What is Batman's strength level? - How strong is Batman/Bruce Wayne

While still in training before he became Batman, he's shown bench pressing a lot of weight for practice (The Legend of the Batman by Jim Lee & Jeph Loeb)

Young Bruce Wayne (still a rookie Batman) working out going through what was his normal weight training routine. Notice in the 2nd picture how he's working out despite being injured even to the point where the weights start to break displaying uncanny strength and stamina (Batman Tenses #1 & 2)

Easily carrying a full bar of weight that a man was bench pressing with only 1 hand and using it like a bowling ball (Batman #264)

Bruce working out despite his broken back at the time (Shadow of the Bat #21)


Bruce is shown bench pressing/lifting well over 1000Ibs (notice the number 500 on the plate) which seems to be a regular part of his daily routine presently (Batman #655)

Supporting the weight of an 1000Ibs ceiling (Detective Comics #484)


Shoving a stuck railroad car using his legs with enough force to get it moving and mentioning that the max weight that he can leg press is 2,500Ibs (Batman Odyssey #2)

Able to prevent a speeding getaway car from driving/moving forward using his grapnel gun and impressive strength (Batman & Two Face v2 #25)

Bat Strength photo batmantwoface25-batstrength.jpg

While very high in the sky and hanging on by a cable line, he's let go into an airplane jet engine that threatens to kill him yet he's able to prevent being fatally sucked in by the jet engine through raw strength and toughness then climbs up onto one of the jet plane's wings to get away from the jet engine (Batman v2 #11)

Lifts/moves a giant beam (off panel) over the basement door trapping the GCPD SWAT team inside who are unable to really lift it. Also, notice the small comment on Batman's amazing strength while attempting to move it (Batman #406)

Lifts and holds up a large beam from a collapsed building enabling the trapped monks under it to get out. These beam types usually weigh between 800-1000Ibs or more (Batman Annual #21)

Supports the weight of well over a ton of debris (with some help from a small beam) that has several people trapped under it long enough for them to get out (Shadow of the Bat #74)


Detective Comics #617

At a benefit dinner that Bruce Wayne is attending we see a giant sized ancient totem pole that's on display for everyone


Later on, the giant totem pole (these types usually weigh well over a ton or more in size) drops on his legs trapping him under the pole and injuring him. Despite this, through sheer motivation he's able to lift the totem pole off him just enough to get free (Detective Comics #617)


Catching and holding up a golden sarcophagus on his back then catching and holding a second one (while very impressively still holding up the first) with his cable line supporting the weight of well over 2 tons (one Egyptian statue of this type in the real world weighs 1 ton). What makes this even more impressive is that Batman has to wait (the time is unknown) until the first security guard (who Batman is standing over protecting) wakes up before he could drop the first Sarcophagus off his back and then wait until the second guard is clear from danger before dropping the other Sarcophagus. In addition, he's still amazingly able to keep his mind active by deducing that something is wrong with Man-Bat while having to support both Sarcophagi at the same time (Gotham After Midnight #2)

Using only 1 arm he lifts Solomon Grundy (who's charging at him) over his head then slams him down hard to the ground which is impressive since Solomon Grundy weighs somewhere between at least 500Ibs to 700Ibs (Batman v3 #2)

 photo batman2-batmanvsolomongrundy1.jpg photo batman2-batmanvsolomongrundy2.jpg photo batman2-batmanvsolomongrundy3.jpg photo batman2-batmanvsolomongrundy4.jpg

Swinging around a 600 pound Man-Bat with ease with his grapnel gun (Batman #656)

Despite having to free himself from a straitjacket and benchpress a coffin lid through 600 pounds of loose soil that's suffocating him, Bats is able to break free from his own grave (literally). All this while not being in top shape to begin with due to having not rested for days, been subjected to drugs, and Joker's new Venom without time to properly recover (Batman #681)

Is trapped in a steel vault underwater as Bruce Wayne but manages to pull the sheet steel vault door open with brute strength (Shadow of the Bat #8-9)


Pulls open car trunk underwater rescuing a little girl (Detective Comics #726)


Uprooting a metal duct that he's tied to with ease also showing off agility in the process (Batman: Shadow of the Bat #87)


Despite being having not slept for a week, being heavily drugged, tortured, and chained up by his wrists he's still able to break a metal water pipe in half and free himself (Batman Eternal #17)

 photo batmaneternal17-thecult1.jpg photo batmaneternal17-thecult2.jpg photo batmaneternal17-thecult3.jpg photo batmaneternal17-thecult4.jpg photo batmaneternal17-thecult5.jpg

Contains an explosion within a metal garbage can keeping it from destroying a lobby (Shadow of the Bat #12)

Pinned to a brick wall by a net, he rips himself free also taking out a chunk of the brick wall he was pinned too (Gotham After Midnight #8)

Impressively frees himself from the high tech steel restraints wrapped around his body through brute strength and willpower despite being mentally tortured by The Anchoress as well (Batman Annual v2 #2)

Batman vs The Anchoress p3 photo batmanannual2-batmanvsanchoress3.jpgBatman vs The Anchoress p4 photo batmanannual2-batmanvsanchoress4.jpgBatman vs The Anchoress p6 photo batmanannual2-batmanvsanchoress6.jpgBatman vs The Anchoress p12 photo batmanannual2-batmanvsanchoress12.jpg

Breaking apart Ra's Al Ghul's damascus steel sword with his batarangs (Batman The Chalice)

Bends the barrel of a gun with ease


Breaking a gun in half (Gotham Knights #28)

Easily breaks a handgun in half with 1 hand while being shot several times at close range with no affect (Batman & Two Face v2 #25)

The Bat Hates Guns photo batmantwoface25-batmanvsguns.jpg

Easily breaking apart Deadshot's wrist gun gauntlets with his bare hands (Legends of the Dark Knight #214)

Ripping out a steering wheel easily (Legends of the Dark Knight #172)

Ripping out prison bars easily (Long Halloween #8)


KOes a super human (off panel) then instructs Batgirl to use enough force to crush a normal human's skull in order to keep the super human unconscious which she does. Afterwards, he seen restraining the super human by bending metal or steel bars around his body (Batgirl #33)


Breaking steel handcuffs (Batman #404)


Easily breaks steel handcuffs that are locked around his ankle despite being injured (Batman v2 #26)

 photo batman26-anklehandcuffs.jpg

Easily breaks a steel chain handcuff with 1 hand (Batman #601)


Rips through nailed metal in a train car and pulls out the train's hydraulics cord easily (Batman #602)


A weakened Batman pulls steel chains out of the wall (Shadow of the Bat #4)


Snaps the spine of a shark with chains then breaks through a glass shark tank with a wheelchair despite the water resistance holding him back (Batman #251)

Snaps the neck of a leopard trained to kill (Batman #232)


Wrestles with and chokes out Catman's tiger (Detective Comics #612)

Caught suddenly in a very dangerous Cape Buffalo stampede, he lassos one charging towards him by the horns with his bat-line then displays super human like strength by literally stopping AND holding down the Cape Buffalo which in turn stops another one and uses both for shelter as he's seen holding both down at the same time to escape/survive the stampede (Batman #282)

Forces a thug to stab himself with his own knife by twisting his arm which also brutally breaks the thug's elbow (Batman The Dark Knight v2 #27)

The Bat Punisher photo thedarknight27-batpunisher.jpg

Easily swings a man behind his back very fast with one hand taking out two thugs behind him before they could even get the chance to use there weapons against him (Batman Eternal #27)

 photo batmaneternal27-batswingstrength.jpg

Easily lifting a commando off the ground by the neck with 1 hand (Gotham Knights #31)

Vs Qayin - Batman: Son of the Demon

A very strong assassin who completey snapped the rib cage of a man in half with his bare hands

Overpowering Qayin in a fight then lifting him up off the ground by the neck with 1 hand and taking him down

Easily breaking/snapping Trigger's arms who's wearing power armor (Batman Odyssey v1 #6)

Breaks a Man-Bat's arm easily (Detective Comics v2 #19)

 photo detective19-batarmbreaker.jpg

While fighting Killer Croc (enhanced Hush virus version), he impales his own shoulder by mistake yet despite the wound he still manages to physically overpower and defeat Croc with his bare hands by cracking Croc's jaw open (Gotham After Midnight #7)

Held down and beaten on by a large group of super powered aliens so badly that he begins to bleed internally despite this he fights through the pain and forces himself free of their hold with brute strength enabling him to stun them with his sonics and is then rescued by the Justice League (Batman Confidential #54)

How hard does Batman hit? - Incredible feats that display Batman's hitting power and force in action

Chopping his hand through bricks and kicking down a tree for practice (Batman #404)


Breaks a thick branch off a tree with a punch (Detective Comics v2 #27 - Welcome to Gothtopia)

 photo detective27-gothtopia4.jpg photo detective27-gothtopia5.jpg

Kicks Jack in the Box through a concrete column despite the entire left side of his body being completely numb and the right side of his body also being weakened due to being injected with a paralytic drug beforehand (Detective Comics v2 #3)

 photo detective3-batkickvsjackinthebox.jpg

Batman #406

- Kicking down a concrete column despite being badly injured due to being shot several times beforehand

- Right afterwards he punches a GCPD SWAT cop through a brick wall resulting in the cop suffering internal injuries

Easily breaks through a brick wall just to get to someone (Detective Comics v2 #8)

Despite being drugged, a rookie Batman defeats several corrupt cops quickly and breaks the ribs of one of them (who's wearing protective armor) sending him flying hard against a brick wall with a mere kick (Batman Mad Monk #1)

Kicks car hood off speeding car (Detective Comics #617)


Punching through the hood of a car (Batman Chronicles: The Gauntlet)


Lands on top of a car with enough force to cause a huge dent in the roof (Detective Comics v2 #4)

Lands on top of a car with enough force to crush the roof almost completely (Batwing #25)

 photo batwing25-batlanding1.jpg photo batwing25-batlanding2.jpg

Cuts clean through the barrel of a gun with a single toss from one of his batarangs which also showcases just how sharp his batarangs are (Batman: Europa #1)

 photo batmaneuropa1-batarangvsgun1.jpg photo batmaneuropa1-batarangvsgun2.jpg

Easily breaks The Wrath's assault rifle in half with a fist (Detective Comics v2 #23)

Batman hates guns photo detective23-batnolikeguns.jpg

Punches huge dents into a motorcycle helmet then easily fixing them with 1 punch (Catwoman #18)

 photo catwoman18-batpunch1.jpg photo catwoman18-batpunch2.jpg photo catwoman18-batpunch3.jpg

Rapidly dying/weakening from exposure to poisonous gas in a trapped room set for him by Talia, he still manages to put a huge crack in a reinforced glass window made to withstand a bazooka blast after repeated blows. However, he proves unable to finish breaking it due to being too weakened by the gas (Batman Chronicles #8)


Hurls Dr. Death through a reinforced door made to withstand missiles (Batgirl #44)


Kicks down a steel door (Batman #606)

Splits a small motorcycle in half with a single kick (Nightwing v2 #30)

Batman vs Nightwing p7 photo nightwing30-batmanvsnightwing7.jpg

With impressive striking power he causes a large motorcycle speeding directly at him to flip over and crash into a wall including the driver by just kicking it (Grayson #2)

Batman vs Motorcycle photo grayson2-batmanvsmotorcycle.jpg

Despite being physically weakened due to his previous battle with Heretic (and just escaping a deathtrap), he's still more than capable of breaking a steel sword in half easily with a barefoot kick (Batman Incorporated v2 #9)

 photo batmaninc9-batfootsword1.jpg photo batmaninc9-batfootsword2.jpg

Knocks out an animal of alien origin with a kick (Batman and the Outsiders v1 #29)

Accurately & skillfully kicking a huge pool ball into a rack of pool balls taking out 4 henchmen in the process (Detective Comics #573)

Bat Pool Game p1 photo detective573-batpoolball1.jpgBat Pool Game p2 photo detective573-batpoolball2.jpg

Hits a thug so hard with an elbow strike that he not only breaks the thug's arm but also causes it to burst open blood (Batman #677)

 photo batman677-batelbowstrike.jpg

Surprises Nightwing with a powerful backhanded punch that knocks him down and precisely knocks out a hidden tooth that even Dick didn't know was there just to prove his point (Batman v2 #7)

Gets the better of Bane in a fight and knocks him through a ship steel door then down a flight of stairs (Batman: Bane)

Although badly wounded, he's still strong enough to hurt a very powerful venom enhanced Bane with a punch to the throat which forces Bane to open his mouth and allows Bruce feed him the antidote to his venom toxin. To get an idea as to how powerful the venom toxin is, see the Batman (venom enhanced) vs Superman and Batman vs Bane (venom enhanced) battles in the Endurance Stamina Section (The Dark Knight v2 #7)

Has knocked out Killer Croc (pre-Hush virus) with 1 punch something that not even Bane nor any other street level fighter (that's known of) has done (Batman 80-Page Giant #2)

KOes a venom enhanced Arkham Inmate (Ragdoll?) with 1 punch and several others using batarangs. To get an idea of how powerful this new venom toxin is notice that one Arkham security guard mentions how the inmates were strong enough to break free from their unbreakable restraints plus how all the inmates easily overpowered the heavily armored Arkham security guards despite being on maximum security lockdown. Also, see the Batman (venom enhanced) vs Superman and Batman vs Bane (venom enhanced) battles in the Endurance Stamina Section (Batman The Dark Knight v2 #1)

KOes a meta human (who seems to display super human physical abilities) who was formidable & powerful enough to get the better of Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) (Batgirl #49)

KOes the super human Manhunter (Paul DeKirk who also has a healing factor) with an elbow to the face then breaks all Manhunter's weapons with his bare hands (Power Company #15)

Despite being extremely weakened (see the Endurance stamina section to see how badly hurt he is), he's still more than strong enough to punch the super human assassin Talon (who also has a healing factor) through an engraved marble wall which finishes him off (Batman v2 #6)

KOes a Talon by punching him through a reinforced steel door (Detective Comics v2 #9)

KOes Deathstroke with a surprise kick to the face despite Slade having super human durability plus a healing factor (Superman Batman Annual #1)


KOes a parademon with a surprise punch saving the Earth 2 Alfred from being killed (Batman Superman #12)

 photo batmansuperman12-batpunchparademon1.jpg photo batmansuperman12-batpunchparademon2.jpg photo batmansuperman12-batpunchparademon3.jpg

Able to dent the Red Hood's helmet with a head butt and knock him down despite Red Hood's helmet being bullet proof as shown in the first image (Batman v2 #24)

 photo batman24-redhoodhelmet.jpg photo batman24-batheadbutt.jpg

Easily shatters Mr. Freeze's bulletproof helmet and subdues him (Brightest Day #14)

Hawk & Dove #6
Vs Blockbuster - The New 52 version who still displays a high level of super strength and invulnerability just as the original Blockbuster did

Hawk & Dove (the super powered physical embodiment of the Lords of Order and Chaos who both have super strength and enhanced durability among other powers) are unable to stop or even so much as truly hurt Blockbuster who easily overpowers them both despite being double teamed. Also, notice how Hawk admits and is shown to be no match for Blockbuster beforehand

Batman's attacks are powerful enough to stagger, hurt, and even make the super strong and invulnerable Blockbuster groggy (as noted by Hawk himself who praises Batman's skills) which softens/weakens Blockbuster enough for Hawk to finish him off who delivers the final blow