attack from Lobo with a backhand punch

Gets the upper hand on an enraged and confused Swamp Thing who believes Batman has killed his wife (Brave and the Bold #176)

 photo bravebold176-batmanvswampthing1.jpg photo bravebold176-batmanvswampthing2.jpg

Knocks down Etrigan The Demon with a kick to the face (Blood of the Demon #2)

Skillfully redirects Captain Marvel with a kick who's thrown by Superman at a fast pace towards him (Superman Batman #4)

With a kick, he is able to make Darkseid bleed (Superman Batman #42)

Skillfully chopping down Doomsday clones with an axe. To get an idea about how powerful they were, notice how Superman is punched far away into the air by just one of them (Superman Batman #10)