Learned to unconsciously slow his bleeding through force of will by training with Sufi masters and puts this skill to use to treat a bullet wound (Detective Comics #776)

He is able to resist what is dubbed "the most potent truth serum ever created" despite he was already drugged to begin with (Sword Of Azrael #3)

A rookie Batman proves strong enough to resist Poison Ivy's pheromones long enough until the sprinklers are turned on (Legends of the Dark Knight #43)

Batman is poisoned by a joker venom that makes him see the world with Joker's eyes, but manages to shake off its effects and to save many of the people put in mortal danger by the killer clown, survive an explosion caused by him, and take him down (Batman Confidential #12)

Able to overcome The Joker's special paralytic gas mixed with his powerful new joker toxin through sheer willpower after being trapped and poisoned by the Clown Prince of Crime in Arkham Asylum (Batman v2 #36-37)

 photo batmanendgame-jokertrapsbatman1.jpg photo batmanendgame-jokertrapsbatman2.jpg photo batmanendgame-jokertrapsbatman3.jpg photo batmanendgame-jokertrapsbatman4.jpg photo batmanendgame-jokertrapsbatman5.jpg photo batmanendgame-jokertrapsbatman6.jpg

Able to fight off the effects of Mad Hatter's hallucination chemical that he's exposed to pretty quickly using his rage (The Dark Knight v2 #21)

 photo thedarkknight21-madhatter1.jpg photo thedarkknight21-madhatter2.jpg photo thedarkknight21-madhatter3.jpg photo thedarkknight21-madhatter4.jpg

Exposed to the Fever drug that causes severe hallucination he's also shot in the arm but works through both the drug and pain to still defeat Scarface (Detective Comics #584)

Fights off Kook's illusions having experienced its drug effects before (Batman The Abduction)

Despite being vulnerable since his gadget earpiece was broken that protected him from the illusions, he's still able to shatter Mirage's illusions through sheer mental focus and anger then defeat him (Detective Comics #511)

Shadow of the Bat #67

The Thinker (who can mentally detect people's fears) and the Cheat (an hypnotist) have combined their psychic powers to take control of various people in order to bring Gotham City to chaos by framing Gordon and his men, Bruce Wayne and Batman of wrong-doings, so they could take advantage of the consequent havok in the stock exchange (see also Shadow of the Bat #65-66). But, when faced by the Dark Knight himself, Thinker is unable to detect any fear in him and he & his pal are quickly handled.

While fighting Scarecrow alongside Robin, Batman and the Boy Wonder are exposed to 'Crow's fear gas, but this only serves as an annoiance to the Dark Knight. In fact, not only he is able to fight off the illusions caused by the gas and take Scarecrow out, but he does so while talking with Gordon on the phone (sort of) and checking on Robin (who is able to shrug off the gas'effects, as well)(Detective Comics #820)

Impressively & willfully fights off the powerful effect of Scarecrow's new super fear toxin that even Scarecrow himself had to take precautions against who has antibodies that makes him immune against his own fear toxins except this one (The Dark Knight v2 #13)


Is surprise attacked by a forgotten meta human Arkham inmate called The Anchoress who has the power of intangibility (Quantum Tunneling) and uses her power to place Bruce's mind within an endless mental torture cell by forcing him to experience the worst moments in his life over and over again. However, through sheer willpower he's able to completely break free from her mental torture chamber and escape (Batman Annual v2 #2)

Batman vs The Anchoress p1 photo batmanannual2-batmanvsanchoress1.jpgBatman vs The Anchoress p2 photo batmanannual2-batmanvsanchoress2.jpgBatman vs The Anchoress p3 photo batmanannual2-batmanvsanchoress3.jpgBatman vs The Anchoress p4 photo batmanannual2-batmanvsanchoress4.jpgBatman vs The Anchoress p5 photo batmanannual2-batmanvsanchoress5.jpgBatman vs The Anchoress p6 photo batmanannual2-batmanvsanchoress6.jpgBatman vs The Anchoress p7 photo batmanannual2-batmanvsanchoress7.jpgBatman vs The Anchoress p8 photo batmanannual2-batmanvsanchoress8.jpgBatman vs The Anchoress p9 photo batmanannual2-batmanvsanchoress9.jpgBatman vs The Anchoress p10 photo batmanannual2-batmanvsanchoress10.jpgBatman vs The Anchoress p11 photo batmanannual2-batmanvsanchoress11.jpgBatman vs The Anchoress p12 photo batmanannual2-batmanvsanchoress12.jpg

While facing a guy who can turn people into sort of zombies near instantly by touching their heads with his hands, Bats resists him long enough to reach a flash-light in his belt and use it to blind his opponent, who is then quickly taken out by the Dark Knight (Legends of the Dark Knight #204)

Confronted by a lunatic with powerful telephatic powers who has already found out mentally his secret identity, Batman manages to resist him despite he has also to fight off the people controlled by him (Legends of the Dark Knight #205)

A mutant psychic known as Synaptic Kid is driven insane and put into a coma after he attempted to read Batman's mind in order to discover his secret identity so he could blackmail him. Unfortunely, while trapped inside the coma he only then realizes that Batman has mentally seperated his two identities (Bruce Wayne & Batman) in order fool people (Detective Comics #633)

Resists a high tech military's mind control machine for 26 hours straight and with help comes up with a plan to escape (Batman Dreamland)

Easily takes down Hypnotic who uses radio waves to control people that has no effect on him (Detective Comics v2 #7)

Resists and fights off Black Mask's powerful mind control power then easily subdues him. Notice in the second picture you can see and read how powerful Black Mask's mind control power is as Mask easily takes control over an entire sector of freed caged criminals & prisoners to fight the two Talons for Jeremiah Arkham (Detective Comics v2 #9)

He is able to keep Martian Manhunter's brother out of his mind (JLA Classified #45)

Nudge's meta human mind control power has no effect on him who has proven powerful enough to control Superman just previously in the same story arc (JLA #98)

Successfully resists Saturn Queen's mind control then KOes her (Superman Batman #18)

Action Comics Annual #1

Resists a psionic assualt from a super vampire that numbed his body but was still able to escape by quickly jumping into nearby quicksand

Later on the same vampire battles Superman who successfully has him under mind control and is about to bite him but is saved by the Dark Knight who stakes the vampire through the heart by surprise

We then learn that Batman was able to swim through the quicksand just like water by simply keeping a clear head

After training 9 months "somewhere in the Himalayas" with Shihan Matsusa, known to be one of the greatest zen warrior monks, he is able to master Tummo meditation ("elemental battle between ice and blood" that takes place while he is meditating nearly naked outside), actually melting the ice he is sitting on (Detective Comics v2 #0)

Breaks Manitou Raven's magical sleeping spell that took weeks to prepare for (JLA #67)

Manchester Black (possessing Vera's body) is unable to break Batman as he the only one left among the JLA able to resist Black's power as they experience their worst fears (Justice League Elite #11)

Phobos the god of fear (in possession of Scarecrow's body) invades his mind revealing his worse fears but he's still able to overcome them (Wonder Woman #165)

With motivation from Wonder Woman, he's able to break free from Phobos possession of his body through sheer will (Wonder Woman #167)

With motivation from Robin (Dick Grayson), he breaks free from the possession of Antithesis over his body (Teen Titans Year One #3)

With motivation from Doc Midnite, he is able to break free from Anger's (one of the Seven Deadly Enemies Of Man) possession through sheer will (JLA/JSA: Virtue & Vice)

52 Aftermath: The Four Horsemen #6

Yurrd, Zorrm and Rogga, Horsemen of Hunger, Plague and War, tried to take over Batman, Superman and WW. Plague and War managed to take the Man Of Steel and the Amazing Amazon despite their resistence, needing Veronica Cale to free them by absorbing the Horsemen. Yurrd instead failed, as Bats himself reveals, ending up trapped in the Dark Knight's body and unable to control it.

With Hal's coaching, Batman is able to use Hal's ring to form 2 constructs of his parents in order to come to terms with his most traumatic even in his life, but he decides he doesn't want yet to get over it (Green Lantern v4 #9)

Chosen as the representative of 2814 for the Sinestro Corps, he proves able to reject the control of the sinestro power ring through willpower so said ring is forced, also due to the fact it has detected previous exposure to a Green Lantern Power Ring on the Dark Knight, to search for a replacement target (Green Lantern v4 #17)

Putting his contingency plan against Green Lantern in action against Power Ring (evil version of Green Lantern from an alternate universe), he puts on a Sinestro Corps ring he found and saved from the previous Sinstero Corps war. Impressively, he's not only able use it (only those with the greatest ability to install fear can) but also form a hard light construct of a bat in battle against Power Ring. Unfortunately, since the yellow ring has almost no power within it he proves to be no match for Power Ring in a fight (Forever Evil #4)

Sinestro Corps Batman vs Power Ring p1 photo foreverevil4-sinestrobatmanvspowering1.jpgSinestro Corps Batman vs Power Ring p2 photo foreverevil4-sinestrobatmanvspowering2.jpgSinestro Corps Batman vs Power Ring p3 photo foreverevil4-sinestrobatmanvspowering3.jpgSinestro Corps Batman vs Power Ring p4 photo foreverevil4-sinestrobatmanvspowering4.jpgSinestro Corps Batman vs Power Ring p5 photo foreverevil4-sinestrobatmanvspowering5.jpg

Batman, being fused by the Haruspex with 30th century's evil cyborg Tharok (member of the Fatal Five), manages to hold him back and usurp his control over Validus to have him take out his 3 remaining team-mates. Later, Bats struggles against Tharok to keep Validus unmoving and finally he uses the Haruspex on himself to save Blue Beetle, ending up along with the rest of the Fatal Five in a 30th century's prison and meeting the Legion of Superheroes (Brave and the Bold #4 (2007))

Having lost his memory after his recent battle with The Joker, he uses his cloning machine to restore his mind back to being where it once was and is able to survive full brain death despite the process having killed all the previous hosts it was tested on due to the trauma of Batman's mind being too much for them to handle (Batman v2 #49)

 photo batman49-batmanclonemachine1.jpg photo batman49-batmanclonemachine2.jpg photo batman49-batmanclonemachine3.jpg photo batman49-batmanclonemachine4.jpg photo batman49-batmanclonemachine5.jpg photo batman49-batmanclonemachine6.jpg photo batman49-batmanclonemachine7.jpg photo batman49-batmanclonemachine8.jpg photo batman49-batmanclonemachine9.jpg

Batman #682-683

Shortly after the events of "Batman: R.I.P.", following his kidnapping and imprisonement by a Granny Godness-possessed Alpha Lanterns & fellow evil gods of Apokolis (see Final Crisis #2), Batman is enveloped by the telephatic parasite called Lump. The parasite, who also hides in Batman's memories disguised as Alfred (the Dark Knight's "oldest ally") while physically taking genetic material from him, is triggering Bruce's recollections in order to ultimately duplicate them to form a mindless army (created from Batman's DNA) as driven and as good as Bats himself

The evil gods haven't taken into account the Caped Crusader's great will-power. First Bats figures out the Alfred he is talking to isn't really Alfred and threatens he will get him, forcing the gods to stimulate false memories of a world where the Dark Knight never was to distract him and keep taking what they need

Then, Bruce gets seemingly aware of their jailers' presence and almost breaks free, prompting the gods to terminate the scenario and have Bats get back to the trip down memory lane

The evil gods' attemps to keep the Dark Knight under their control, however, are doomed to fail. In fact, first Batman subconsciously has his memories overload the clones, leading them to try to kill themselves, while Bats confronts the Lump himself and resists his efforts to overwhelm him with Bruce's own bad life experiences

Then, the Caped Crusader channels his trauma all at once through the Lump, causing the clone army to start dying

Finally, taking advantage of the fact that the evil gods, in order to cut their losses, shot at the Lump terminating the connection, he convince Lump to help him awaken.

Demon goddess Mistos psychically assualts Batman and Superman with a strong wave of uncontrolled emotions but is unable to keep Batman down who breaks free from her and has to be emprisoned (Spectre v4 #4)

Breaks free from the imaginal world that mentally enslaved the JLA and the Spectre saving them in the process (JLA Spectre: Soul War #2)

Is the last Leaguer left (including the Spectre Hal Jordan) able to resist the Trans from overwhelming his mind (JLA Spectre: Soul War #2)