Catches a thug who only gets to the end of the alley before Batman subdues him with a chain thrown around his legs (Detective Comics #604)

Hits a light switch from a distance

Knockouts out a security guard with a flashlight (Legends of the Dark Knight #135)

Detective Comics #617

Using coins, he disarms one henchman and takes down the other

Afterwards he's shown disarming henchmen then bringing down a chandelier with daggers

Legends of the Dark Knight #59

While disguised as Sir Hedmington Grey, he KOes a killer by throwing a telephone at him

Later in the same issue he knock another one out with a knife

Despite having his back turned, he's still able to detect a gunman behind him and take him out with a bottle cap before he could even aim his gun at him (Detective Comics Annual #1)

In his Bruce Wayne persona, he knocks out a sniper assassin (hired to kill him) with a golf stroke (The Brave And The Bold #13)

Deprives Mr Freeze of his freeze-ray gun with a batarang thrown in such a way that, despite it's tossed by the Dark Knight to his side, it still hits the target (Legends Of The Dark Knight #121)

While running, he disarms and takes out 3 thugs with a single batarang (Detective Comics #701)

Damages Firefly's powerpack with a batarang trick shot technique (Detective Comics #715)

Takes out a gunman with a batarang without looking while dodging the gunfire and going on the attack against another (Suicide Squad #43)

Without looking, he redirects the weapon of a thug with his batline forcing him to knock out his partner (Detective Comics #750)

Ducking behind a table for cover with his back turned and without looking he's still able to hit and really hurt his target/attacker (Clayface) with a shuriken batarang displaying pin point accuracy (Batman v2 #19)

  photo batman19-batbullseye.jpg

Tosses his batarang from behind his back without looking through the window behind him which comes through the window directly behind the Joker that's on the opposite side of the building (Legends #4)

 photo legends4-batarangtrickshot.jpg

Using a batarang trick shot he saves Robin from a man holding him hostage with a gun to his head that's rigged his gun to go off if tampered with (Challengers of the Unknown v3 #12)

Performing a very cool yet unique trick shot with his batarang that enables him to disarm the gunman (a mind controlled Detective Montonya aka The Question) before the hostage being held could be harmed or shot (Detective Comics #759)

With impressive accuracy, he throws his batarang through prison bars and discharges Joker's rigged shotgun death trap saving Jeremiah Arkham (Batman #491)

When Red Hood (aka Jason Todd aka the second Robin) tries to force Batman to choose between killing him with a gun and letting him killing the Joker, Batman throws a batarang that bounces from the wall behind Jason and hits him disarming & taking him out also displaying amazing reflex speed (Batman #650)

Swiftly and very accurately disarms Hush of the 2 guns in his hands on top of hitting the center of his helmet all at the same time exactly using his batarangs (Batman Eternal #34)

 photo batmaneternal34-hushtarget.jpg

Disarms and KOes a Kobra operative with a batarang trickshot (Batman 12 Cent Adventure)

 photo batman12centadv-batarangtrickshot.jpg

With a single batarang trick shot he's able to KO 1 thug and disarm the other (Detective Comics #757)

Detective Comics #775

- Disarms and KOes a Checkmate soldier with a batarang trick shot

- Then taking out two Checkmate soldiers that are shooting at him from above

Takes down 3 guards at the sametime with 3 batarangs before they're even given the chance to shoot their weapons (Legends of the Dark Knight #165)

Brings down a helicopter with a small dagger by jamming the tail rator (Batman #576)

Takes down a helicopter with a ski racket (Batman #664)

Intercepting a flipped coin in midair with his batarang (Detective Comics #738)

Intercepting a shuriken with his batarang before it can hit its target (Legends of the Dark Knight #53)

Picks up Conner Hawke's bow and arrows then uses them against the Silver Monkey ninja revealing he's been trained by Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) in archery (Green Arrow v2 #134)

Displays very accurate marksmanship along with very quick reflexes by turning around and splitting an arrow in half with his batarang at midway distance before it could reach him despite Green Arrow's intention to shoot him in the back (Gotham Knights #53)

 photo gothamknights53-batarangvsgreenarrow1.jpg photo gothamknights53-batarangvsgreenarrow2.jpg

Intercepts an arrow in mid air thats shot at him by Artemis with a batarang which also destroys her bow showcasing uncanny reflex speed in the process (Superman Batman #9)

Detective Comics #448

- With amazing speed and accuray, he throws an arrow down the barrel of a gun before the master marksman Slapleather (who's regarded as "the world's greatest marksman" to describe his skill) is able to pull the trigger causing his gun to backfire on him

- Right afterwards he displays uncanny reflex speed & accuracy by dodging a flamming dagger without looking (detecting it through hearing) then catches all 3 flamming daggers thrown at him, juggles them, and throws one very skillfully right back at Swordin (the blade/knife master marksman) backwards so he's hit in the head with the handle effectively KOing him instead of killing him

Defeats the expert dagger markswoman Stiletto in a marksmanship battle by deflecting away her daggers (except one) with his batarangs then takes her down (Batman Toyman #3)

Is called the equal of Captain Boomerang in the art of the boomerang and defeats him in a head to head test of skill then KOes him (Batman #322)

Pulls off a very cool trick shot by using a gun like a pinball to take out 3 thugs instantaneously (Batman #588)

Displaying his amazing natural accuracy with a gun while in target practice despite not being a regular gun user (Detective Comics #576)

Impressively makes a shot with a sniper rifle that even Deathstroke (super human trained soldier, world's greatest assassin, & master marksman) deemed "impossible even for a pro" (Detective Comics #710)

Despite his lack of vision due where he was, Batman is still able to stop Deadshot (who Batman regards as the best marksmen in the world) by jamming his wrist gauntlet gun with a mere glass cutter causing it backfire when he attempts to shoot his intended target (Detective Comics #536)

Takes out Deadshot with a very clever & skillful trick shot of his own using his batarang (Batman #369)