Is the World's Greatest Detective (52 #46)

Superman acknowledges just how good Bruce's deductive mind is while talking to Wonder Woman (Batman Superman Wonder Woman - Trinity #2)

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As a child on his first unofficial case he showcases his natural talent as the amazing detective we know him to be now by tracking down the Court of Owl's secret hideout although he believes he's reached a dead end since he finds the building abandoned and doesn't realize how close he was to the truth since he was still too young and untrained (Batman v2 #4)

Detective Comics Annual #2

At the time he's 17 years old and training to be a detective, Bruce Wayne and his mentor detective Harvey Harris are investiganting a series of murders that at first seemed unrelated. During the investigation, thanks also to a detail he learned earlier, Bruce deduces that Hunt (the former leader of the town)'s wife returned under a new last name before the guy they're questioning says so, surprising Harris.

In the end, after his mentor dies saving him from the one who executed the killings (a crazy man), Bruce finds out who is the one really responsible for the murders & why, and finds an original way to punish him, since the lack of evidence makes impossible to just hand him out to the police.

Was the apprentice of renown private detective Dan Mallory (shortly after being taught by the famous detective Harry Harris) as they're shown working together to solve a child's kidnapping case plus Mallory makes note of Bruce's potiental as detective including his other skills he had already developed by then (Batman Chronicles #6)

Was the apprentice of the world's greatest manhunter Henri Duncard who taught him the importance of tracking, how to gather information, and how to think just like a criminal in order to catch one. The story shows Duncard teaching Bruce as they team up to track down an international terrorist with Duncard also impressed by Bruce's expertise in the martial arts plus deduces that Bruce Wayne is Batman (Detective Comics #600)


Spotting a glowing object hidden deep within the wall of his Batcave he digs the object up only to find the Comedian's badge who's a member of the Watchmen not from the current DC earth/universe (DC Universe Rebirth #1)

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Despite being extremely fatigued, very badly injuried, and having hallucinated for numerous days (see the Endurance stamina section to see how badly hurt he is) he's still able to correctly deduce where he is within Gotham while being trapped inside the Court of Owl's secret labyrinth (Batman v2 #6)

After fighting him briefly he deduces that The Wrath is not the original who he first fought but is someone new in the costume who's younger and even better (Batman Confidental #14)

When Superman and Wonder Woman (tapping in Batman's detective skills being linked to him) figure out the guy Superman is facing is the Anti-matter Earth Riddler, Bruce mentions how he already deduced it despite the fact that he just saw/met him for the first time in the previous issue (Trinity #16)

In a re-telling of how Batman and Superman discovered each other's identities, a Bats who is in his Bruce Wayne persona enjoying a cruise but being forced to share a room with Clark Kent, shows that he found out that Clark is in reality Superman and explains he deduced that by noticing that the reporter and the kryptonian have the same chin (Superman Batman Annual #1)

While questioning the members of a pseudo League Of Assassins, Bats deduces that one of them isn't telling the whole truth, as the assassin in question confirms soon after (Green Arrow & Black Canary #11)

Beats a man at his own tricky game of Russian roulette by deducing what his trick is and outsmarts him as well (Detective Comics #426)

Deduces the strategem Mr. Terrific is using who is playing both Black Canary and GL in chess at the sametime (or rather having them play against one another) (Justice League of America v2 #8)

Quickly notices that the Looker isn't acting like her usual self and tricks the shape shifting poser into revealing their true identity who turns out to be Lady Clayface (aka Clayface 4) who can also mimic the super powers of the people who she's turns into (Outsiders #21)

Despite being near perfectly disguised as someone else (Detective Harvey Bullock), Bruce is still able to identify Jane Doe and hits her with a batarang (Detective Comics Annual v2 #2)

 photo detectiveannual2-janedoebatarang.jpg photo detectiveannual2-janedoebatarang2.jpg

While in outer space, he's able to detect the presence of a tiny sized spy surveillance drone watching them (before even Superman could despite his super senses) that's supposed to be impossible for a human to see and created from alien technology no less (Batman Superman #28)

 photo batmansuperman28-moonmurdermystery3.jpg photo batmansuperman28-spydrone.jpg

Batman Superman #29:

- Based off body language he quickly figures out that the giant alien female who's been murdered is being taken away by her father despite not personally knowing their relation

 photo batmansuperman29-giantlizardfamily.jpg

- The same giant alien is impressed with Batman's intellect since he's able to see through or deduce his deception

 photo batmansuperman29-giantlizarddeception1.jpg photo batmansuperman29-giantlizarddeception2.jpg

Detects a tripped alarm 3 blocks away in a jewelry store through hearing (Batman The Widening Gyre #4)

Dodges an attempted sneak attack from an android assassin by detecting it's presence beforehand. In addition, he notes that no one has come that close to surprising him for a while (The Brave And The Bold #13)

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While in his Bruce Wayne persona, he's able to detect a hidden sniper assassin (who's been hired to kill him) from a distance then knocks out the sniper assassin with a golf stroke displaying impressive marksmanship in the process while still staying in character with no one noticing what's happened (The Brave And The Bold #13)

Was aware that Batgirl (aka Cassandra Cain who's a very well trained assassin and master of stealth due to her extreme training with her father David Cain who's a legendary assassin) was following/shadowing him all night and indirectly used her help (Detective Comics #790)

Able to detect Cheetah's presence before anyone else despite Cheetah hiding inside her natural environment (the jungle) although Cheetah is still more than fast enough to catch the rest of the Justice League off guard (Justice League v2 #13)


Detects Superman's presence nearby who's silently hovering behind him in the air above (Batman & Robin v2 #33)

 photo batmanrobin33-superbatalarm1.jpg photo batmanrobin33-superbatalarm2.jpg

Spotting an invisible man's footprints in the grass, he knocks him out with a batarang before Superman could (Justice League: A Midsummer's Nightmare #1)

Detects and KOes Invisible Kid by hearing his breathing patterns (Brave & the Bold #5)

Despite being invisible, he deduces that J'onn is nearby due to hearing his breathing (JLA #119)

In their first meeting, he quickly deduces Martian Manhunter is a telepath amazing J'onn (Martian Manhunter v2 #22)

Deduces that the giant Cyclops monster he's facing is a telepath (Batman Odyssey v2 #6)

Mentions to a surprised Starman (Will Payton) that he knows Will doesn't need to breathe air (Starman v1 #10)

Despite being temporarily thrown off due to the funhouse mirrors and revolving lights he's still able to deduce who/where the real Joker is and take him down (Batman #286)

Legends of the Dark Knight #185-186

Picks up a chemical substance in the air by its faint scent that's masked to smell like mushrooms then quickly tracks down the Riddler's hideout going by where scent would've originally came from

The Riddler confirms Bruce's deduction is correct

Able to then deduce that Riddler is actually a hologram since he has no scent to the Riddler's amazement

Deduces that the soldiers are actually holograms plus how they're being used (Batman Confidential #33)

Despite being exposed to hallucinogenic gas and low frequency hypnotic suggestions that were powerful enough to manipulate even his cowl's computers, he's able to deduce that the images he's seeing are only illusions then navigates his way through them to the mastermind behind it who turns out to be Dr. Ebeneezer Darrk aka Dr. Darrk (Batman Eternal #46)

Batman vs Dr. Darrk 1 photo batmaneternal46-batvsdrdarrkillusions1.jpgBatman vs Dr. Darrk 2 photo batmaneternal46-batvsdrdarrkillusions2.jpgBatman vs Dr. Darrk 3 photo batmaneternal46-batvsdrdarrkillusions3.jpgBatman vs Dr. Darrk 4 photo batmaneternal46-batvsdrdarrkillusions4.jpgBatman vs Dr. Darrk 5 photo batmaneternal46-batvsdrdarrkillusions5.jpg

Quickly deduces that H'el actually moved the Fortress of Solitude instead of moving them something that even Superman hadn't noticed despite his super senses (Superman #16)

 photo superman16-fortressofsolitude.jpg

Figures out the real nature of all the super villains he and Supes are facing, namely tactile holograms created drawing from their memories by the kryptonian crystal they found earlier (Superman Batman #50)

Deduced that the Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) Superman and himself were fighting wasn't the real one but instead a construct created by the real Kyle's subconscious (Action Comics #784)

Figures out he's in a unreal dream-like world and unconscious by having his mind pay attention to his body's signals then deduces the Key's secret plan (JLA #9)

Despite being disguised (shapeshifted) as a Japanese female journalist, he's still able to recognize who Martian Manhunter is based on the name J'onn was using in addition to his unique martian body language (JLA #27)

Batman is reported as having deduced in 5 minutes flat that the JSA's Thunderbolt is, in reality, a fifth-dimensional imp (JLA #28, in the next 3 issues is shown that Bats was right)

Quickly deduces that the Royal Flush Gang were somehow turned into 2-D beings able to cut through almost anything and finds a way to counter them with help from GL (JLA Classified #33)

Due to mythological monsters raising and related events happening, the JLA is called to fix things. Batman contributes to settling things right by noticing that aquatics' life movements follow the pattern of the clouds, that there is a zone of space out of synch with their current location in space-time, and that Abra Kadabra who seems to be the main one responsible is instead being manipulated (JLA #61)

Batman & Superman find themselves in a world where Gotham and Metropolis are a single merged city with characters of their respective cities having amalgamated and the main heroes being a mesh-up of JLAers and Titans. The Dark Knight figures out that they are, in reality, trapped in a dream, guessing the mastermind behind it all is none other than Doctor Destiny (Superman Batman #61)

Reality warps around Batman, and he suddenly finds himself in a mystical city, complete with demoniacal laymen. When they confront the Dark Knight, he somehow deduces that everything is insubstantial enough for a single word to break the spell and bring everything to normal, and acts on this deduction (Trinity #2)

Once the dome around Gotham goes down, he immediately senses a reality shift that's happening something that Azrael/Azbats (Jean Paul Valley) doesn't notice (Convergence Batman Shadow of the Bat #1)

 photo conshadowofthebat1-domerealityshift.jpg

Notices Tezumak is actually anticipating Flash's super speed attacks instead of reacting at super speed which even The Flash doesn't notice who thought Tezumak had super speed as well. He then detects that a ultrasonic trigger (which nobody can hear) has been activated from Tezumak's armor to set off a series of bombs in the theme park by noticing the strange ripple on Plastic Man's body then sends Flash (who's amazed that Batman is correct since he didn't notice) to take care of the problem (JLA #67)

Able to hit and even overpower a schrodinger wolf hound that not even the Flash could touch by reading and anticipating their movement patterns also saving Cyborg in the process (Justice League v2 #51)

 photo justiceleague51-batmanvwolfhound01.jpg photo justiceleague51-batmanvwolfhound02.jpg

Through observation he notices how a blind Wonder Woman is adapting to the Flash's super speed attacks by the way she senses the changes in air pressure around her (Wonder Woman #212)

Deduces that inorganic matter simply passes through Neekta's body which doesn't harm the monster while organic matter doesn't which it feeds on (Batman & Wonder Woman #30)

 photo batmanwonderwoman30-neekta1.jpg

A Batman disguised as J'onn (see JLA #113 for the reason why) deduced that the Qwardian uber-weapon the League is fighting isn't a mere machine, but it has a mind (JLA #112)

Deduces that Amazo is processing the powers he just stole from Green Lantern, Superman, and Wonder Woman using Vixen's totem then has Arsenal fire an arrow at it which only stuns Amazo. However, Vixen later overloads the android by diving through it then takes her totem back proving Batman's deduction of where it's weakness was to be correct (Justice League Of America v2 #6)

Amazes Superman with his deductive reasoning as he correctly deduces that Amazo has nanites that repair it's nervous system despite not having X-Ray vision like the Man of Steel who can simply look inside the super android (Justice League v2 #8)

Quickly deduces how Patient Zero (a man infected with Lex Luthor's Amazo virus) is organically copying Superman's powers (opposite of how the super android Amazo is able to) by simply looking at Superman use them (Justice League v2 #37)

Patient Zero Power Deduction photo justiceleague37-patientzerodeduction.jpg

While watching Gotham fight the Justice League, Batman deduces that Gotham's power level adjusts to whatever threat or opponent he's facing giving him just enough power to handle whatever or whoever he's fighting (Batman v3 #5)

 photo batman5-justiceleaguevgotham3.jpg

Batman figures out that Starbreaker (uber powerful cosmic vampire that gets his juice from the energy developed in planetary destruction and from intelligent beings' dark emotions) is weakened by people's feeling of hope, something the League then exploit to their advantage to defeat him (Justice League Of America v2 #29)

Able to find a minion of Morgaine Le Fey despite the minion being mystically shielded then captures him and deduces the minion was the one responsible for burning Wonder Woman shocking Morgaine (who has always sold Batman's skills and accomplishments short until then) (Trinity #5)

The JLAers are mysteriously changing, their behaviours and powers becoming impaired. Batman, despite being affected by said change himself thus having trouble to think and concentrate, deduces what happened: their condition was due to Disciple (lunatic empowered by the Elder gods) hitting them with blasts that seemed harmless but, instead, caused them to slowly devolve. Bats also shows his ability to keep his cool head in dire situations, since he remains calm, calms Supes down, and forsees he's going to forget what he wants to say & acts accordingly (he doesn't forsee that he'll become unable also to read, though) (JLA: Primeval)

Deduces that the Moon is slowly falling back to Earth before anyone else even notices (JLA 80 Page Giant #3)

Brainiac 5 (alien super genius from the 31st century with a 12th level intellect) fails to deduce what Batman was able to which is that the Haruspex will only fire when its target is perceived as a threat (Brave and the Bold #5)


In his first New 52 meeting with Edward Nigma (The Ridder), he quickly deduces two of Nigma's riddles (Batman v2 #22)

Bruce Wayne meets Edward Nigma p1 photo batman22-nigma1.jpgBruce Wayne meets Edward Nigma p2 photo batman22-nigma2.jpgBruce Wayne meets Edward Nigma p3 photo batman22-nigma3.jpg

Deduces where Dr. Death's secret hideout is located and the true mastermind who Dr. Death has been working for the entire time who turns out to be Edward Nygma/The Riddler (Batman v2 #27)

Zero Year Mastermind p1 photo batman27-zeroyearmastermind1.jpgZero Year Mastermind p2 photo batman27-zeroyearmastermind2.jpgZero Year Mastermind p3 photo batman27-zeroyearmastermind3.jpgZero Year Mastermind p4 photo batman27-zeroyearmastermind4.jpg

Quickly deduces the answer to The Riddler's cryptic riddle as to which of his lethal "Riddler-bots" is the main key robot that must be destroyed in order to save the life of Gordon and the Special Ops commandos that have been surrounded by the robots (Batman v2 #30)

 photo batman30-theriddlebot1.jpg photo batman30-theriddlebot2.jpg photo batman30-theriddlebot3.jpg

Deduces Riddler's true master plan to sink Gotham City into the ground via the rip codes in the Navy Seals belts that Riddler manually plans to override himself (Batman v2 #32)

Riddler's Master Plan - Zero Year p1 photo batman32-riddersplan1.jpgRiddler's Master Plan - Zero Year p2 photo batman32-riddersplan2.jpg

Impressively able to deduce and find the Riddler's location where he's been secretly hidden for months by setting up a pin to trace Ridder's signal bounce patterns which created a unique map readout that allowed him to track down Nygma's real hideout (Batman v2 #32)

Riddler's Master Plan - Zero Year p2 photo batman32-riddersplan2.jpgHide & Go Seek - Batman Finds Riddler p1 photo batman32-riddershideout1.jpgHide & Go Seek - Batman Finds Riddler p2 photo batman32-riddershideout2.jpgHide & Go Seek - Batman Finds Riddler p3 photo batman32-riddershideout3.jpgHide & Go Seek - Batman Finds Riddler p4 photo batman32-riddershideout4.jpgHide & Go Seek - Batman Finds Riddler p5 photo batman32-riddershideout5.jpgHide & Go Seek - Batman Finds Riddler p6 photo batman32-riddershideout6.jpg

While being held captive in Riddler's unique high tech deathtrap, he's forced to participate in Riddler's challenge of riddles in order to save Gotham and is able to solve all of Nygma's difficult riddles including one that's supposedly impossible with a little help (Batman v2 #33)

 photo batman33-riddlerdeathchallenge1.jpg photo batman33-riddlerdeathchallenge2.jpg photo batman33-riddlerdeathchallenge3.jpg photo batman33-riddlerdeathchallenge4.jpg photo batman33-riddlerdeathchallenge5.jpg photo batman33-riddlerdeathchallenge6.jpg photo batman33-riddlerdeathchallenge7.jpg photo batman33-riddlerdeathchallenge8.jpg photo batman33-riddlerdeathchallenge9.jpg photo batman33-riddlerdeathchallenge10.jpg photo batman33-riddlerdeathchallenge11.jpg

Deduces the meaning of the anagram being used by a telepath that's reading his mind (Legends of the Dark Knight #205)

After finding a single hair strand from a previous crime scene he's quickly able to analyse it on the spot then point out who it belongs to out of the large pile of men in the room solving the case for the police (Batgirl v1 #34)

By examining the murder weapon, Batman deduces that Harvey Dent isn't the one who has been killing super villains, but he's being framed (Detective Comics #820)

Breaks down Mad Hatter's master plan then explains to Gordon how he's mind controlling people (The Dark Knight v2 #17)

 photo thedarknight17-madhattercase1a.jpg photo thedarknight17-madhattercase1b.jpg

Deduces how Clayface knew who Natalya (his deceased girlfriend) was despite having never met her and his connection to the criminal mastermind behind it all who turns out to be the Penguin (The Dark Knight v2 #23)

 photo thedarknight23-thepenguinconnection1.jpg photo thedarknight23-thepenguinconnection2.jpg photo thedarknight23-thepenguinconnection3.jpg

Deduces that a goon who is winning too much at cards at Penguin's place is being helped by a low level magician who is a genius level cards counter (Detective Comics #824)

Solves a supposed serial killer case that has among others the police, Riddler, and Detective Chimp (a sentient chimp who is good enough to solve a multiple murder case just by giving a look at the crime scene as shown in Helmet Of Fate: Detective Chimp #1) uncovering that in reality the killer committed the murders to lure the Riddler and get his revenge on him for the death of his girlfriend years ago (Detective Comics #845)

Quickly tracks down the true crime scene where Elena Aguila was murdered and originally attacked that the GCPD missed then solves the mystery of how Elena Aguila was killed just as fast (Detective Comics v2 #31)

 photo detective31-elenaaguilacrimescene.jpg

Batman v2 #7

As shown in his conversation with Nightwing, while studying the body of the Talon he fought previously (Talons being the enhanced humans used as killers by the Court of Owl, the secret society that controls Gotham from the shadows), Bruce has found out the identity of the assassin, who is the John Doe brutally killed some time before by him (see Batman v2 #1), how the Talons are made virtually immortals with an healing factor and, finally, how they can be stopped.

What's more shocking, as Dick himself learns quite painfully, Bats has deduced that Richard Grayson was supposed to be the most recent Talon, something that didn't happen only because of fate and Batman himself

Deduces the true identity of the Merrymaker who was the mastermind behind the League of Smiles and their Joker related crimes then takes him down (Detective Comics v2 #17)

 photo detective17-merrymaker1.jpg photo detective17-merrymaker2.jpg photo detective17-merrymaker3.jpg photo detective17-merrymaker4.jpg photo detective17-merrymaker5.jpg photo detective17-merrymaker6.jpg photo detective17-merrymaker7.jpg photo detective17-merrymaker8.jpg photo detective17-merrymaker9.jpg photo detective17-merrymaker10.jpg photo detective17-merrymaker11.jpg photo detective17-merrymaker12.jpg photo detective17-merrymaker13.jpg photo detective17-merrymaker14.jpg photo detective17-merrymaker15.jpg

Putting all the puzzle pieces together in his mind he figures out that E.D. Caldwell the CEO of Caldwell Technologies is his villainous counterpart known as The Wrath. Later on, his deduction/suspicion is later confirmed by Alfred who's been sent by Bruce to sneak inside The Wrath's secret lair revealing the truth (Detective Comics v2 #23)

E.D. Caldwell is The Wrath p1 photo detective23-caldwellisthewrath1.jpgE.D. Caldwell is The Wrath p2 photo detective23-caldwellisthewrath2.jpgE.D. Caldwell is The Wrath p3 photo detective23-caldwellisthewrath3.jpgE.D. Caldwell is The Wrath p4 photo detective23-caldwellisthewrath4.jpgE.D. Caldwell is The Wrath p5 photo detective23-caldwellisthewrath5.jpgE.D. Caldwell is The Wrath p6 photo detective23-caldwellisthewrath6.jpgE.D. Caldwell is The Wrath p7 photo detective23-caldwellisthewrath7.jpgE.D. Caldwell is The Wrath p8 photo detective23-caldwellisthewrath8.jpgE.D. Caldwell is The Wrath p9 photo detective23-caldwellisthewrath9.jpg

Locates the place that's serving as Jane Doe's hideout in addition to figuring out that the owner of the factory has been dead for a while. Later on, he exposes Jane Doe's true nature having studied her crimes and how she operates (Detective Comics Annual v2 #2)

 photo detectiveannual2-janedoehideout1.jpg photo detectiveannual2-janedoehideout2.jpg photo detectiveannual2-exposejanedoe.jpg

After suspecting something is very wrong with the way things are and current reality in general he later manages to find one of Poison Ivy's thorns stuck in his suit that makes him very curious to investigate into things deeper by having Alfred analyse the thorn he found in his suit. Once the analysis of the thorn is complete, it confirms what he originally suspected which is that a unique chemical (that later turns out to be a modified fear toxin) has spread through Gotham controlling what people see and feel just as they've been programmed to and we later find out that Jonathan Crane aka The Scarecrow is the mastermind behind this (Detective Comics v2 #27 - Welcome to Gothtopia)

 photo detective27-gothtopia1.jpg photo detective27-gothtopia2.jpg photo detective27-gothtopia3.jpg photo detective27-gothtopia4.jpg photo detective27-gothtopia5.jpg photo detective27-gothtopia6.jpg photo detective27-gothtopia7.jpg photo detective27-gothtopia8.jpg

After finding out the true identity of the man who was killed by Commissioner Gordon in the subway station he's then quickly able to deduce that Carmine Falcone has returned to Gotham City who appears to be the true mastermind behind everything thus far and seemingly the person who's framed Gordon (Batman Eternal #2)

The Roman Returns 1 photo batmaneternal2-theromanreturns1.jpgThe Roman Returns 2 photo batmaneternal2-theromanreturns2.jpgThe Roman Returns 3 photo batmaneternal2-theromanreturns3.jpg

Deduces who the inside man was that has been helping KGBeast all along (Batman #420)

Midnight, new murderous sort of vigilante in Gotham, has been killing people he believed to be involved in criminal activities, while having Batman's rogue gallery keep the Dark Knight busy. Bats deduces that his enemies are actually controlled by Midnight and figures out how (Batman: Gotham After Midnight #9-10)

Deduces how Deadshot (who was thought to be dead) survived a bullet to the head and pretended to dead to save himself (Batman: Cacophony #1)

Finds out that a seemingly ressurrected/never died Blue Beetle (aka Ted Kord) is, in reality, a shapeshifter, despite the latter can replicate Kord's DNA perfectly (Manhunter v3 #29)

Green Arrow & Black Canary #1

Oliver Queen seemingly tried to murder Black Canary in their wedding night and Canary was forced to kill him with one of his arrows. She believes it wasn't really Oliver, but all evidence gathered and a scan from Lantern's ring suggests otherwise. So, nobody believes her, until Bats arrives and quickly figures out she is right. Later, an autopsy done by Batman and Doc Midnite confirms this, uncovering it was in reality a shapeshifter posing as Ollie

Then, he deduces that people who kidnapped the real Oliver already made their next move and made strange proposals to Canary

The proposal in question

Examining a homicide crime scene, he deduces that a meta human with super strength and invulnerability is responsible for the murder and finds out that Stalnoivolk aka Steel Wolf is responsible who he then tracks down and sneaks up on (Suicide Squad v1 #40)

Investigating the death of a giant alien female being that's on the moon who left a cryptic message (in the form of a Batman/Superman combined symbol) to both Superman and himself, he deduces that the alien was actually murdered (seemingly being poisoned) by someone who wanted to make her death look like an accident (Batman Superman #28)

 photo batmansuperman28-moonmurdermystery1.jpg photo batmansuperman28-moonmurdermystery2.jpg photo batmansuperman28-moonmurdermystery3.jpg

Shows to a surprised Vigilante that he knows who she is in reality, despite seeing her for the first time in her costumed alter-ego (Deathstroke The Terminator #9)

Upon examining a scrap-book given by by Superman in order to ascertain where it comes from, Batman deduces Supes' secret identity, to the Man of Steel's surprise (in turn, though, Kal El surprises the Dark Knight by revealing his knowledge of the latter's secret identity) (Adventures of Superman #440)

Superman #668-669

Batman figures out what red sun radiation exactly does to Superman

Then, he deduces a sort of drug that caused some teenagers to get inhuman strength and go on a rampage to be kryptonian in nature (apparently confronting his chemical composition with the one of Superman's costume) and identifies a dinstictive photosynthesis pattern in it. Thus giving the Man of Steel an important clue about the third kryptonian's wherabouts

Working a unique homicide case in Gotham that points to Superman being the killer he deduces that Intergang is the party responsible for the frame job on the Man of Steel. Going further, he figures out who the true mastermind is behind everything who turns out to be none other then Lex Luthor who he then leaves a stern warning to (JLA 80 Page Giant #1)

Thoroughly researched Lex Luthor's background including his childhood/teenage years and found out the truth about his sister (Justice League v2 #35)

 photo justiceleague35-luthormystery1.jpg photo justiceleague35-luthormystery2.jpg

Superman Unchained #2

- Alerts Superman about the secret organization known as Ascension including what their plans are and with Cyborg's help was able to put a stop to one of their terrorist plans

 photo supermanunchained2-ascension.jpg

- Deduces that the being known as Wraith is powered by the sun just like Superman and is even more powerful than the Man of Steel based on the analysis of the satellite that Clark gave him. In addition, Bruce is able to track the general location of where Wraith is by analyzing the atmosphere    

 photo supermanunchained2-wraithpowers.jpg

After analyzing Superman's leftover blood sample from his battle with Doomsday, he concludes that Superman is turning into a monster very much like Doomsday due to the spores Doomsday exposed him to which is confirmed be true. He also deduces that the Doomsday spores respond to willpower which is the only known way Superman can control the Doomsday virus from completely taking over his body (Action Comics v2 #31 & Superman Wonder Woman #8)

 photo action31-doomsdayvirus.jpg photo supermanwonderwoman-doomsdayvirus.jpg

Deduced Vixen's change in powers (from mimicking animals' abilities to stealing people's super powers) long ago, before even Superman did (Justice League Of America v2 #21)

Correctly deduces that the person behind the assassination attempts on the presidential candidates isn't someone who can control mind but rather someone who outright possesses bodies who turns out to be Jericho (DC Universe: Decisions #3)

After Spectre making almost everyone (Flash included) forget the Scarlet Speedster's secret identity, Batman finds it out through detective work and confront Wally, making him regain his memory in the process (Flash #205)

JLA #48

The Queen of Fables has morphed Manhattan in an enchanted forest, where the Leaguers are lost. Batman, despite having been kicked out of the League because of the Tower of Babel affair, finds out what the Queen of Fables' deal is and let the JLA access said information. This info proves instrumental for the League to take the Queen out (see JLA #49 for that)

JLA #56

After confirming that the White Martians have returned and acting on a comment made by Plastic Man, Batman deduces that the WM's return is linked to a case he was working earlier (see JLA #55) and finds out the whereabouts of the aliens

Despite being distracted by the personalities of Superman and Wonder Woman bleeding with his own and, thus, having to wall them off, Batman still manages to figure out the links between various events going on at the time (thefts in museums, attempts to brand the Trinity, a Gargoyle attacking Riddler,etc) and thus to find out the secret hideout of the super villains behind everything (Trinity #15)

Something is causing, world-wide, wild changes in the weather, tidal waves, and animals going wild. Bats figures out that the cause of this is the planet itself, as later sort of confirmed by Aquaman & J'onn telephatically finding out that the Appellaxians (aliens that the first incarnation Justice League of America had to fight in their first case)' Kalar (aka boss) overthrew Gaea (aka the spirit of the Earth, thus having the whole planet as his battle form (JLA: Incarnations #7)

Darrin Profitt is a regular guy who stumbled upon Doctor Destiny (aka John Dee)'s Materioptikon and used it to create various realities and versions of himself in order to try his luck and become a successful man (discharging the realities where he failed in the process). Accomplished that, he used the same system to find a way to beat the League and rule the world, and in the 3 remaining scenarios he became the ultra-powerful Red King. In one of these 3 realities, he managed to manipulate events in order to be accepted with open arms in the Justice League (see JLA Classified #33). But Batman, who already had his doubts about him, stumbles in Arkham Asylum on a catatonic Destiny who keeps repeating "Red King", and this is enough for the Dark Knight to figure out he was right in believing the King was up to something, and to guess that he can speak to Dee in order to find out Profitt's deal (JLA Classified #36)

Because of Bedlam (a kid who was using & being used by an ancient atlantean genie), people all over the world, after waking up, found out all the childrens were gone, thus leading the JLA to investigate on the matter. Nobody understands what happened, until Batman discover the truth: after running various tests, he finds out that the Earth they are on is seventeen hours old. Thus, meaning that it weren't the children who got abducted, but the adults were "kidnapped" and placed in a perfect replica of the real Earth (JLA: World Without Grown-Ups)

A strange energy wave is affecting the powers of many super-powered individuals and the confidence of people. Nobody has a clue as to why it affects metas that haven't much in common, while not affecting in the least others like Supergirl (the Matrix/Linda Lee version). The Dark Knight notices that the one thing all the affected metas had in common was to belong to the same universe, meaning that the wave was tied specifically to this reality, and correctly deduces that Supergirl isn't from this universe (Matrix, in fact, came from a pocket universe's krypton created by the Time Trapper) and point this out as the reason why she is immune to what's happening (Genesis #1).

The Kingdom: Planet Krypton #1 & The Kingdom #2

Called by Booster Gold to investigate nocturnal ghost apparitions in his "Planet Krypton" super-hero themed restaurant, Batman finds out that they are sort of echoes of other similar but divergent realities, caused by a group of Titans from the future (whom Bats detect and spot) weakening the barriers between realities with their presence & activity. Later, Bats shows he also deduced that the unfamiliar artifacts he found in Planet Krypton were, in reality, an arsenal, to be used against the mad uberpowerful Gog

A magical shields appears out of nowhere and cuts even the most powerful heroes (save Wonder Woman who is teleported inside the shield likely by Athena) off Washington meanwhile leaving Batman and the attacking amazons in there. Despite having witnessed Circe being killed right in front of her (Wonder Woman), Bruce correctly deduces that the goddess wasn't really dead and the shield was her doing (Amazons Attack #5)

Batman deduces that the people not mentioned or shown in Destiny's book (and to whom Destiny of the Endless wants to give said book) are the Challengers Of The Unknown, and works with Adam Strange to bring them on Rann, thus being instrumental in saving the universe and the future from the Luck Lords (Brave and the Bold #6)

In what is probably his first meeting with the Legion Of Superheroes, Batman deduces where/when a time-travelling Lex Luthor clone from the future (who attacked the Legion and Superman earlier) would strike next outsmarting Brainaic 5 in the process despite his 12th level intellect (Superman Batman #75)


DC VS Masters Of The Universe

He-Man, Teela, Evelyn and Queen Marlena (He-Man's mother) are in the DC Universe to search for Skeletor and, helped by John Constantine, arrive to the Bat-Cave to enlist Batman, whom Marlena defines Earth's best detective.

 photo DCUniversevsTheMastersoftheUniverse2013002-011.jpg

Bats, who has just escaped from Skeletor's grasp (unlike his JLA team-mates), waste no time in proving the Queen right. In fact, when he and the Masters Of The Universe are attacked by the mind-controlled JLA and He-Man appears to be forced to kill Superman, he is the only one of the Leaguers (who seem to have been freed by the mind control but can't remember Skeletor) to keep a cool head, trying to reason with them and not following them in their hunt for H-Man & co (who have been teleported away by Evelyn).

 photo DCUniversevsTheMastersoftheUniverse2013002-018.jpg photo DCUniversevsTheMastersoftheUniverse2013002-019.jpg photo DCUniversevsTheMastersoftheUniverse2013003-001.jpg photo DCUniversevsTheMastersoftheUniverse2013003-002.jpg photo DCUniversevsTheMastersoftheUniverse2013003-007.jpg photo DCUniversevsTheMastersoftheUniverse2013003-008.jpg

Then, while most of the DC heroic community is busy hunting He-Man's Group and confronting another team of Masters of the Universe who are searching for He-Man and co, Batman figures out that Superman wasn't killed at all and understands that Skeletor used that tactic to keep all the heroes busy while he steals Earth's magic

 photo DCUniversevsTheMastersoftheUniverse2013004-007.jpg photo DCUniversevsTheMastersoftheUniverse2013004-017.jpg photo DCUniversevsTheMastersoftheUniverse2013004-018.jpg

His deductions are, of course, proven to be accurate, since Superman is imprisoned inside Orko, Skeletor's dark master

 photo DCUniversevsTheMastersoftheUniverse2013004-019.jpg

Knightquest: The Search

1 - Deduces Gipsy's presence in the hotel room despite she was concealed (he aknowledges that he was helped by the fact he expected her to be around, though)(JLA Task Force #5)

2 - Recognizes an enviromental activist as the english vigilante Hood he met earlier by the way he moves (Batman is disguised as Sir Hemingford Gray)(Shadow of the Bat #22)

Putting all the pieces together, he deduces that David Cain framed Bruce Wayne for the murder of Vesper Fairchild plus figured out the identity of the real mastermind behind it all (Batman #605)

 photo batman605-brucewaynemurder1.jpg photo batman605-brucewaynemurder2.jpg photo batman605-brucewaynemurder3.jpg photo batman605-brucewaynemurder4.jpg photo batman605-brucewaynemurder5.jpg photo batman605-brucewaynemurder6.jpg photo batman605-brucewaynemurder7.jpg

JLA: Classified #16-17 - The Hypothetical Woman

1 - when General Tuzik, a dictator deposed by the JLA, unleashes a sort of plaugue in the city of Three Sisters (Oregon) that turn its population (mostly its young people)into zombie-like state in order to draw the JLA there, Flash is infected. GL John Stewart doesn't manage to find any sign of any known plague in the city. Batman deduces the real nature of the "plague" and why a middle aged man seemed to not be affected by it

2 - since Santa Prisca Prime Minister didn't seriously contribute to Tuzik's war against the JLA and didn't want to provide money to finance it, the general uses weapons provided by Quraq to attack Santa Prisca, causing its people and the animals mental seizures. When the League arrives on the scene, they are affected, as well. Batman quickly deduces that the weapons used to attack them and the city had something to do with the Key:

After J'onn, helped by GL, came in contact with the Starros through one of their victims in order to gather info on whom is behind the recent attacks on the JLA, Batman uses a clue provided by J'onn (it's the "General" who's controlling the Starros) to deduce that general Tuzik was the one responsible for what happened (JLA: Classified #19)

JLA 18-19

When the JLA are facing a probability havok across the world that was unleashed by Julian September's machine and, among other things, caused JLAers to disappear, the team look up to Batman to figure things out. Bats is proven wrong in his assumption that no more disapperances will happen by disappearing himself (and, later, by the disappearnce of J'onn) and, in the end, the day is saved mostly thanks to the Atom and J'onn. But the Dark Knight's other deductions are proven to be correct and, specifically the comments about seven being a message and the team rooster remaining to seven, are instrumental in the disappearing martian understanding that he would have been replaced by the Atom and telling the League to brief the size-reducing hero on the situation upon his arrival, thus greatly helping in setting things right.

Cosmic Odyssey

A group of heroes including Batman is summoned to New Genesis by Highfather and Darkseid, the latter revealing that 4 aspects of the Anti-life entity are loose on this universe and, if they manage to destroy 4 key solar systems of the Milky Way, the whole galaxy will collapse. This would cause the Anti life entity to enter wholly our universe, which would ultimately results in its and the universe's destruction. So, the heroes are enlisted to stop the aspects. Batman and the New god Forager are assigned to protect Earth and its solar system. The Dark Knight's deductive skills prove to be a valuable asset, since Bats first uncover what the aspect is going to use to do his deed

Then he finds out the aspect's whereabouts

Finally, he deduces just whom the aspect is possessing

Batman RIP & Final Crisis

Batman #681

It's revealed that the Dark Knight deduced a long time ago that Jezebel Jet (his most recent girlfriend) was a member of the Black Glove (a "club" that has been planning the Dark Knight's demise for years) and has been fooling her ever since

Final Crisis #2-3

Investigating the death of Orion of the New Gods, Batman figures out that he was shot by a time travelling bullet, as later confirmed by Jay Garrick and Wally West (the 2 Flash witnessing the event happening and Barry Allen Flash trying to prevent it)

Batman #682-683

Shortly after the events of "Batman: R.I.P.", following his kidnapping and imprisonement by a Granny Godness-possessed Alpha Lanterns & fellow evil gods of Apokolis (see Final Crisis #2), Batman is enveloped by the telephatic parasite called Lump. The parasite, who also hides in Batman's memories disguised as Alfred (the Dark Knight's "oldest ally") while physically taking genetic material from him, is triggering Bruce's recollections in order to ultimately duplicate them to form a mindless army (created from Batman's DNA) as driven and as good as Bats himself

During the trip down memory lane, it's revealed that Batman had studied Joker and deduced his pathology a long time ago, when Dick just got into the Nightwing costume (see Batman #663 to have confirmation of Bruce's theory)

Then, Bats guess that the Alfred he is talking to isn't really Alfred, thus nearly spotting the Lump and forcing Batman's keepers to stimulate the creation of memories of an alternate life where the Dark Knight never was, in order to distract Bruce and keep taking what they need

A stratagem that ultimately fails, since the Caped Crusader's memories shift as if he was aware of his jailers' presence and he tries to break free, an attempt that isn't successful only because the evil gods have the scenery interrupted and Bats to continue re-visiting his memories

Unfortunately for them, Batman has now understood that he is "like a book being read" and is dead sure the Alfred he is talking to isn't the real Alfred, thus prompting a confrontation between Bats and Lump

By the end of which, after Lump is shot (sort of) by his "employers", Bats figures out he is unconscious and restrained somewhere and enlists Lump's help to awake.