Special Prep Time

Batman using prep time to counter or defend against special types of threats 

Is untraceable, impossible to identify, and has thought of everything in order to protect himself according to Mr. Bones the Director of the DEO (Batwoman #19)

 photo batwoman19-batmanvsdeo.jpg

On his first night out as Batman (New 52/Post-Flashpoint era) with Alfred's help, he shuts down all power within the area of ACE Chemicals which results in the form of giant sized bat when viewed from high above as he planned. Also, he cleverly comes up with a plan to protect his secret identity from being exposed by immediately separating Bruce Wayne from Batman publicly to prevent anyone from figuring things out or suspecting anything which is deduced by Alfred (Batman v2 #24)

Who is Batman? p1 photo batman24-batillusion1.jpgWho is Batman? p2 photo batman24-batillusion2.jpgWho is Batman? p3 photo batman24-batillusion3.jpgWho is Batman? p4 photo batman24-batillusion4.jpgWho is Batman? p5 photo batman24-batillusion5.jpgWho is Batman? p6 photo batman24-batillusion6.jpg

With Alfred's help he's managed to erase all evidence of the Batcave's existence on every geological survey from the last 200 years according to Tim Drake aka Red Robin who's researched everything about Batman/Bruce Wayne (having deduced Bruce Wayne is Batman before they even met each other) and is impressed that he didn't know about the batcave (Secret Origins #3 - The Origin of Red Robin/Tim Drake)

 photo secretorigins3-batcavehidden.jpg

Had barriers, disrupters, and even supernatural barricades setup to prevent all teleporters from entering into his Batcave/home (Batman #691)

The Batcave has shields that protects it from psychic energy attacks (Action Comics v2 #34)

 photo actioncomics34-psychicshields.jpg

Traps Huntress in a energy cage once she's inside the batcave after he allows her to enter by disabling the Batcave's defenses beforehand (World's Finest #19)

 photo worldsfinest19-batcavesecurity1.jpg photo worldsfinest19-batcavesecurity2.jpg photo worldsfinest19-batcavesecurity3.jpg photo worldsfinest19-batcavesecurity4.jpg photo worldsfinest19-batcavesecurity5.jpg

Bats reveals he studied and reverse-enginered the tech of every suit-enhanced villain in the JLA database, meanwhile he uses that knowledge to quickly render harmless Baron Blitzkrieg, who gets promptly taken out by Nightwing (Batman: The Widening Gyre #01)

Batman shows he is able to listen in on the secret service, has a database of 300 plus criminal metahumans able to control minds or emotions and, later, a number of said metas is revealed to actually work undercover for him in various criminal organizations (DC Universe: Decisions #1)

Agreed to test out the Tartarus Wing in Arkham Asylum which was specially created to keep insane super villains & meta humans properly on lock down with the new high tech security system installed. Showing just how well prepared and knowledgeable he is about his rogues gallery, he's able to point out the weaknesses in the new security system and almost clears it before he's interrupted by someone (Batman Annual v2 #2)

 photo batmanannual2-batmanvsarkhamasylum1.jpg photo batmanannual2-batmanvsarkhamasylum2.jpg photo batmanannual2-batmanvsarkhamasylum3.jpg photo batmanannual2-batmanvsarkhamasylum4.jpg photo batmanannual2-batmanvsarkhamasylum5.jpg photo batmanannual2-batmanvsarkhamasylum6.jpg

Has a removable tooth implant inside his mouth that's actually intended to be a smoke pellet that he strategically had implanted inside his mouth and is just in case he ever got captured and was restrained which works just as planned. He even managed to blind the soldiers holding him captive despite them using thermal vision in their masks thanks to the smoke screen produced by his tooth implant (Detective Comics #937)

 photo detectivecomics937-batmanescapeartist.jpg

Is shot by a non lethal (pufferfish?) paralysis toxin from his Earth 2 counterpart (Earth 2 Batman) and quickly recovers having wisely prepared his body to withstand seemingly every known toxin he could for the last 3 years despite still being an inexperienced and rookie Batman at the time. He's then able to get the upper hand on his Earth 2 counterpart through surprise attack returning the favor (Batman Superman #4)

Year 1 Batman vs Earth 2 Batman - Prep Time Battle p1 photo batmansuperman4-toxinprotection1.jpgYear 1 Batman vs Earth 2 Batman - Prep Time Battle p2 photo batmansuperman4-toxinprotection2.jpgYear 1 Batman vs Earth 2 Batman - Prep Time Battle p3 photo batmansuperman4-toxinprotection3.jpgYear 1 Batman vs Earth 2 Batman - Prep Time Battle p4 photo batmansuperman4-toxinprotection4.jpg

Having stolen Bruce's utility belt from him, Catwoman attempts to take Batman down by throwing every capsule in his utility belt at him all at once. However, it has no effect on Bruce who apparently has been taking antidotes for years to neutralize such attacks and has developed a very strong immunity against numerous chemical threats (Catwoman v2 #82)

Applies a unique ointment on himself to protect his exposed skin that seems to taste like metal according to Catwoman (Catwoman v4 #1)


Mentions how he runs through thousands of different scenarios everyday to prepare himself against every kind of threat their is even ones that haven't been thought up yet (Batman #674)

Giving Cyborg a copy of the Kryptonian protocols he's collected at the time so they could come up with a way to defeat the Krytonian god Rao, we learn that he's kept track of every sinister plan or secret weapon the Justice League's enemies thus far have come up with to use against them and stored them away into his secret files. NOTE: This story took place at a much earlier time period when the New 52 Justice League was still fairly new to the world which explains why he didn't have fully developed Justice League protocols of his own in the story yet like we've already seen in action in New 52 continuity (Justice League of America v4 #2)

Batman's Kryptonian Protocols 1 photo justiceleagueofamerica2-kryptonianprotocols1.jpgBatman's Kryptonian Protocols 1 photo justiceleagueofamerica2-kryptonianprotocols2.jpg

Batman using special planning & prep time to combat and defeat dangerous threats

Predicting that a meta (who was KOed by him beforehand) able to form force-shields with his mind, could wake up and cause trouble, Batman planted a bomb on him while he was still unconscious. This move, coupled with a special mask he has in his cowl to avoid passing out from lack of air, prove instrumental in saving himself and his team-mates from said meta, when he indeed wakes up and puts force bubbles around the heroes' heads (Green Arrow & Black Canary #10)

After defeating Lord Death Man (who's immortal), he sends him into outer space within a mini containment shuttle pod banishing him from the earth (Batman Incorporated v1 #2)

 photo batmaninc2-lorddeathmaninspace.jpg

Vs Doctor Phosphorus

Detective Comics #825

The Dark Knight has to face his old foe, Doctor Phosphorus. Just to point out how much formidable Phosphorus is

In their first round, Batman uses a clever battle tactic, but doesn't manage to beat his enemy due to the fact that the latter has grown stronger since their last clash, as mentioned by Bats himself

Apparently, Phosphorus has turned into living fire

How to beat him? Well, thanks to an hint casually given him by Alfred, the Caped Crusader decides to use baking soda to neutralize the villain's power, and, after successfully executing this plan, owns him with a punch

Vs Man-Bat (Kirk Langstrom)

Uses special gadgets and planning to revert Man-Bat back to into Kirk Langstrom by calming the beast inside him (Detective Comics v2 #26)

Batman vs Man-Bat p1 photo detective26-manbat.jpgBatman vs Man-Bat p2 photo detective26-manbat2.jpgBatman vs Man-Bat p3 photo detective26-manbat3.jpgBatman vs Man-Bat p4 photo detective26-manbat4.jpgBatman vs Man-Bat p5 photo detective26-manbat5.jpg

Vs Clayface (Basil Karlo)

Dons a special suit designed with weaponry to combat Clayface although the equipment ultimately proves ineffective due to how powerful Clayface has naturally become. However thinking ahead with Lucius help, Batman uses powerful technology what's later revealed to be a "Laser Cage" to contain Clayface that he's programmed to open only for Basil Karlo (Clayface's original/real human ID and DNA) who's the one person Clayface can't morph into anymore thus trapping him inside. He's also able to come up with a clever plan to protect his secret identity as Bruce Wayne despite Clayface (almost) exposing him (Batman v2 #20)

Batman vs Clayface p1 photo batman20-batmanvsclayface1.jpgBatman vs Clayface p2 photo batman20-batmanvsclayface2.jpgBatman vs Clayface p3 photo batman20-batmanvsclayface3.jpgBatman vs Clayface p4 photo batman20-batmanvsclayface4.jpgBatman vs Clayface p5 photo batman20-batmanvsclayface5.jpgBatman vs Clayface p6 photo batman20-batmanvsclayface6.jpgBatman vs Clayface p7 photo batman20-batmanvsclayface7.jpgBatman vs Clayface p8 photo batman20-batmanvsclayface8.jpgBatman vs Clayface p9 photo batman20-batmanvsclayface9.jpg

Thinks up a new and creative way to keep Clayface contained within Arkham Asylum after seeing a new weakness exploited in combat that leaves Clayface vulnerable (The Dark Knight v2 #25)

Batman vs Clayface p1 photo thedarknight25-batmanvsclayface1.jpgBatman vs Clayface p2 photo thedarknight25-batmanvsclayface2.jpgBatman vs Clayface p3 photo thedarknight25-batmanvsclayface3.jpgBatman vs Clayface p4 photo thedarknight25-batmanvsclayface4.jpgBatman vs Clayface p5 photo thedarknight25-batmanvsclayface5.jpgBatman vs Clayface p6 photo thedarknight25-batmanvsclayface6.jpgBatman vs Clayface p7 photo thedarknight25-batmanvsclayface7.jpgBatman vs Clayface p8 photo thedarknight25-batmanvsclayface8.jpg

Vs Firestorm

Battles a mind controlled Firestorm inside a nuclear reactor wearing a hazmat suit and quickly comes up with a smart tactic to free Firestorm from his mind control ending the fight (Brave and the Bold #172)

Batman vs Mind Controlled Firestorm p1 photo bravebold172-batmanvsfirestorm1.jpgBatman vs Mind Controlled Firestorm p2 photo bravebold172-batmanvsfirestorm2.jpgBatman vs Mind Controlled Firestorm p3 photo bravebold172-batmanvsfirestorm3.jpgBatman vs Mind Controlled Firestorm p4 photo bravebold172-batmanvsfirestorm4.jpgBatman vs Mind Controlled Firestorm p5 photo bravebold172-batmanvsfirestorm5.jpg

Vs The Calculator

Detective Comics #468

A group of JLAers formed by Atom, Batman, Black Canary, Elongated Man, Green Arrow and Hawkman has to face the Calculator (i.e. the same super-villain who will later appear in Identity Crisis), who has already given a tough fight to any of them thanks to his ability to produce out of thin air counters to their abilities & gadgets. Each time he was defeated, he managed to press a special button , just before being taken out. Because of this, he is not only able to prove to the Leaguers that he can't anymore be beaten by any of them, but also shows them, by taking all of them out when they launch a combined attack, that he is too much for them even if they team-work.

Nonetheless, Bats later manages to defeat Calculator on his own thanks to a brilliant plan that showcases his great forward thinking and is implemented perfectly by the Dark Knight, turning his opponent's own ability against him

Vs The Key

The Key, in order to avoid capture and exile in another planet at the hands of a Squad led by Amanda Waller, leads some of his fellow supervillains to surrender to the Justice League, convinced he would be able to free himself and the rest once the JLA solve their problem for them. Too bad Bats has studied him, so Key finds himself in a prison he is unable to escape from (at least for now) (Justice League of America v2 #18)

Vs Dr. Tzin-Tzin

Batman #284

Holding a grudge against the Dark Knight due to being defeated by him twice, Dr. Tzin-Tzin uses his mastery of tibetan magic to wreck havoc in Gotham even turning the citizens into super human beings to be used against Batman who afterwards uses brilliant deductive reasoning to explain what exactly happened

After doing only an hour of research on Tibetan magic, Batman is able to construct a tsam khang and uses the scarf Tzin previously left behind to locate the evil magician who we then see has suspended the Gotham stadium ten feet in the air. Finally, Batman subdues Dr. Tzin-Tzin in battle despite Tzin using illusions against him

Vs The Wrath

Detective Comics v2 #23-24

- Breaks into The Wrath's highly advanced computer network & security system (among the most formidable he's ever encountered according to his own words) using a high tech device that bypasses security firewalls that he's given to Alfred who secretly uses the tech and his spy expertise on Caldwell's security systems while he distracts Caldwell as Bruce Wayne.

 photo detective23-wrathtower1.jpg photo detective23-wrathtower2.jpg photo detective23-wrathtower3.jpg photo detective23-wrathtower4.jpg photo detective23-wrathtower5.jpg photo detective23-wrathtower6.jpg photo detective23-wrathtower7.jpg

- Successfully breaking inside, Alfred then discovers Wrath's war room/weapons lair which is similar to the Batcave only to be caught by The Wrath who makes it clear that he'll be coming after Batman next (Detective Comics v2 #23)

 photo detective23-wrathtower8.jpg photo detective23-wrathtower9.jpg photo detective23-wrathtower10.jpg photo detective23-wrathtower11.jpg photo detective23-wrathtower12.jpg

- The Wrath executes phase one of his plan to annihilate the GCPD while engaging and chasing down Batman in aerial combat within Gotham City with Batman ending the aerial battle by self destructing his Batplane to disable The Wrath's warplane

 photo detective24-batplanevswarplane1.jpg photo detective24-batplanevswarplane2.jpg photo detective24-batplanevswarplane3.jpg photo detective24-batplanevswarplane4.jpg photo detective24-batplanevswarplane5.jpg photo detective24-batplanevswarplane6.jpg photo detective24-batplanevswarplane7.jpg

- Having hacked into The Wrath's computer, Alfred pulls up a hidden crime scene photo from Caldwell's past revealing The Wrath's true motivation as to why he hates the GCPD so much and why he became who he is now which seems to mirror Bruce Wayne's past only as an evil opposite (Detective Comics v2 #24)

 photo detective24-wrathpast1.jpg photo detective24-wrathpast2.jpg photo detective24-wrathpast3.jpg

- Coming to finish off the GCPD for good, The Wrath commits a heavy open assault on the GCPD's most populated station in Gotham City only to find out that Batman is not only already one step ahead of him (convincing Gordon to empty the building ahead of time) but is waiting having donned special power armor to do combat with him (Detective Comics v2 #24)

 photo detective24-wrathtricked1.jpg photo detective24-wrathtricked2.jpg

- Knowing how Gordon thinks and what he would do in advance despite telling him otherwise, it turns out Batman planned for the GCPD to play a large part in taking down The Wrath just so they could personally get justice for all the GCPD officers killed by The Wrath/Caldwell who's sent to Blackgate prison by Gordon once he's taken down (Detective Comics v2 #24)

 photo detective24-batmangcpdvsthewrath1.jpg photo detective24-batmangcpdvsthewrath2.jpg photo detective24-batmangcpdvsthewrath3.jpg photo detective24-batmangcpdvsthewrath4.jpg photo detective24-batmangcpdvsthewrath5.jpg

Vs Scarecrow

Detective Comics v2 #29 - Gothtopia

- After discovering that Batman has escaped from Arkham Asylum alongside Poison Ivy, Scarecrow attacks Batman by using his own Bat-Family members against him who are being mind controlled via a new fear toxin he's created. In order to get Batman willingly under his control, Scarecrow threatens to kill Catwoman forcing Batman give up fighting against him and be dosed with his new fear toxin

 photo detective29-gothtopiap1a.jpg photo detective29-gothtopiap1b.jpg photo detective29-gothtopiap1c.jpg photo detective29-gothtopiap1d.jpg

- Thinking ahead we learn Batman has taken the antidote protecting himself against Scarecrow's new fear toxin but in order to keep up the act that the fear toxin is working so he can learn about Scarecrow's true master plan, Batman is forced to turn on Poison Ivy who's his only ally at the time. He then pretends to be completely under Scarecrow's control by leading Merry-Maker & Professor Pyg around who are ordered to conduct extractions (or fear experiments) for Scarecrow on people who are conveniently chosen by Batman

 photo detective29-gothtopiap2a.jpg photo detective29-gothtopiap2b.jpg photo detective29-gothtopiap2c.jpg photo detective29-gothtopiap2d.jpg photo detective29-gothtopiap2e.jpg

- It turns out that not only were the 12 people chosen by Batman are career criminals but also that he's slipped the counteragent to Merry-Maker that is mixed in with the fear extractions they already collected and have given to Scarecrow who's deployed his new fear toxin across the city which then backfires due to the counteragent reversing the effects of his new fear toxin freeing everyone's mind

 photo detective29-gothtopiap3a.jpg  photo detective29-gothtopiap3b.jpg

- Finally, Batman easily takes down Scarecrow physically then gives him a taste of his own medicine which is a dose of his own contentment serum. He then reveals that doing this will make it even harder for Scarecrow and other inmates to escape plus easier to contain them within Arkham Asylum

 photo detective29-gothtopiap4a.jpg photo detective29-gothtopiap4b.jpg photo detective29-gothtopiap4c.jpg photo detective29-gothtopiap4d.jpg

Vs Talia Al Ghul/Leviathan - Batman Incorporated v2 #10, 12-13 & Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes!

- Enlists the help of Azrael/Michael Lane by getting the Suit of Sorrows from him

 photo batmaninc10-azraelsuitofsorrows1.jpg photo batmaninc10-azraelsuitofsorrows2.jpg photo batmaninc10-azraelsuitofsorrows3.jpg

- Takes a prototype exoskeleton power suit originally built for him by WayneTech  

 photo batmaninc10-batmetasuit.jpg

- Injects himself with the Man-Bat serum transforming himself literally into a Bat-Man/Man-Bat monsterous creature then goes directly after Talia Al Ghul and Leviathan

 photo batmaninc10-metabatman1.jpg photo batmaninc10-metabatman2.jpg photo batmaninc10-metabatman3.jpg

- Cleverly used actual bats (that he had control over) who carried an antidote to the Man-Bat serum inside them against Talia's Ninja Man-Bat army turning them back into human form

 photo batmaninc12-thebatarmy1.jpg photo batmaninc12-thebatarmy2.jpg photo batmaninc12-thebatarmy3.jpg

- Beats the genetically enhanced Damian Wayne clone called Heretic in combat with the combined power of the Suit of Sorrows, the Man-Bat serum, and the prototype exoskeleton power suit made from Meta-Material (see below) that can enable him to become invisible. We then see Nightwing and Knight finish Heretic off and expose his true face

 photo batmaninc12-metabatmanvsheretic1.jpg photo batmaninc12-metabatmanvsheretic2.jpg photo batmaninc12-metabatmanvsheretic3.jpg photo batmaninc12-metabatmanvsheretic4.jpg photo batmaninc12-metabatmanvsheretic5.jpg photo batmaninc12-metabatmanvsheretic6.jpg photo batmaninc12-metabatmanvsheretic7.jpg photo batmaninc12-metabatmanvsheretic8.jpg photo batmaninc12-metabatmanvsheretic9.jpg photo batmaninc12-metabatmanvsheretic10.jpg

- Had Wayne Industries create stable Meta-Material before Talia could release Oroboro on the world having already found out what she was up to ahead of time (Batman Incorporated #13 & Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes!)

 photo batmanleviathanstrikes-metagem1.jpg photo batmanleviathanstrikes-metagem2.jpg photo batmaninc13-metamaterial1.jpg photo batmaninc13-metamaterial2.jpg

Vs Ra's Al Ghul

Detective Comics #840

Ra's Al Ghul fresh from ressurection has come to Gotham in order to set up there his base of operation and kill the "Detective" (i.e. Batman). This obviously doesn't sit well with the Dark Knight, especially considering the fact his opponent knows his secret identity. So, Bats plans the defeat of his long time enemy, finds his temporary head-quarters, and disable all his henchmen in order to confront him one to one and subdue him

Then, he brings a drugged Ra's in Arkham's Asylum under a false identity, making sure he is kept in isolation and constantly under medication that keeps him nearly unable to move or to speak, ending his threat for the forseeable future.

Vs Lex Luthor

After beating an army of Lex's robo-soldiers last issue, Batman uses one of them he re-programmed to sneak in the base "Luthor" was in, while causing a temporary black-out. Later he has that same robot save him from one of his fellows and cause the self-destruction of all the others, thus ruining Luthor's plan to seize control of the USA (albeit the Lex Luthor in the military base is revealed to be a mind-controlled robotic sosia, thus allowing the real Lex to escape justice) (Batman Confidential #6)

Plots the defeat of Lex Luthor's Injustice Gang by employing corporate takeover tactics destroying the Injustice Gang from within by planting spies (Conner Hawke, Mirror Master, & Plastic Man) on the inside who secretly feed him information enabling the JLA to have an advantage (JLA #11-12)

Using Lucious Fox, Bruce stops Luthor's plans to take control of Gotham and then forces him out of the city (Shadow of the Bat #94)

Contributes to end Luthor's presidency of the US and to ruin him by arranging for Lex's words during his fight with Superman to be broadcasted all over the world, and, thanks to his connections with Talia, by having Luthor lose his company and all his money (Superman Batman #6)

Vs Bizarro

KOes Bizarro (Luthor's imperfect Superman clone/New 52 version) with 1 punch after putting on the kryptonite ring that he's saved as a contingency against Superman (Forever Evil #6)

Batman vs Bizarro photo foreverevil6-batkpunchvsbizarro.jpg

Vs Superman

Outwits Superman in their first Post-Crisis meeting having already come up with a contingency plan to stop him without the use of kryptonite (Man of Steel #3)

Blows Ultraman (evil Superman counterpart from another earth) out the water into the air with a "Kryptamite" torpedo. A powerful weapon he specially invented for Superman before they knew truly each other which also impresses his evil counterpart Owlman (Superman Batman Annual #1)

Having already prepared for this fight ahead of time, Batman is successful in fighting off a mind controlled Superman (who Bruce fairly notes is holding back) then reversing Poison Ivy's mind control on him with a little help from Catwoman (Batman #612)

Having go up against a possessed Superman, Bats uses a kryptonite sample he had in his belt to incapacitate him, long enough for the Dark Knight to merge with the Black Rock, a move that saves his life and makes him able to slug it out with the Man of Steel, but unfortunately also causes him to be possessed and to battle Kal El after the kryptonian (thanks in no small part to Lois) freed himself from alien control (Superman Batman #32)

Batman is shown working on the "Superman problem" (i.e. finding out ways to stop Supes if he goes bad or is controlled), searching for new contingencies to replace the K-ring E2 Supes destroyed in Infinite Crisis (Superman #664)

Trying to find out how to take out Superman, Bats figures out what red sun radiation truly does to him and designs a projector of said energy, as noted by Supes himself (Superman #667)

After being entrusted by Superman with the last piece of kryptonite they collected on earth, it turns out that he now has much more kryptonite then anyone else known on earth at the moment including other unique types of kryptonite within the most secure part of his batcave (Superman Batman #49)

Built a special stealth suit designed to keep him completely undetected from Superman (as one of his contingency plans before they truly knew each other) who's unable to sense or see Batman when put to the test with a full Electromagnetic Spectrum scan. We also learn it can cloak itself from anything attempting to detect it according to Bruce (Superman Unchained #2 & Epilogue Backup Tale)

Super Stealth Suit Batman p1 photo supermanunchained2-batstealthsuit.jpgSuper Stealth Suit Batman p2 photo supermanunchained2-batstealthsuit2.jpgSuper Stealth Suit Batman p3 photo supermanunchained2-batstealthsuit3.jpg

Forced to truly fight each other while competing in the 3 man death tournament final on Warworld, Batman defeats Superman in hand to hand combat by weakening him using a piece of kryptonite he already has on him but refuses to finish him off going against the tournament rules (Batman Superman Annual #1)

Batman Clan vs Superman Clan p1 photo batmansupermanannual1-batmanclanvsupermanclan1.jpgBatman Clan vs Superman Clan p2 photo batmansupermanannual1-batmanclanvsupermanclan2.jpgBatman Clan vs Superman Clan p3 photo batmansupermanannual1-batmanclanvsupermanclan3.jpgBatman Clan vs Superman Clan p4 photo batmansupermanannual1-batmanclanvsupermanclan4.jpgBatman Clan vs Superman Clan p5 photo batmansupermanannual1-batmanclanvsupermanclan5.jpg

Confirms to Clark that he had a satellite specially built to detect and scan Superman as a test to see if he still had the Doomsday virus in his system which also emitted kryptonite pulses that greatly affected Superman who falls down to earth and is caught by Supergirl (Action Comics v2 #35)

 photo actioncomics35-kryptonitesatellite1.jpg photo actioncomics35-kryptonitesatellite2.jpg photo actioncomics35-kryptonitesatellite3.jpg

Had kryptonite installed inside his batsuit as a precaution to use against Superman that stops and KOed a tiny super powered Kandorian (aka tiny sized Kryptonians) who attempted to kill him by using it's own body as a super speeding bullet (Batman Superman #18)

Kryptonite Batsuit vs Kandorian 1 photo batmansuperman18-batsuitkryptonite1.jpgKryptonite Batsuit vs Kandorian 2 photo batmansuperman18-batsuitkryptonite2.jpgKryptonite Batsuit vs Kandorian 3 photo batmansuperman18-batsuitkryptonite3.jpgKryptonite Batsuit vs Kandorian 4 photo batmansuperman18-batsuitkryptonite4.jpgKryptonite Batsuit vs Kandorian 5 photo batmansuperman18-batsuitkryptonite5.jpgKryptonite Batsuit vs Kandorian 6 photo batmansuperman18-batsuitkryptonite6.jpgKryptonite Batsuit vs Kandorian 7 photo batmansuperman18-batsuitkryptonite7.jpg

Batman Superman #20:

- With the help of Martian Manhunter who took a piece of Krypton's sun from its core, he created a red sun generator which takes away the powers of Kryptonians under a yellow sun and uses it to aid Superman and Supergirl against the mind controlled Kandorians attacking them

Red Sun Generator 1 photo batmansuperman20-redsungenerator1.jpgRed Sun Generator 2 photo batmansuperman20-redsungenerator2.jpgRed Sun Generator 3 photo batmansuperman20-redsungenerator3.jpg

- Using his heat vision, Superman destroys the red sun generator and causes it to explode effectively turning it into a powerful wide range red sun bomb that takes away the Kryptonian powers of every brainwashed Kandorian in the area (also breaking the Phantom King's mind control over the Kandorians) as well as weakening both Supergirl and himself

Red Sun Bomb 1 photo batmansuperman20-redsunbomb.jpgRed Sun Bomb 2 photo batmansuperman20-redsunbomb1.jpgRed Sun Bomb 3 photo batmansuperman20-redsunbomb2.jpgRed Sun Bomb 4 photo batmansuperman20-redsunbomb3.jpg

Vs Wraith
A super powered alien being more powerful then even Superman also powered by the sun. For more details that tie into these images below see the Standard/Advanced (Advanced) Prep Time Section for the Superman vs Wraith battle from Superman Unchained #6!

Superman Unchained #6-7:

- Wraith is already inside the batcave waiting for Batman to arrive so he could kill him since Batman was largely responsible for his defeat at the hands of Superman previously having created rings tailor made to weaken him through exposure similar to kryptonite

 photo supermanunchained6-wraithinthebatcave1.jpg photo supermanunchained6-wraithinthebatcave2.jpg

- Seemingly already prepared for Wraith, Batman is shown using his special stealth suit along with his own synthetic ring he made to take down Wraith (see the Advanced Prep Time Section for an explanation). However, we learn that Wraith has come prepared himself and is wearing armor to protect himself from the synthetic ring that keeps him from being weakened

Stealth Batman vs Wraith p1 photo supermanunchained7-stealthbatmanvswraith1.jpg

- Despite now being at a massive disadvantage he's still able to hold his own well against Wraith using all his high tech armored vehicles and air planes within his batcave against Wraith to knock him down. In addition, he stays hidden thanks to his stealth suit at least until Wraith fries the air around them with heatvision which shuts down the stealth suit's power finally revealing Batman's presence with the battle then turning in Wraith's favor. Batman is then shown on the receiving end of Wraith's attacks although impressively enduring the punishment from Wraith seemingly thanks to the body armor that the stealth suit provides him

Stealth Batman vs Wraith p2 photo supermanunchained7-stealthbatmanvswraith2.jpgStealth Batman vs Wraith p3 photo supermanunchained7-stealthbatmanvswraith3.jpgStealth Batman vs Wraith p4 photo supermanunchained7-stealthbatmanvswraith4.jpgStealth Batman vs Wraith p5 photo supermanunchained7-stealthbatmanvswraith5.jpgStealth Batman vs Wraith p6 photo supermanunchained7-stealthbatmanvswraith6.jpg

- We then see Wonder Woman show up to aid Batman against Wraith who still holds the advantage in battle even against the two of them until Superman shows up

Batman & Wonder Woman vs Wraith p1 photo supermanunchained7-batmanwonderwomanvswraith1.jpgBatman & Wonder Woman vs Wraith p2 photo supermanunchained7-batmanwonderwomanvswraith2.jpgBatman & Wonder Woman vs Wraith p3 photo supermanunchained7-batmanwonderwomanvswraith3.jpgBatman & Wonder Woman vs Wraith p4 photo supermanunchained7-batmanwonderwomanvswraith4.jpgBatman & Wonder Woman vs Wraith p5 photo supermanunchained7-batmanwonderwomanvswraith5.jpg

Vs Circe

A magical force-field has cut off Washington from the rest of the state, leaving inside Batman and the attacking amazons while preventing the other heroes (very powerful heroes such as Superman, Martian Manhunter, and even Zantanna) from entering. After having deduced it was the goddess Circe's doing, Bats confronts her, electrocuting one of her followers into unconsciousness while reciting words given him by Zatanna that nullify Circe's magic for an hour, then knocks the witch out. Thus, the magical shield disappears and the heroes are able to enter, turning the tide of the battle (Amazons Attack #5)

Vs Desaad & Darkseid 

JLA #13-14:

After outsmarting and trapping the new god scientist Desaad, he takes Desaad's identity tricking Darkseid into thinking its really Desaad he's been communicating with for several months

Leads a much weaker version of the future JLA to victory over Darkseid ultimately outsmarting him although he's killed in the process

Outsmarts Darkseid with a very good bluff while engaging him in combat using Big Barda's mother box combined with Apokolips battle armor to help shield himself from Darkseid's powerful attacks (Superman Batman #12)

Batman confronts a more powerful Darkseid and shoots him with the same radion bullet that killed Orion
resulting in a near fatal wound for Darkseid. However, Darkseid still succeeds in hitting Batman with his Omega Sanction which leads people to believe that Batman's been killed (Final Crisis #6)

Vs White Martians (The Hyperclan)

Single-handedly defeats 4 members of the Hyperclan aka White Martians (one he took out off panel beforehand) by cleverly luring them into a trap that exploits their weakness to fire (JLA #3-4)

Vs The Justice League

Batman v2 #35-36 (Endgame part 1-2):

Has developed a special plan he refers to as the Fenrir plan to take down his Justice League team mates should he ever need to. In this battle, the Justice League has been jokerized by the Joker's venom and is sent to kill Batman.

- After being surprised attacked by Wonder Woman, to begin with he has a huge circular cloud of harmless gas released to clear the area of civilians (forcing them to panic and run away) so he can safely take on his Justice League team mates without anyone getting hurt. This allows him to pick a place of his own choosing that he then turns into his own combat arena to battle his godlike Justice League team mates

Fenrir Justice League Plan Stage 1 photo batman35-justiceleaguefenrirplan1.jpgFenrir Justice League Plan Stage 1 p2 photo batman35-justiceleaguefenrirplan2.jpgFenrir Justice League Plan Stage 1 p3 photo batman35-justiceleaguefenrirplan3.jpg

- Briefly battles Wonder Woman and gets the upper hand on her (while noting that her reflexes have been slowed down a bit) then uses the veil of binds woven by the smith god Hephaestus which is the exact magical opposite of Wonder Woman's lasso of truth that keeps her contained within an illusion of lies and immobilized. We also learn he it took him almost 2 years to obtain this special magic object that he bought on the magical black market  

Justice Buster vs Wonder Woman aka God of War 1 photo batman35-justicebustervswonderwoman1.jpgJustice Buster vs Wonder Woman aka God of War 2 photo batman35-justicebustervswonderwoman2.jpgJustice Buster vs Wonder Woman aka God of War 3 photo batman35-justicebustervswonderwoman3.jpg

- Is surprise attacked by The Flash who's shown breaking off pieces of his mech power suit at super speed and immediately runs his Flash contingency that's pre-programmed inside his mech suit. We learn that he's spent the majority of his money building the computer servers inside the suit to be fast enough to map Flash's super speed movements plus enhance the suit's speed so it can react to the Flash as long as Barry is not at his best speed. To counter the Flash, the mech suit very quickly fires a unique frictionless coating on the ground that trips Flash up as he runs over it and sends the speedster roughly crashing into a building taking him down. This battle actually happens so fast that it's over before even he knows what's fully taken place since his mech suit does all the work for him

Justice Buster vs The Flash 1 photo batman35-justicebustervstheflash1.jpgJustice Buster vs The Flash 2 photo batman35-justicebustervstheflash2.jpgJustice Buster vs The Flash 3 photo batman35-justicebustervstheflash3.jpg

- Confronted by Aquaman he has the mech suit fire a foam hardening substance that coats Aquaman's entire body and subdues him. The foam is developed to absorb moisture from the body so the more he struggles to break free the more moisture it absorbs and weakens him

Justice Buster vs Aquaman 1 photo batman35-justicebustervsaquaman1.jpgJustice Buster vs Aquaman 2 photo batman35-justicebustervsaquaman2.jpg

- While waiting for the next leaguer to attack him, we find out the mech suit also has protocols built in for Cyborg (electromagnetic nerve tree) and Green Lantern (citrine neurolizer)

Justice Buster Protocols vs Cyborg & Green Lantern photo batman35-justicebustervsgreenlanterncyborg.jpg

- Withstands a massive surprise attack by Superman who sends him crashing into the theatre building yet the mech suit is still intact as we see him getting back up on his feet

Justice Buster vs Superman 1 photo batman35-justicebustervsuperman1.jpgJustice Buster vs Superman 2 photo batman35-justicebustervsuperman2.jpgJustice Buster vs Superman 3 photo batman35-justicebustervsuperman3.jpgJustice Buster vs Superman 4 photo batman35-justicebustervsuperman4.jpg

- After withstanding another massive attack from Superman, he begins to fight back and reveals that with help from Ray Palmer aka The Atom he collected microscopic red suns that was created into a reinforced brass knuckle like weapon with mini pods on it that contained those mini red suns allowing him to dominate Superman in combat who's shown bleeding from the repeated attacks

Batman vs Jokerized Superman 1 photo batman36-batmanvsjokerizedsuperman1.jpgBatman vs Jokerized Superman 2 photo batman36-batmanvsjokerizedsuperman2.jpgBatman vs Jokerized Superman 3 photo batman36-batmanvsjokerizedsuperman3.jpg

- He then punches the Man of Steel above ground into the open and as Superman fires his heat vision at him he reveals that the suit was developed with plasma shielding tech that deflects Superman's heat vision. In addition, he mentions that the suit also comes with thrust and thermal tech to counter Superman's freeze breath should he try to use it  

Batman vs Jokerized Superman 4 photo batman36-batmanvsjokerizedsuperman4.jpg

- Cleverly avoiding a direct confrontation with Batman, Superman uses his heat vision to bring down a building on the Dark Knight that was right behind him turning the tables of their battle in his favor. With Batman now down, Superman uses this opening to destroy the red sun pod knuckle weapon with his heat vision then completely rips apart the Justice Buster suit after quickly flying them both high up into the air with Superman looking as though he's about to finish Batman off

Batman vs Jokerized Superman 5 photo batman36-batmanvsjokerizedsuperman5.jpgBatman vs Jokerized Superman 6 photo batman36-batmanvsjokerizedsuperman6.jpgBatman vs Jokerized Superman 7 photo batman36-batmanvsjokerizedsuperman7.jpg

- However, thinking far ahead of time we learn that Batman has one more ace up his sleeve having developed what Alfred calls kryptonite gum (special synthetic rubber laced with radioactive kryptonian dust) that he kept in the suit's helmet as a backup plan that he spits in Superman's eye which greatly weakens the jokerized Man of Steel to the point that they both end up falling down out of the sky and crashing into the water below which ends the battle (To see aftermath go the the Intellect/Resources (Science/Tech) Section).

Batman vs Jokerized Superman 8 photo batman36-batmanvsjokerizedsuperman8.jpg


Tricks Kirk Langstrom into thinking that he would go along with his plan only later we find out that he was using Man-Bat/Kirk Langstrom to execute his own clever game plan he's had in mind all along to take down Bat-Queen aka Francine Langstrom  (Detective Comics v2 #26)

Batmen vs Bat-Queen p1 photo detective26-batmenvsbatqueen1.jpgBatmen vs Bat-Queen p2 photo detective26-batmenvsbatqueen2.jpgBatmen vs Bat-Queen p3 photo detective26-batmenvsbatqueen3.jpgBatmen vs Bat-Queen p4 photo detective26-batmenvsbatqueen4.jpgBatmen vs Bat-Queen p5 photo detective26-batmenvsbatqueen5.jpgBatmen vs Bat-Queen p6 photo detective26-batmenvsbatqueen6.jpgBatmen vs Bat-Queen p7 photo detective26-batmenvsbatqueen7.jpgBatmen vs Bat-Queen p8 photo detective26-batmenvsbatqueen8.jpgBatmen vs Bat-Queen p9 photo detective26-batmenvsbatqueen9.jpgBatmen vs Bat-Queen p10 photo detective26-batmenvsbatqueen10.jpg

With careful planning plus help from Commissioner Gordon and the GCPD he's able to lure Clayface into a clever trap and finally arrest/capture him. We also see they now have to keep Clayface sealed inside a very powerful high tech energy cage within Arkham Asylum to prevent him from escaping (The Dark Knight v2 #23)

The Bat Team vs Clayface 1 photo thedarknight23-bateamvsclayface1.jpgThe Bat Team vs Clayface 2 photo thedarknight23-bateamvsclayface2.jpgThe Bat Team vs Clayface 3 photo thedarknight23-bateamvsclayface3.jpgThe Bat Team vs Clayface 4 photo thedarknight23-bateamvsclayface4.jpgThe Bat Team vs Clayface 5 photo thedarknight23-bateamvsclayface5.jpgThe Bat Team vs Clayface 6 photo thedarknight23-bateamvsclayface6.jpgThe Bat Team vs Clayface 7 photo thedarknight23-bateamvsclayface7.jpg

Batman and The Outsiders v2 #3

In the previous issue, the new version of the Outsiders (whose leader is Batman) captured an OMAC. Bats anticipates the arrival of part of the League to retrieve the OMAC, and the "awakening" of the latter to cause trouble, and is ready to manipulate things & lead Metamorpho & co to solve both problems. So, the OMAC unit is stopped by the Outsiders (wheras the Leaguers failed), the JLA is left with a dead shell, Geoforce is fine with being transferred from the Justice League to Batman's Outsiders, and an OMAC remains with Batman for further study.

Bats has Fire & Ice infiltrate Bialya and turn the supervillains guests there against the governement, so that the latter is forced to call the JLI to help. Doing so, not only the Dark Knight solves the problem of Bialya being a supervillains'haven, but saves also Blue Beettle and Booster Gold (who tried to fix things there earlier but got captured) (JLA: Incarnations #6)

JLA Classified #36

Darrin Profitt is a regular guy who stumbled upon Doctor Destiny (aka John Dee)'s Materioptikon and used it to create various realities and versions of himself in order to try his luck and become a successful man (discharging the realities where he failed in the process). Accomplished that, he used the same system to find a way to beat the League and rule the world, and in the 3 remaining scenarios he became the ultra-powerful Red King. In one of these 3 realities, he managed to manipulate events in order to be accepted with open arms in the Justice League (see JLA Classified #33). Unfortunately for him, Batman has figured out he isn't what he seems and, after talking with Destiny, the Dark Knight and Dee come up with a plan to take Profitt (both the one in mainstream Earth and the Red King survivor of a reality he had to erase where he won but the world was ravaged and the few people who remained hated him) out, a plan the League successfully enact (thanks in no small part to the third reality's only other survivor, aka Plastic Man).

In the previous issue, the League faced (and beated) the very first version of the Injustice Gang led by the mysterious Libra, who caused the Leaguers to lose half their powers & skills in order to test a machine that was designed to make him one with the galaxy (and which ultimately caused his death). So, in order to recover the lost abilities, Atom has suggested to use Amazo to get them back, and then arrange him to be de-activated and put in a device in order to synphon off back to the JLAers the missing power & skills. While the rest of his team set in motion to enact Atom's plan, a Batman who has only half his intellect still manages to find out the flaw in the League's strategy (namely that Amazo would guess their plan due to having half Batman's detective skills & would therefore take advantage of that to take the team out) and to arrange things for them & him to get their abilities back and for the android to be defeated (Justice League v1 #112)

Using the JLA as a distraction, he's able to setup a trap for the original Shaggy Man (who's proven powerful enough to beat up the JLA several times) by leading him onto a rocket that launches him into orbit (Justice League of America v1 #186)

In a flashback tale, we see him take down the powerhouse known as Blockbuster with the help of Robin (teenage Dick Grayson) & Superman by setting up a trap for the super strong monster having built a device called the Hypothalamus inhibitor that severely weakens Blockbuster then having the Man of Steel deliver the final blow that KOes him (Grayson Annual #2)

 photo graysonannual2-worldsfinestriovsblockbuster1.jpg photo graysonannual2-worldsfinestriovsblockbuster2.jpg photo graysonannual2-worldsfinestriovsblockbuster3.jpg photo graysonannual2-worldsfinestriovsblockbuster4.jpg

With Superman's help, Batman comes up with a way to stop Konvikt (alien monster able to single handedly beat the JLA and one-punch KO Superman), namely a weapon designed to put the monster to sleep through a special gas. Said gas works, as the monster finds out when Wonder Woman prevents him from holding his breath (Trinity #5)

Thinking ahead with the help from The Atom he comes up a plan to defeat the Phantom King by first being shrunk down to microscopic size by The Atom just in time to be saved from a heat vision blast which gives off the illusion that he's been killed/vaporized since he completely vanishes. Then while he's still distracted with Superman and Supergirl, he has The Atom navigate the Ant Farm inside the Phantom King's brain then enlarge it so it destroys his tech and forces him to dematerialize from earth back into the Phantom Zone for containment (Batman Superman #20)

Red Sun Generator 3 photo batmansuperman20-redsungenerator3.jpg photo batmansuperman20-atombatmanvsphantomking1.jpgRed Sun Bomb 4 photo batmansuperman20-redsunbomb3.jpg photo batmansuperman20-atombatmanvsphantomking2.jpg photo batmansuperman20-atombatmanvsphantomking3.jpg

Thinking far ahead in advance (before his death in the alternate timeline of the story) he came up with a detailed plan to help Swamp Thing save the world also providing Swamp Thing with the equipment he would need to defeat Arcane's forces. In addition, he's able to preserve the remaining life left within Gotham City by threatening & tricking the Arkham inmates into becoming protectors over the Gotham citizens that are still alive (Swamp Thing #16)

 photo swampthing16-batplan1.jpg photo swampthing16-batplan2.jpg photo swampthing16-batplan3.jpg photo swampthing16-batplan4.jpg photo swampthing16-batplan5.jpg photo swampthing16-batplan6.jpg photo swampthing16-batplan7.jpg photo swampthing16-batplan8.jpg photo swampthing16-batplan9.jpg photo swampthing16-batplan10.jpg photo swampthing16-batplan11.jpg

Batman v2 #39-40 (Endgame Conclusion)

- With all of Gotham under the Joker's control thanks to nearly everyone in the city being jokerized with a new and very strong Joker virus, Batman along with the Bat Family are forced to make an uneasy alliance with some his most dangerous rogues to take down the Joker

 photo batman39-batrogueteamup1.jpg photo batman39-batrogueteamup2.jpg photo batman39-batrogueteamup3.jpg photo batman39-batrogueteamup4.jpg photo batman39-batrogueteamup5.jpg photo batman39-batrogueteamup6.jpg

- Now working well together against the Joker and all the jokerized Gotham citizens once the opportunity comes Batman has Bane throw him towards the Joker so he can engage him directly and extract the fluid from his spine so he can create a counter formula for his joker virus. However, the Joker being the clever trickster that he is reveals that he's one step ahead and that all the fluid in his spine is already no good due to tainting it after taking down Batman and his allies with high powered sonics that breaks there masks open then exposing them to a special poisonous gas that will kill them within seconds

 photo batman40-batsquadvsjoker1.jpg photo batman40-batsquadvsjoker2.jpg photo batman40-batsquadvsjoker3.jpg photo batman40-batsquadvsjoker4.jpg photo batman40-batsquadvsjoker5.jpg photo batman40-batsquadvsjoker6.jpg photo batman40-batsquadvsjoker7.jpg

- Unfortunately for the Joker, Batman being the master planner and genius detective that he is has thought several steps ahead of him by having Dick Grayson take his place in ACE Chemicals and lead the frontal assault on the Joker just so he could merely distract the Clown Prince. Meanwhile, he secretly tracks down the hidden pit of Dionesium that the Joker was using all along and then retrieves a sample so he can create an antidote only to have the Joker show up plus detonate the explosives he already has planted within the cave in an attempt to kill him

 photo batman40-batplan1.jpg photo batman40-batplan2.jpg photo batman40-batplan3.jpg photo batman40-batplan4.jpg

- After engaging for sometime in a brutal melee contest with the Joker (see the Endurace>Stamina section to view the entire fight), he then stabs the Joker with a batarang loaded with an immune response blocker that was very quickly built from the sample he took from the pit of Dionesium he found nearby which stops the Joker's healing factor (and other super human abilities he had thanks to the Dionesium he was taking) from working

 photo batman40-healingblockerbatarang.jpg

- With both of them now very badly injured due to there battle, Batman stops the Joker from reaching the pit of Dionesium so he can't heal himself all over again which is buried thanks to a giant sized boulder rock falling into the pit due to the explosives set off earlier. We also learn that Batman has thought even further ahead in advance to protect all his allies from the Joker by placing a vapor in there masks that protected them from the Joker's special poisonous gas that was supposed to kill them within seconds

 photo batman40-jokerdionesiumpit1.jpg photo batman40-jokerdionesiumpit2.jpg photo batman40-jokerdionesiumpit3.jpg

- In the end we see Batman who's dying and bleeding out alongside the Joker order Julia to pull up the container that's filled with the same Dionesium the Joker was using all along which is also the cure to the Joker virus putting an end to the Clown Prince's twisted reign of terror over Gotham

 photo batman40-endgame.jpg