Escape Artistry

Described as being the World's Greatest Escape Artist (the new god Mr. Miracle aka Scott Free is the one person who's actually better) (The Essential Batman Encyclopedia)

Mentions that he received training under the famous master magician/escapologist Zatara (father of Zatanna) in escape artistry in addition to being taught about arcane mysteries and sleight of hand (Detective Comics #833 & JLA Black Baptism #2)

In a flashback tale, we see a young Bruce Wayne still in training this time under the tutelage of the master escape artist known as the great Max Dodge who was greatly admired by Bruce for mastery in escapology. In the story, the Riddler has kidnapped Max Dodge and forces him to contruct an escape proof death trap which is used against Batman. However, the Ridder's plan backfires once Batman figures out Max's secret that he's used for so long to escape an "inescapable" trap (Gotham Knights #29 - Batman Black & White Backup Tale)

Tactfully discovers a way out of Riddler's own "inescapable" death trap (Legends of the Dark Knight #111)

Despite being weakened, a rookie Batman still manages escape out of a spiked pit using a plastique explosive at close range (Batman & the Mad Monk #5)

Thinking ahead in advance he cleverly finds a way to escape from the Court of Owl's secret labyrinth by causing an explosive to go off at close range (Batman v2 #6)

Cleverly finds a way out of Brimstone's "hellpit" lava death trap (Brave & The Bold #200)

Quickly comes up with a sly way to escape Dr. Tzin-Tzin's death trap also saving Robin (Grayson) in the process (Detective Comics #408)

Utilizing a yoga breathing technique, he breaks free from Ra's Al Ghul's death chamber by using the lethal ozone in the air to escape the Demon Head's death trap (Batman: Bride of the Demon)

Cleverly finds a way to save himself from being crushed by Two-Face's giant lens death trap then cuts himself free (Two Face Strikes Twice: Book One Part One & Book Two Part Two)

Chained up and trapped inside a steel vault underwater, he's able maneuver himself around enough to pick the lock then escape the vault (Batman Incorporated v2 #8)

 photo batmaninc8-bathoudini1.jpg photo batmaninc8-bathoudini2.jpg photo batmaninc8-bathoudini3.jpg

Very cleverly finds a way to escape a piranha death trap while submerged underwater, bound, and locked inside a large box (Brave and the Bold #168)

Batman vs Piranha Death Trap p1 photo bravebold168-piranhadeathtrap1.jpgBatman vs Piranha Death Trap p2 photo bravebold168-piranhadeathtrap2.jpgBatman vs Piranha Death Trap p3 photo bravebold168-piranhadeathtrap3.jpgBatman vs Piranha Death Trap p4 photo bravebold168-piranhadeathtrap4.jpgBatman vs Piranha Death Trap p5 photo bravebold168-piranhadeathtrap5.jpgBatman vs Piranha Death Trap p6 photo bravebold168-piranhadeathtrap6.jpg

Detective Comics #524

- Despite being unconscious, tied up, and in the tight grip of a giant squid about to kill him while inside a big water tank he's still able to recover in time and escape from the death trap

- Later he explains to Alfred and Dick exactly how he escaped

Alongside Robin (Jason Todd), he's trapped in a very strong unique restraint that constantly squeezes the life out its victim the more resistance is put up similar to a boa constrictor. However, through focus and mental relaxation techniques he's able to free himself from the restraint then cut Robin (Jason Todd) free as well (Detective Comics #569)

With enough time (by keeping Anarky talking and not focused on what he's doing) he's able to lower his body temperature then free himself from Anarky's reinforced handcuffs which are made to produce a little more pressure each time the victim puts up resistance to break free (Anarky v1 #3)

Having been captured with his hands still restrained within reinforced (steel?) bonds, he's somehow (off panel maybe with a hidden lockpick in his gauntlet?) still able to get free from those reinforced bonds fast after they drop the laser containment field. We also see that he has a tooth implant inside his mouth that doubles as a smoke pellet that he spits out causing a wide area smoke screen that blinds his captors despite the fact that they're using thermal vision with Batman then seen taking them both out using stealth (Detective Comics #937)

 photo detectivecomics937-batmanescapeartist.jpg

With quick and brilliant thinking he's able to survive & escape Scarecrow's cunning death trap (Detective Comics #571)

Able to get himself free from his chains, straitjacket, cleverly find a way through the microwave motion detector, and finally deduce where Zsasz's escape route tunnel is located (Shadow of the Bat #4)

Justice League Of America #13-15

Batman, captured by Luthor's new Injustice Gang, manages to free himself from the posey straitjacked he was restrained in

So, once he gets recaptured, extra measures are taken to make sure he doesn't escape again

Despite this, the Dark Knight is able to escape (and then free his team-mates) just using a ballpoint pen Firestorm gave him

Disguised as Hawkman, he opens a powerful reinforced vault like trap specially made to catch/compress Superboy and Supergirl (or kryptonians in general given the kryptonite inside) with a mere lock pick (Superman Batman #5)

Despite being tortured (plus still weakened beforehand) by the Michael Lane (Dr. Hurt's 3rd Batman replacement now Azrael), he's able to escape from his bonds by dislocating his arm out of his sleeve giving him the chance to get free then get the upper hand as well. Batman also mentions that he plots far in advance how to escape a thousand potential death traps every day (see image 7) (Batman #674)

Despite being fatigued due to a lack of rest for days, being drugged, dosed with Joker's venom toxin, and being put into a straitjacket he's still able to escape Dr. Hurt's death trap (who's buried him alive inside a coffin) using his raw strength to bench press through 600 pounds of soil. Also, Batman points out that he's escaped every death trap imaginable at least 10 times (Batman #681)