Some of Batman best feats against other characters in different companies or universes.

Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #2:

- Takes on all 4 of the Ninja Turtles singlehandedly and easily dominates their battle

Batman v Ninja Turtles 1 photo batmantmnt2-batmanvteenagemutantninjaturtles01.jpgBatman v Ninja Turtles 2 photo batmantmnt2-batmanvteenagemutantninjaturtles02.jpgBatman v Ninja Turtles 3 photo batmantmnt2-batmanvteenagemutantninjaturtles03.jpgBatman v Ninja Turtles 4 photo batmantmnt2-batmanvteenagemutantninjaturtles04.jpgBatman v Ninja Turtles 5 photo batmantmnt2-batmanvteenagemutantninjaturtles05.jpgBatman v Ninja Turtles 6 photo batmantmnt2-batmanvteenagemutantninjaturtles06.jpgBatman v Ninja Turtles 7 photo batmantmnt2-batmanvteenagemutantninjaturtles07.jpg

- Battles Master Splinter to a brief unconclusive draw (who admires Batman for his rare martial arts skills) until Splinter disappears

Batman v Master Splinter photo batmantmnt2-batmanvmastersplinter.jpg

- Leonardo mentions he's never fought anyone quite like Batman before not even The Shredder. We also learn from Leo that Batman was holding back while fighting the Ninja Turtles (avoiding lethal blows) being moreso interested in analysing and observing them just as a detective would

 photo batmantmnt2-leonardbatmanrespect.jpg

Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #6:

- Takes down a Venom enhanced Bane who's strength has been boosted even further with mutagen by hitting him in the face with electro batarangs

 photo batmantmnt6-batmanvmutagenbane01.jpg photo batmantmnt6-batmanvmutagenbane02.jpg

- Using a reinforced intimidator battle suit created by Donatello to take on the Shredder he gains the upper hand over him in melee combat until Shredder throws acid on him burning through and damaging most of the suit. Afterwards, we're treated to a prolonged melee combat battle between the two that ends in Batman's favor. We also get to see a cool Ra's Al Ghul vs The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fight scene in between this battle with Ra's dominating the Turtles in melee combat until they wisely attack on him all at once defeating the Demon's Head

Batman v The Shredder 1 photo batmantmnt6-batmanvshredder01.jpgBatman v The Shredder 2 photo batmantmnt6-batmanvshredder02.jpgBatman v The Shredder 3 photo batmantmnt6-batmanvshredder03.jpgBatman v The Shredder 4 photo batmantmnt6-batmanvshredder04.jpgBatman v The Shredder 5 photo batmantmnt6-batmanvshredder05.jpgBatman v The Shredder 6 photo batmantmnt6-batmanvshredder06.jpg

Vs Punisher (Punisher & Batman - Deadly Knights):

Round 1 - Gets the better of Frank Castle in a brief scuffle

Round 2 - After letting Punisher punch him once, Bats easily disposes of him (it must be noted, though, that Frank had both shoulders injured and that this may have affected his performance)

While leading the League in scouting the Marvel Universe, Bats spots Punisher gunning down some drug dealers and intervenes. According to Plastic Man, he spends 20 minutes beating up Castle (Avengers/JLA #1)

Daredevil & Batman - Eye For An Eye

1 - Stalemates Daredevil in a brief clash

2 - Deduces that DD is blind and that he has sensory enhancements

Battles Kingpin to a stalemate until the fight is broken (Batman & Daredevil - Kings of New York)

Defeats Bullseye (Marvel vs DC #1)

Vs Captain America:

1 - Fights Steve Rogers (Captain America) to a draw in hand to hand combat as Bruce Wayne (Batman/Captain America)

2 - Battles Captain America to a stalemate in hand to hand combat although Batman admits its possible for Cap to win but only after a very long drawn out fight which they had no time for given the universal crisis they were facing (JLA/Avengers #2)

Shown with the upper hand on Taskmaster apparently taking him down (see panel 3 of the following scan) (JLA/Avengers #4)

Vs Carnage (Spider-Man & Batman - Disordered Minds):

Round 1 - Does well against the monster by himself, then he is helped by Spidey

Round 2 - Taking advantage of Carnage's fear weakening the mad-man, Batman breaks free from him and takes him out

All Access #3:

1 - Quickly defeats Scorpion by hitting him inbetween the eyes

2 - Does well against the X-Men using skill and battle tactics

Leads the JLA to victory against Terminus (Avengers/JLA #1)

Batman vs the Incredible Hulk

1 - Vs Hulk

Round 1 - Takes out the Green Goliath using a combo of skills, tactics and gas

Round 2 - Facing an angry Hulk determined to kill him, the Dark Knight manages to escapes his clutches pratically unscathed despite the Green Goliath makes a building fall on them

2 - Using a clever tactic, Bats manages to beat a Joker who was made virtually omnipotent by the Shaper of Worlds


1 - Battles Planetary Jakita to a draw

2 - Transformed into his Adam West incarnation, he takes down Jakita

3 - Transformed into his Dark Knight Returns incarnation, he temporarily takes down Elijah Snow and Jakita with weaponry

Defeats Elijah Snow by showing off impressive reflex speed blocking bullets with his batarangs then neutralizing Snow with them allowing Diana (Wonder Woman) to kill him off. In addition, he created a suit made to withstand Elijah Snow's meta human temperature manipulation power (JLA/Planetary)


1 - Comes up with a plan to repair the JLA's broken time machine

2 - Makes Maul bleed with a sucker punch then snatches Grifter's gun out his hand before he can fully pull it out

3 - Knocks out Maul with a nerve blow sneak attack

Spawn/Batman (Image):

1 - Defeats a powerful cyborg

2 - Does well against Spawn although he loses he manages to hurt him pretty badly with nerve gas

3 - Fights Spawn to a stalemate with aid of a cyborg battle glove that enhances his strength/power

4 - Spawn teleports Batman and himself onto a lanched nuke which Batman disarms in time

5 - Not a feat just Batman leaving his mark on Spawn

VS Darkness (Batman/Darkness)

Round 1: Attacked by the Darklings, he exchanges blows with Darkness himself and manages to get away

Round 2 - Taking advantage of Darkness'heart not truly being into the fight, the Dark Knight manages to get out of his hold using smoke grenades and to trick him into turning back to human (i.e. not "armoured") form by exposing him to the bat signal's light, gambling that, despite it not being solar-powered, it would still affect the Darkness due to his indecision.