How agile is Batman? - Awesome feats that showcases Batman's agility and acrobatic skills

Practing his acrobats blindfolded despite being injured during his rookie year as Batman (Batman Tenses #2)

Scaling up the brick wall of a building with just his hands and feet (Batman #407)

Quickly climbing up a clocktower building (Batman Chronicles #19)

Balancing himself on his bat-line then running on across it (Legends of the Dark Knight #52)

Using his agility in a skillful counter attack, he knees Ra's Al Ghul's Ubu Man-Bat to the face who attempted to hold Bruce down with his super human strength and restrain him from behind (Batman Odyssey v1 #6)

Displaying great balance & skill as he's shown beating up League of Assassin soldiers while dashing across and fighting on wooden logs until he's brought down into the water by Ubu (who he defeats underwater off panel as seen on the Good Showings webpage) (Batman The Chalice)

Using his acrobats to evade Neekta's tentacles that are shown easily killing League of Assassin ninjas who are caught by it (Batman & Wonder Woman #30)

 photo batmanwonderwoman30-neekta2.jpg

Using his acrobatic skill to get the drop on Penguin's men (Batman #584)

Takes out 2 thugs using his acrobatic skill (Batman #585)

While weakened he flips over a speeding car that attempts to run him over and takes out the thugs inside the car using gas in the process (Batman #597)

Using some impressive acrobats with some help from his grapnel gun, he saves a GCPD officer plus David Cain (who's shooting at him) while in a very high freefall (Batman #607)

Forced into a freefall by Deadshot while very high up, he uses a acrobatic manuever to save himself landing skillfuly and safely (Detective Comics #518)

Showcasing amazing agility, balance, and timing to escape the Joker's unique death trap and save someone else as he also displays great marksmanship and speed in the process (Detective Comics #532)

Freefalling off a high story building without his cable line and then is shown running down the alley (Detective Comics #742)

With his back turned, he jumps into the driver's seat of his batmobile while its speeding towards him (Detective Comics #816)

Jumps from his speeding batmoblie through the opening on the roof of a speeding bus (Starman v1 #10)

While on a high speed chase through the streets, he displays amazing agility and speed as he jumps from the top of his Batplane right through the opening of a van grabbing and saving a woman in the process who's being held hostage inside the van (The Dark Knight v2 #16)

 photo thedarknight16-batplanechase1.jpg photo thedarknight16-batplanechase2.jpg photo thedarknight16-batplanechase3.jpg photo thedarknight16-batplanechase4.jpg

Makes a high jump from his high speed batboat onto another high speed jet boat that he was hunting down in a high speed chase on the waters (Justice League v2 #15)

 photo justiceleague15-highspeedjump1.jpg photo justiceleague15-highspeedjump2.jpg

With perfect timing & agility he's able to flip down through a fan and catch himself from falling any further (Batman Dreamland)

Legends of the Dark Knight #188

Able to bypass a high level security system despite Oracle mentioning to him that their isn't a person alive capable of breaking inside. Yet, using impressive agility and speed while in a noticeable weakened physical condition he:

- Impressively dodges/moves inbetween a motion detector laser sequence that changes every 30 seconds

- Flips and balances himself onto his wall clinchers as he avoids the booby trapped floor and ceiling pressure plates then shuts down the security

Using some agility to move inbetween a lot of rapidly fired batarangs shot out Azbats' (Azrael/Jean Paul Valley) automatic gauntlet gun without being hit (Legends of the Dark Knight #63)

Displaying some impressive agility and reflex speed to dodge Mad Hatter's flying buzz-saw hats (Detective Comics #573)

 photo detective573-madhatterbuzzsaws1.jpg photo detective573-madhatterbuzzsaws2.jpg photo detective573-madhatterbuzzsaws3.jpg

Dodging a bazooka blast and closing the distance on the shooter to take him out (Batman Chronicles #19)

Dodging Heatstroke's fire blasts using agility to close the distance then cleverly and skillfully deflecting her aim so the fire blast is redirected into the block of ice that's holding Katana's sword in place melting it enough for Katana to get it free (Batman and the Outsiders Annual #2)

Acrobatically dodges Mr. Freeze's ice blasts shot at point blank range (Legends of the Dark Knight #203)

Easily dodging ray blasts from a Rann ray gun using his agility and speed then closing the distance to take out the shooter (Brave and the Bold #161)

 photo bravebold161-rannraygun1.jpg photo bravebold161-rannraygun2.jpg

Using agility to dodge Dr. Light's light beam blasts at close range (Superman Batman #43)

Dodging Power Ring's blasts (Forever Evil #4)

Sinestro Corps Batman vs Power Ring p2 photo foreverevil4-sinestrobatmanvspowering2.jpg

Impressively using his agility & speed to dodge Malik's (twin brother of Lightweaver who has the same power to create light constructs) powerful light based power blasts & constructs that Malik amazingly used to defeat the JLI on his own just before this battle. Be sure to check out the Strategy/Tactics (Enhanced/Meta Human/Super Powered) section to see the rest of their battle (Justice League International v2 #12)

How fast is Batman? - Uncanny feats that showcase Batman's movement speed and reflex speed in action

While on a rooftop observing from a distance, a rookie Batman moves fast enough to save an old woman from being run down by an out of control high speeding truck at the last second (Batman #405)

As a rookie Batman (out of costume), he heroically catches/saves Gordon's baby before they both drop in the river (Batman #407)

Displays his impressive movement speed by saving a little girl from being run over by a mostly out of control speeding airplane then completely disappears out of sight before she could turn around (Detective Comics v2 #35)

 photo detective35-batspeed1.jpg photo detective35-batspeed2.jpg

Catches up with a speeding car attempting to escape via his cable line and even drops on top of the car hood with enough force to dent it in (Detective Comics v2 #4)

Despite being in another building across from him, Batman still easily catches up with Scarecrow who has a very far head start on him (Detective Comics v2 #8)

Mentions that it takes the GCPD 9-12 minutes to respond to an alarm and get to the targeted location while it only took him a total of 3 minutes to catch up to the perpetrator (Jane Doe) they were after (Detective Comics Annual v2 #2)

 photo detectiveannual2-batspeed1a.jpg photo detectiveannual2-batspeed1b.jpg

Quickly takes out 2 helicopters in under a minute using his tech and movement speed impressing Julia Pennyworth (an experienced black ops operator) aka Penny Two (Batman Eternal #29)

 photo batmaneternal29-blindingbombs1.jpg photo batmaneternal29-blindingbombs2.jpg

Impressively displays his running speed as he outruns and stays ahead of the exploding bombs within close range of him then avoids being caught in a massive explosion by jumping out the building (Batman Incorporated v2 #6)

 photo batmaninc6-batrunner.jpg

Eludes a drive by shooting (from thugs using sub machine guns) also saving someone in the process just as the car was shown creeping up from behind them. Quickly afterwards, he impressively catches up to the car on foot even as it speeds away from the scene and takes down the thugs inside (Gotham Knights #7)

Despite the motorcycle gang speeding off ahead of him beforehand, he impressively still catches up with the motorcycle gang within a short distance using his raw speed and some agility to move very fast across ropes with Chinese lanterns hanging on them. In addition, he's still more than fast enough to set up a trap for them once he lands down ahead of them using his own rope (Detective Comics v2 #30)

 photo detective30-batspeedvsmotorcycles1.jpg photo detective30-batspeedvsmotorcycles2.jpg photo detective30-batspeedvsmotorcycles3.jpg

Batboy (Batman turned into a child) masterfully moving through JLA security after everyone else in the watchtower is shown to have been caught (or taken out) then shuts it down. This security system btw was co-designed by Mr. Miracle (best escape artist in DCU) (Sin of Youth: JLA Jr. #1)

Successfully keeps Anateus (who just took out the JLA) busy long enough for Superman to enter the battle by dodging his attacks (JLA Superpower)

Despite having his back broken, he is fast enough to catch pratically without looking a ball hit by a baseball bat when it's inches away from his face (Batman is disguised as Sir Hemingford Gray) (Shadow of the Bat #22)

Catches a grenade thrown at him and tosses it away into a dryer before it can hurt anyone

While in combat he catches a grenade before it can hit the ground saving nearby children then quickly throws it back towards the mob of thugs (Batman #661)

Displays uncanny speed as he disappears out of sight before Batwoman's grenades could blow up on him then reappears behind her within mere seconds before Batwoman even notices (Batwoman Annual #1)

 photo batwomanannual1-batvsgrenades1.jpg photo batwomanannual1-batvsgrenades2.jpg

Dodging what appears to be grenades shot at him from Calendar Man's grenade launcher at close range swiftly closing the distance between the two of them. He then completely disappears out of sight of Calendar Man once he's within very close range directly in front of him only to reappear behind Calendar Man upside down then uses a inverted take down technique to KO him quickly (Batman Rebirth #1)

Batman v Calendar Man photo batmanrebirth1-batmanvcalendarman.jpg

Displaying amazing reflexes by catching Night Slayer's thrown dagger before it hits it's intended target (Detective Comics #556)

Despite Calendar Man's two arrows being shot at the sametime towards him, he's still able to deflect one in midair with his batarang and easily catch the other (Detective Comics #551)

Easily catches Trigger's two arrows shot at him at the sametime (Batman Odyssey v1 #6)

Easily catches an arrow shot by Speedy (Roy Harper aka Arsenal) behind his back without turning around amazing the young archer back then and even to the present day (Batman Plus Arsenal)

Easily catches an arrow shot by Green Arrow behind his back without looking amazing the world's greatest archer (JLA 80-Page Giant #2)

Displays very fast reflexes by turning around and splitting an arrow in half with his batarang at midway distance before it could reach him despite Green Arrow's intention to shoot him in the back (Gotham Knights #53)

 photo gothamknights53-batarangvsgreenarrow1.jpg photo gothamknights53-batarangvsgreenarrow2.jpg

Very impressively splits an arrow in half while its still in midair with his batarang after its shot at him despite being sneak attacked from the highly skilled Amazon warrior Artemis. In addition, he manages to break Artemis' bow with his batarang in the process (Superman Batman #9)

 photo supermanbatman9-artemis.jpg

Deflects a thrown blackjack right back at his attacker using a dumbbell weight and KOes him (Detective Comics #264)

Deflects a dagger thrown at him with a batarang just before its about to hit him (Batman #393)

Blocking & deflecting poisonious darts shot at him with incredible speed ("almost faster than the eye can follow") from Black Spider & Poison Ivy within close range, spliting Ivy's blow gun in half with his batarang before she could shoot another dart at him causing her to nearly choke on her own poisonious dart, and easily sidestepping Black Spider's darts shot within very close range then taking him down (Batman #400)

Legends of the Dark Knight #164

- Throws his batarang at 100mph knocking out the gunman holding a baby hostage before he can react. Quickly afterwards, he impressively catches the falling baby in under a second covering 10 feet in the process

- Steals the gun from a government agent before he can grab it

Despite being surrounded and greatly outnumbered by many armed guards, he's able to rush and disarm them before they can react (Legends of the Dark Knight #165)

Snatches the gun out of the hands of a cop and breaks her nose before she can react (Gotham Central #34)

Despite being cornered, he shown disarming and taking down the hungarian special police force using a very fast cyclone like attack and quickly finishes off the rest before they can even get the chance to shoot at him (Batman #282)

Snatches guns out the hands of gangsters before they can pull the trigger (Gotham Knights #28)

Very quickly disarms two gunmen at the same time in a sideways direction with a single batarang before they could even get the chance to aim/point their gun at him while restraining another gunman with 1 arm (Batman Eternal #27)

 photo batmaneternal27-batspeedvsguns.jpg

Drops down in between two booby trapped fully automated sentry guns and quickly disables them with his batarangs before they can even fire (Detective Comics #750)

Able to quickly steal a mother box away from Scarecrow via his bat-line before he notices and jumps through the boom tube (Superman Batman #39)

Cuts off Lobo's finger with his batarangs before Lobo even notices what's happened or can react to him (Batman Superman #29)

Batman cuts off Lobo's finger 1 photo batmansuperman29-batmancutsofflobosfingers1.jpgBatman cuts off Lobo's finger 2 photo batmansuperman29-batmancutsofflobosfingers2.jpg

Steals Kyle Rayner's Green Lantern power ring off his finger before he can react or even knows what's happened (The Batman Chronicles #15)

In their first meeting (Post-Flashpoint), he steals Hal Jordan's Green Lantern power ring off his finger before he can react or even knows what's happened then quickly deduces how a power ring works on a basic level (Justice League v2 #1)

Moves super humanly fast by using Aquaman as a human shield against Green Lantern's blast AFTER its fired at him despite his back being turned to begin with plus his attention being on Aquaman and Martian Manhunter at the time. Afterwords, he takes down Green Lantern using a cable line before he could do anything else (Batman Confidential #53 - You can see the rest of the battle in the Mobs/Teams Battle Tactics section)

 photo batvsjla-confidential4.jpg photo batvsjla-confidential5.jpg

Displays awesome speed as he's shown subduing Black Lightning with his grapnel gun, blinding Major Force with chemical foam, and knocking out Katana with a kick before they can even react or do anything (Superman Batman #4 - You can see the rest of the battle in the Mobs/Teams Battle Tactics section)

 photo supermanbatman4-superbatvsteamluthor1.jpg photo supermanbatman4-superbatvsteamluthor2.jpg

Despite Captain Cold holding him at gunpoint from behind and aiming at his head, he still swiftly KOes Captain Cold with an elbow strike while redirecting Cold's gun at Cyborg who's shot with a cold/freeze blast (Batman & Robin v2 #33)

 photo batmanrobin33-batspeed1.jpg photo batmanrobin33-batspeed2.jpg

Showcasing his dodging speed against 4 super powered people (who are enhanced with Bloom seeds that grants them super powers) who are attacking him at the same time and are unable to land a single attack against him. According to Alfred we learn this is likely due to his now newly improved body having been fully healed by the Dionesium (the formula that gives Talon's their super human abilities plus healing factor) he was exposed to that also seemingly boosted his physical abilities due to healing all the years of battle scars and wounds he endured throughout his crime fighting career (Batman v2 #50)

 photo batman50-batmanvbloompeople4.jpg photo batman50-batmanvbloompeople5.jpg

Is too fast for Coldsnap to hit with his ice blast and quickly KOes him with a nerve strike to the body after tricking him into freezing New-Wave (Batman and the Outsiders v1 #10)

 photo batoutsiders10-batvscoldwave1.jpg photo batoutsiders10-batvscoldwave2.jpg

Dodges Firestorm's nuclear blasts at close range while wearing a hazmat suit also displaying skill in the process (Brave and the Bold #172)

Batman vs Mind Controlled Firestorm p4 photo bravebold172-batmanvsfirestorm4.jpgBatman vs Mind Controlled Firestorm p5 photo bravebold172-batmanvsfirestorm5.jpg

In the time it takes a monk to blink, Batman is able to switch his cup with super human like speed, thus making sure it's the monk who drinks the poison he himself put in Batman's cup (Batman #681)

Defeats Deadshot in an old wild west quick draw battle reacting faster then him plus breaking his jaw (Batman 80-Page Giant #2)


Reacts faster than Darkseid by shooting and badly wounding the evil god before the Omega Sanction could reach him (Final Crisis #6)

Surprise-attacked by the Composite Superman (artificial lifeform created with the DNA of, among others, Batman and Superman, mistaken here for the kryptonian), Bats is quick enough to first dodge his heat-vision, than to reflect it back to him with a lead-backed mirror (Superman Batman Annual #3)

Sensing that something is amiss, Bats is able to dodge a sneak attack via heat vision attack and seemingly 2 batarangs, before being taken out by a super speeding Titan Tomorrow Superman (Teen Titans #50)

Able to duck out of the away of Superman's super speed punch from behind him although it is noted how Dessad's mind control slowed him down a bit (Superman Batman #39)

Quickly tossing aside a bomb from the Joker before it detonates on Impulse (Bart Allen aka Kid Flash) who had no idea what it was thus saving him. Afterwards, he's shown catching/grabbing Impulse by the hair who's moving around him annoyingly at super speed then quickly disappearing out of sight before he could turn around amazing the young speedster (Impulse #50)

Proves fast enough to dodge then catch/take down Kid Flash (Wally West) with a single blow, take down Wonder Girl (Donna Troy) seemingly using her own momentum against her via her lasso, and break Speedy's (Roy Harper aka Arsenal) gas arrow before he can fire a shot at him causing the gas to back fire (Teen Titans Year One #3)


Able to react fast enough to blind and confuse The Flash (Barry Allen) with a smoke bomb despite his super speed which also takes him down (Batman Confidential #53 - You can see the rest of the battle in the Mobs/Teams Battle Tactics section)

 photo batvsjla-confidential1.jpg photo batvsjla-confidential2.jpg

Able to react fast enough to launch an attack of sonics against Johnny Quick (evil verison of the Flash from an alternate earth) but the attack fails since Johnny is moving fast enough to nullify the sound and easily takes Batman out the battle field (JLA #111)

Takes out Targa (a meta human able to form force shields with his mind) with a batarang before he can even react who was the biggest threat among this team who all happen to be members of the League of Assassins (Green Arrow & Black Canary #10)

Examples of Batman dodging, evading, and defending against bullets/gunfire using his speed

A rookie Batman evades uzis' shots at close range fired by him then quickly disarms and captures him (Batman Confidential #1)

Moving too fast for Ra's Al Ghul's assassins to shoot and get a good aim at (Batman Annual #8)

Despite being in an uncomfortable position, having his hands injured and having endured a climb while hanging from the elevator's steel cable and dodging cinder blocks thrown at him, Batman is able to dodge 12 of 16 bullets after they are fired by the KGBeast (of the remaining 4, only one hits him, in the shoulder) (Batman #419)

Dodges Hush's gunshots head on while displaying very fast reflex speed and very skilled marksmanship at the sametime disarming Hush of both his guns plus hits Hush right in the center of his helmet with pinpoint accuracy (Batman Eternal #34)

 photo batmaneternal34-hushtarget.jpg

Rushing various gunmen straight up while ducking and dodging gunfire from other thugs from different angles (Detective Comics #743)

Makes a pretty far jump from a rooftop straight through a window into another building then quickly eludes automatic gunfire with dot laser sites pointed at him. Afterwards, he disappears out of sight and takes out the hired mercenaries (Legends of the Dark Knight #185)

Despite having just withstood a tank blast, he shown running towards the tanker firing at him and easily evading bullets head on as he closes the distance between the shooter and himself using raw movement speed then takes the shooter/tanker down (Batman v2 #38)

Batman vs Tanker 2 photo batman38-batmanvstanker2.jpg

Moving in between bullets being fired at him with amazing agility closing the gap and hitting the shooter aka The Reaper (Detective Comics #577)

Shown using his acrobatic skill to dodge sub machine gunfire at close range and quickly close the distance to take down the impostor Batman shooter (Detective Comics v2 #10)

 photo batagilityvsmachinegun.jpg

Eludes sub machine gun fire at close range then using impressive acrobatics and speed he closes the gap between them and takes down the gunman. Afterwards, he ducks sub machine gun fired from behind him without looking, quickly KOes the gunman with his batarang, and catches a runner with his grapnel gun (Gotham Knights #27)

Dodging and evading sniper fire from the GCPD using agility, speed, and stealth (Legends of the Dark Knight #174)

Dodging and evading GCPD helicopter gunfire then blinding them with smoke clouds (Justice League v2 #1)

Surrounded on both sides, he jumps above the machine gun fire in front of him despite being at close range then takes down the mercenary. Afterwards, he's shown moving fast enough to stay out of the line of fire from a helicopter that's firing chain-guns & rockets at him within close range while having to hold and protect a kid in the process. Despite this, he's able to skillfully use the kid's dagger to then take out the helicopter (see the Marksmanship webpage to see how he does it) (Batman #576)

Along with Robin, Bats manages to evade ultra-modern, silent military copters with motion detector and piloted by elite commandos, out to kill the dynamic duo (Batman: Outlaws #1)

Shown moving with amazing speed as he saves a man from being run over by a train then impressively dodges sub machine gun fire afterwards (Legends of the Dark Knight #176)

Dodges an unexpected gunshot a point blank range from Clayface (who's morphed into Commissioner Gordon) then counter attacking showcasing his impressive reflexes (The Dark Knight v2 #22)

 photo thedarkknight22-clayfacegordon1.jpg photo thedarkknight22-clayfacegordon2.jpg

Showing off impressive speed as he dives under bullets shot at him from two different sides at close range, disarms the man with a shotgun before he can react again then KOes him, and quickly leans back out the way of bullets only itches away from his body (like Neo from the Matrix :D) (Detective Comics #785)

Quickly ducking under silenced gunshots at close range then disarming Kyle Abbot of his gun who fails in his attempt to sneak attack Batman from behind (Detective Comics #745)

Batman Confidential #15

- Despite the cops not giving a proper warning beforehand, he amazingly moves fast enough to dodge bullets that are shot at him (by the GCPD) behind his back while he was still distracted and interrogating The Wrath

- Impressively evades 5,000 rounds per minute within close range even to the surprise of his evil counterpart The Wrath who has no idea how he completely disappeared out of sight and evaded that much gunfire within such close range

Disappears out of sight from the Suicide Squad in front of him despite Deadshot shooting rapidly at him within close range (Outsiders v3 #50)


Ducks under a bullet fired at point blank range from Deadshot then takes him down with 1 punch (Suicide Squad #10)

Charging head on at the Wetworks member known as Pilgrim (who's a master marksman especially with a sniper rifle) while dodging automatic gunfire from her hyperkinetic rail gun then knocking her out with a punch despite her invulnerability due to the golden symbiote on her body (Convergence Batman Shadow of the Bat #2)

 photo conshadowofthebat2-batmanvspilgrim1.jpgBatman vs Pilgrim (Wetworks) photo conshadowofthebat2-batmanvspilgrim2.jpg

Detects a bullet fired by a sniper after its shot at him from behind his back and impressively dodges it but was unable to get Mr. Freeze out the way in time. He then quickly deals with the sniper with mini batarangs showing off reflex speed and marksmanship (Detective Comics #804)

Displays extremely fast reflex speed as he blocks a bullet with a chair that's shot at him while his back his turned to the shooter (faking being asleep) who he takes out afterwords with the same chair (Brave and the Bold #193)

 photo bravebold193-batreflexspeed.jpg

Knocks down two cops using a skillful acrobatic manuever before they could shoot at him, displays some super human like reflex speed by deflecting a rifle gunshot at very close range with a shovel, and finishes things off by using the shovel as a throwing weapon to break the rifle in half before the same cop could even get off another shot displaying amazing reflex speed, power, and marksmanship (Detective Comics #447)

Blocks/deflects away gunshots at close range using a chain then KOing then gunman (Batman Black and White #2: Monster Maker)

Shown literally punching (deflecting) away a bullet (Batman Confidential #32)

He is fast enough to deflect bullets shot at him with a machine-gun (Batman Confidential #33)

Despite being shot at by surprise attack while thought to be distracted, The Dark Knight is still fast enough to deflect 3 bullets with just 1 of his armored gauntlet gloves easily then scares the shooter into giving up quickly (Batman & Catwoman v2 #22/Batman & Robin v2 #22)

 photo batmancatwoman22-batmanvspowersoldiers2.jpg photo batmancatwoman22-batfear.jpg