Good Showings


Is sneak attacked by an Amazon warrior and impressively snatches both her staff and sword away from her and is seen using both weapons right back against her to win the fight (Wonder Woman v3 #10)

Gains the upper hand on Soldier (Ultimate Captain America inspired character) although to be fair Soldier does has an injured arm (Superman Batman #21)

Easily dodging and knocking down the physically more powerful Jean Paul Valley/Azbats with a single kick. See the Strategy/Tactics webpage and his fight with Batman to see some of Azrael/Jean Paul Valley's super human feats to get an idea how powerful he was at the time (Azrael #91)

Azrael (Jean Paul Valley) and Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) are unable to subdue an enraged Batman who has been effected by the Key's drug that unlocked his will to kill (Batman: Gotham Knights #5)

Still badly weakened & recovering from his recent encounter while trapped inside the Court of Owls Labyrinth (see the Endurance>Stamina section), he's unexpectedly ambushed inside Wayne Manor by four Talons. He's shown quickly taking down a Talon with a kick then impales another down by pinning the Talon to the roof tiles (Batman #8)

Shown successfully fighting 2 Talons at the same time (besting one of them) until he's pinned down by one Talon via surprise attack as their battle is then broken up (Detective Comics v2 #9)

Gets the better of Nobody (Morgan Duncard the son/protege of the legendary manhunter/mercernary Henri Duncard who Bruce also trained under as well) in hth combat until Nobody uses his powerful ultrasound weapon to severally weaken him. We then see Nobody set Bruce up to be blindsided by a speeding car which takes him out. Also, be sure see their other battles as shown in the Endurance (Stamina), Martial Arts (Battles) and Strategy/Tactics (Enhanced/Super Powered/Meta Humans) webpages on the site (Batman & Robin v2 #3)

Ultimately fights Catman (who's also fought Bronze Tiger in a brutal fight roughly to a draw) to a stalemate although its Catman who concedes to Batman ending the battle (Secret Six #2)

Despite Bane retaining his super human strength (according to Batman's words which aren't refuted by Bane) since being off the Venom enhancement drug, Batman still manages to get the better of him but the fight isn't finished because Bane forces the Dark Knight to choose between continuing the battle or saving innocents from a bomb with Batman obviously choosing the latter (Detective Comics #736)

Vs Ra's Al Ghul

Battles Ra's Al Ghul evenly in a sword fight for hours until their battle is interrupted by a scorpion that takes Batman out of the fight ending their stalemate (Batman #244)

Battles Ra's Al Ghul to a stalemate in hand to hand combat for an hour before the fight is broken up (Batman Annual #8)

Fights Ra's Al Ghul to a stalemate before their fight is broken up by Talia despite having just fought off a small team of his League of Assassins, Ubu (who injured his ribs while fighting underwater), and being stabbed with Ra's' broken damascus sword (Batman The Chalice)

Battles Ra's Al Ghul to a stalemate in a sword fight although its the Demon's Head who has the slight upper hand in their battle (Detective Comics #839)

In a test of skill, he does well against nigh unbeatable & untouchable martial arts master known as The Sensei without being beaten that ends with him landing a punch that doesn't draw blood (due to Sensei's perfect control over his own body) while The Sensei's attack does draw blood showing the clear difference in martial arts mastery between them (Batman Odyssey v2 #3)

Vs KGBeast (Ten Nights of the Beast - Batman #419-420)

Bats has to face KGBeast, a smart & resourceful Russian uber killer with enhanced physical stats and great skills (some years later he will resurface more physically powerful but seemingly less smart & skilled). The Beast wants to kill the US President & the responsible parties of the Star Wars program and had the Dark Knight beat in their first encounter (Batman was saved by the fact that the Russian fled 'cause he thought Bats had back-up). In their second round, despite starting in an uncomfortable position and with one shoulder injured by one of the 16 shots the Beast fired at him, Batman manages to disarm & injure him and to tie his arm in such a way the killer has to cut his own hand off to escape

In their last clash, KGBeast is using an artificial hand armed with a gun, a bayonet, and a gas thrower yet the Dark Knight still manages to neutralize his weapons and get the better of him. Finally, Bruce chases him down to a room with no exit, before closing the steel door of said room & leaving the Beast trapped there.

Vs NKVDemon (Batman #445-447)

Battles the protege of KGbeast known as NKVDemon who's also a super human assassin that's completely impervious to pain for the first time to an inconclusive stalemate although NVKDemon clearly has the upper hand. However, Batman is able to even the odds by using a martial arts move similar to a triangle choke hold to lock him down long enough for the police to arrive to break up their battle as NKVDemon then escapes

Injuried due to his previous battle with NKVDemon, Batman confronts NKVDemon for the final time disarming him of his knife by impressively breaking his hand in the process then disarming him of his gun before he could shoot using his own knife right back against him to do so. They end up locked in a stalemate with Bruce holding him at gun point (which is kinda out of character for him) and NKVDemon threating to blow everyone up before he's takin out by surprise.

Coming to Aquaman's aid, Batman briefly battles NKVDemon II the student of the original NKVDemon who's impressed with the way Batman fights and is wondering if Batman is human or not since he's able to keep up with him so easily in speed as we see Bruce mostly dominate their melee fight until NKVDemon retreats. It should be noted that NKVDemon was able to give even Aquaman a tough battle afterwards (Aquaman v2 #8)

Vs Deathstroke aka Slade Wilson

Deathstroke is a highly skilled super human trained soldier with a healing factor that uses 90 percent of his brain capacity making him a strategic and tactical combat genius on the same level as Batman. In addition, he holds the reputation of being known as the world's best assassin.

Deathstroke #7-8

- Despite using no weaponry, Batman proves more then capable of giving Deathstroke a tough battle even dodging the laser blast from his staff then disarming him of it. However, he is ultimately beaten due to Slade's superior physical stats combined with the fact that Slade is a more ruthless fighter than Batman on average.

- As a result of his recent battle with Batman, Slade is shown patching up his wounds and gives Batman more credit/respect then he has any other fighter (even to this day) by mentioning that Batman is the best fighter he's ever fought against. On top of that, Slade mentions how he'd hate to fight Batman if his physical stats hadn't been enhanced and that he'd be feeling the pain for days despite his healing factor. Even today, no other fighter has managed to do this much damage against Deathstroke in single combat.

- Further showing how badly injured Deathstroke was in his battle with Batman, we see Slade being beaten up by a man (who comments on his injures) with his hands immobilized (who later gets free) and has to be saved by outside interference.

Detective Comics #710

Round 1
Fights Deathstroke again who gets the better of him

Round 2
The second time around we see Batman this time get the better of Slade until Batman's punch is caught and he is knocked down with Slade foolishly turning his back on him. It's a mistake Slade pays for dearly as we then see Batman quickly recover from the attack then wrestle Slade to the ground and get the better of him. To end things, we see Batman quickly knocks out Deathstroke with his own rifle just as Slade pulls out his sword not even giving Deathstroke the chance to use it against him who then is subdued

Battles a physically much younger Deathstroke (who claims to be a little weaker although no physical weakness has been shown since he's been turned into a younger version of himself) in a brutal melee battle that goes back and forth with Slade ultimately getting the upper hand due to Batman not going for the kill when he had the chance too according to Slade. In addition, Batman is still seen fighting back before their battle is interrupted and ended by Harley Quinn who sets off numerous bombs burying them both under a huge pile of debris from the building they were inside of. This is a very good showing considering the fact that even the top tier martial artist & League of Assassins member well known as Bronze Tiger was no match for Slade when they fought and was easily beaten unlike Batman who actually was dominating the battle at two different points during their fight which Deathstroke actually admitted to himself (Deathstroke v3 #5)

Batman vs Deathstroke 1 photo deathstroke5-batmanvsdeathstroke1.jpgBatman vs Deathstroke 2 photo deathstroke5-batmanvsdeathstroke2.jpgBatman vs Deathstroke 3 photo deathstroke5-batmanvsdeathstroke3.jpgBatman vs Deathstroke 4 photo deathstroke5-batmanvsdeathstroke4.jpgBatman vs Deathstroke 5 photo deathstroke5-batmanvsdeathstroke5.jpgBatman vs Deathstroke 6 photo deathstroke5-batmanvsdeathstroke6.jpgBatman vs Deathstroke 7 photo deathstroke5-batmanvsdeathstroke7.jpgBatman vs Deathstroke 8 photo deathstroke5-batmanvsdeathstroke8.jpgBatman vs Deathstroke 9 photo deathstroke5-batmanvsdeathstroke9.jpgBatman vs Deathstroke 10 photo deathstroke5-batmanvsdeathstroke10.jpgBatman vs Deathstroke 11 photo deathstroke5-batmanvsdeathstroke11.jpg


Taking out power armored soldiers with speed, agility, and weaponry (Batman & Catwoman v2 #22/Batman & Robin v2 #22)

 photo batmancatwoman22-batmanvspowersoldiers1.jpg photo batmancatwoman22-batmanvspowersoldiers2.jpg

Shown doing his part to battle Nero's yellow contructs that have overrun the city by taking out 2 of them at the sametime using grenades and another one off panel (Green Lantern v3 #135)

Takes down a Red Lantern using pure skill (Red Lanterns Annual #1)

Batman vs Red Lantern photo redlanternsannual1-batmanvsredlantern.jpg

KOes a guy wearing an intangible Superman powered costume (notice how even Superboy flies through him and feels cold afterwards) using sonics which also short circuits the phasing tech (Batman and Superman World's Finest #9)

KOes a woman who's power is flight and manipulating human flesh to her will using sonics. We also see Batman impressively resisting and breaking her power hold/control over his body with brute strength and willpower (Legends of the Dark Knight #204-205)


Knocks out a jokerized Dr. Light (Joker Last Laugh #4)

Takes out Mano with a skillful toss (The Brave and the Bold #3)

Puts down Grunt with a skillful toss as he's charging towards him (JLA #98)

Gaining the upper hand on Black Manta in a large crowd of super villians (Superman Batman #3)

Battles Eddie Hurst who's been driven insane due to a magical stone (the Randori Stone) granting him super strength, speed, and invulnerability. While Bruce proves unable to stop or hurt him physically (at least until Eddie's power begins fades away at the ending), he does impressively manage to hold his own against him the entire time with skill and weaponry without being beaten while withstanding a ton of punishment. To get an idea the level of power that the stone grants the user check out Detective Comics #789 where Batman takes possession of the stone and gains inhuman super powers (Detective Comics #788)

Vs Ultimate Clayface alongside Poison Ivy and with assists from Robin (Batman #568 and Detective Comics #735)

Round 1

Round 2


Although weakened he's still able to hold his own against a very angry and powerful Clayface then manage to escape (Detective Comics v2 #15)


Holds his own against a giant sized Clayface using his gadgets (blowing Clayface apart then electrocuting him) before Superman shows up and quickly subdues Clayface by freezing him with his artic/cold breath (Batman Superman #28)

 photo batmansuperman28-batmanvsclayface1.jpg photo batmansuperman28-batmanvsclayface2.jpg photo batmansuperman28-batmanvsclayface3.jpg photo batmansuperman28-batmanvsclayface4.jpg photo batmansuperman28-batmanvsclayface5.jpg

Fights a even more powerful venom enhanced Clayface (who's shapeshifted into a large muscle bound Joker in attempt to deceive Batman which doesn't work) and holds his own well in melee combat without being beaten until the venom toxin inside Clayface's body wears off which ultimately ends their battle. To get an idea as to how powerful the venom toxin is, see the Batman (venom enhanced) vs Superman and Batman vs Bane (venom enhanced) battles in the Endurance Stamina Section (The Dark Knight v2 #3)

Ambushed while inside his batplane by the super human assassin Deathstroke who's been injected with a venom toxin making Slade much more powerful and hostile then before, he's still able to fight Slade off (making Slade feel pain with a kick to the leg) and escape. However, he's forced into a lethal freefall that he saves himself from and walks away just fine. To get an idea as to how powerful the venom toxin is, see the Batman (venom enhanced) vs Superman and Batman vs Bane (venom enhanced) battles in the Endurance Stamina Section (The Dark Knight v2 #4)

Hurts Phobos the god of fear (possessing Scarecrow's body) with a flare to the eyes then uses his speed to easily sidestep him (Wonder Woman v2 #165)

Fairs well against Morgaine Le Fey (a very powerful sorceress) causing a spell to backfire on her, deprieving her of possible weapons, and dodging her blasts (Trinity #16)

Batman surprise-attacks Starman Will Payton (who can fly at super-speed, has super-strength, plus super human endurance among the other powers he has), affecting him with a blow, catching one punch and tossing him on the ground (Starman V1 #34)

Holds his own against a more powerful Atomic Skull by dodging all his attacks until he's blinded by Batzarro out of no where enabling Atomic Skull to knock him down in a daze with Superman then coming to his aid. Notice then how Atomic Skull is able to surprise even Superman with his speed which Clark points out who's also knocked down by Atomic Skull's attack proving that he's much more powerful then he's ever been. This makes Batman's battle with Atomic Skull all the more impressive since Batman was clearly very far outmatched physically yet was able to dodge Atomic Skull's attacks plus take a hit to the face unprepared due to being blinded by outside interference and still not get seriously hurt or even KOed (Superman Batman #21)

Easily countering Wonder Woman's every move while trying to reason with her even cleverly escaping her magical lasso with Diana finally resorting to using her super powers (rock thrown at super speed followed by a super strong punches) to overpower Batman (JLA: League of One)

Gains the upperhand on Supergirl's dark self with a flash bomb (blinding her temporarily) then avoids being hit by her heatvision just before he's pinned down by her artic breath successfully stalling her long enough for Superman and Wonder Woman to show up (Supergirl #5)

In his first meeting with Clark Kent (before he became Superman) not knowing who he is and how powerful he is we see Batman use most of his weaponry against Clark with no affect then withstand being slammed against a wall. We then see him use a powerful flash bomb batarang to blind Clark which allows him to disappear and escape the battle (Superman American Alien #4)

Batman vs Clark Kent 1 photo supermanamericanalien4-batmanvclarkkent1.jpgBatman vs Clark Kent 2 photo supermanamericanalien4-batmanvclarkkent2.jpgBatman vs Clark Kent 3 photo supermanamericanalien4-batmanvclarkkent3.jpgBatman vs Clark Kent 4 photo supermanamericanalien4-batmanvclarkkent4.jpgBatman vs Clark Kent 5 photo supermanamericanalien4-batmanvclarkkent5.jpg

Despite being ambushed, a rookie Dark Knight is able to hold his own against a rookie Man of Steel in a brief battle before they're stopped (Batman Superman #3)

Rookie Batman vs Rookie Superman 1 photo batmansuperman3-yearonebatmanvsyearonesuperman1.jpgRookie Batman vs Rookie Superman 2 photo batmansuperman3-yearonebatmanvsyearonesuperman2.jpgRookie Batman vs Rookie Superman 3 photo batmansuperman3-yearonebatmanvsyearonesuperman3.jpg

Battles a possessed Superman who blitzes him at super speed yet Batman is still able to stun him for an instant taking him out of flight and grounding him. However, Batman isn't able to stop Superman who breaks Batman's arm when Bruce tries to block Superman's wild attack from hitting him (The Weird #4)

Superman, who got shrunk by Prankster, ends up in a nanoverse, where nanobots willing to destroy their own world in order to expand & take over DC Earth capture him and overload him with energy. The goal is to have him blow up & therefore create a rupture through which invade the "macroverse". Batman, who shrunk himself to follow & save Supes, has to face a now crazed and more powerful than usual man of steel. Quickly coming up with a plan that exploited an "accident" he had earlier and also thanks to the nanomads (the organics inhabitans of the nanoverse), Bats is able to take down Superman and save him (Superman Batman #59)

Batman v3 #5:

Vs Gotham - A super powered hero who according to Batman in the previous issue is Superman level in power and has a powerset almost exactly like Superman. He's capable of making himself god-like in power for a short time but at the cost of his life.

- Has Alfred dress up in the Batman costume to distract Gotham long enough so he could get in the fight as we see Alfred run Gotham over with the Batomobile

 photo batman5-batalfredvgotham1.jpg photo batman5-batalfredvgotham2.jpg photo batman5-batalfredvgotham3.jpg photo batman5-batalfredvgotham4.jpg photo batman5-batalfredvgotham3.jpg

- Finally arriving he battles Gotham himself who's been infected by rage thanks to Psycho Pirate and does everything he can to stop him including using explosive batarangs, blowing up the batomobile, and even crash diving his batplane directly on Gotham from the sky all of which only slow Gotham down a little bit but ultimately have no affect due to his powerset

 photo batman5-batmanvgotham1.jpg photo batman5-batmanvgotham2.jpg photo batman5-batmanvgotham3.jpg photo batman5-batmanvgotham4.jpg photo batman5-batalfredvgotham5.jpg

- We even get to see just how powerful (or god-like) he is when Batman resorts to calling the Justice League to take him down but even combined they're unsuccessful in stopping him as the entire league is easily beaten down with only Batman left standing

 photo batman5-justiceleaguevgotham1.jpg photo batman5-justiceleaguevgotham2.jpg photo batman5-justiceleaguevgotham3.jpg photo batman5-justiceleaguevgotham4.jpg photo batman5-justiceleaguevgotham5.jpg

- It actually takes Gotham's own sister known as Gotham Girl (who has the same powerset as Gotham) to finally stop him as she's forced to kill her own brother in order to save Batman and Gotham City

 photo batman5-gothamgirlkillsgotham1.jpg photo batman5-gothamgirlkillsgotham2.jpg photo batman5-gothamgirlkillsgotham3.jpg


A rookie Batman, manages to distract a giant WayneTech robot long enough for Luthor to escape to safety (Batman Confidential #2)

Destroys two robotic dinosaurs being controlled by a madman (Batman Chronicles #8)

Defeats a giant sized high tech robot soldier Ant with just his skill and striking power (Batwing #23)

 photo batwing23-batvsrobotant1.jpg photo batwing23-batvsrobotant2.jpg photo batwing23-batvsrobotant3.jpg photo batwing23-batvsrobotant4.jpg

Takes down an "intellagent" high tech robot (Brave and the Bold #5)

Able to hold his own against 3 samurai-droids, each of them able to adapt to the opponent, long enough for Jay Garrick Flash to whip up and release a gas to stop them (The Brave And The Bold #13)

Taking out Kryptonian worker drones using batarangs and martial arts skill alongside Superboy & Wonder Woman (Superboy #16)

 photo superboy16-kryptoniandrones1.jpg photo superboy16-kryptoniandrones2.jpg

Takes out Kryptonian robot drones with explosive batarangs (Superman Batman #64)

Fighting alongside other heroes against the Manhunters (powerful androids who were created before the Green Lantern Corps by the Guardians of the Universe), he takes out one of them with a knife hand martial arts strike (Green Lantern v4 #24)

Taking down the Trench (Aquaman level enemies) alongside his Justice League teammates (Justice League v2 #17)

 photo justiceleague17-thetrench1.jpg photo justiceleague17-thetrench2.jpg

VS Hugo Strange's Monster Men

This is the damage caused by one of these Monster Men to eleven Maroni's gangsters (of the missing 2, one got handled by Strange's henchman, another one had an arm broken to begin with) (Batman & The Monster Men #2-3)

A young Batman, while already bloodied and affected by a poisoned dart that hit him in the previous issue, is trapped in a cell with all 3 of them, and has to battle them. But, despite sustaining serious injuries, he is able to fight them off (taking down one of them for more than half the fight & stabbing the eye of another one with a batarang in the process), escape, and indirectly take them out, all to Strange's amazement (Batman & The Monster Men #4)

Destroys magically reanimated horsemen with explosive charges (Shadow of the Bat #70)

Battles a demon and beats him with a phosphorus flare and a fork (Shadow of the Bat #64)

A group of demons, through an enchantement, morph the batmobile in a demon-like monster and send it on a rampage in order to prevent Batman (who is inside the Batmobile) from pursuing him. Bats is able to fend off his now demonic car's attacks and to take control of it, then it changes back to normal (Batman: Book of Shadows)

Quickly handles two vampires (JLA #96)

Quickly takes down a vampire (Batman & Superman vs Vampires & Werewolves #2)

Maintains the upperhand on mystical werebeasts known as Howlers despite being ambushed, being physically inferior to them, and outnumbered up until Superman comes to help him out (Trinity #9)

Able to fight against Yeti monsters (that are powerful enough to give even Frankenstein trouble) and actually hurt them using just his skill plus batarangs (Batman and Frankenstein #31)

 photo batmanfrankenstein31-batmanfrankensteinvsyeti1.jpg photo batmanfrankenstein31-batmanfrankensteinvsyeti2.jpg photo batmanfrankenstein31-batmanfrankensteinvsyeti3.jpg photo batmanfrankenstein31-batmanfrankensteinvsyeti4.jpg

Brings down a dragon temporarily with his flares

Competing in a 3 man death battle tournament on Warworld, he's shown taking down alien warriors alongside Redhood and Jochi (Son of Mongul) easily (Batman Superman Annual #1)

 photo batmansupermanannual1-batclanvsclawclan1.jpg photo batmansupermanannual1-batclanvsclawclan2.jpg photo batmansupermanannual1-batclanvsclawclan3.jpg

Quickly takes care of two Parademons (Superman Batman #39)

Taking out multiple Parademons and Justifiers from Glorious Godfrey's Apokolips army while fighting alongside the League of Assassins and Frankenstein (Robin Rises Omega One Shot)

Team Batman vs Glorious Godfrey Apokolips Army p1 photo robinrisesomega-teambatmanvsapokolips1.jpgTeam Batman vs Glorious Godfrey Apokolips Army p2 photo robinrisesomega-teambatmanvsapokolips2.jpgTeam Batman vs Glorious Godfrey Apokolips Army p3 photo robinrisesomega-teambatmanvsapokolips3.jpgTeam Batman vs Glorious Godfrey Apokolips Army p4 photo robinrisesomega-teambatmanvsapokolips4.jpgTeam Batman vs Glorious Godfrey Apokolips Army p5 photo robinrisesomega-teambatmanvsapokolips5.jpgTeam Batman vs Glorious Godfrey Apokolips Army p6 photo robinrisesomega-teambatmanvsapokolips6.jpg

Is swallowed whole by a giant Apokolips Demon Hound and still manages to take it down from the inside surprising the guards that he somehow took it down plus came out alive just fine (Superman Batman #12)

With no memory of who he truly is using just his natural ability/skill he takes out a sea dragon (that turns out to be Darkseid's Hyper Adaptor sent through time after him) with just a sword and a torch (The Return of Bruce Wayne #2)

Battles a very strong demonic creature to a stalemate then with a little help manages to kill it (Batman & Superman vs Vampires & Werewolves #2)

Vs Andrew Bennett - A powerful 600 year old vampire

1 - Briefly battles the powerful elder vampire and holds his own well although the fight is inconclusive (I, Vampire #5)

2 - Able to take Andrew Bennett out of flight and briefly stun him using batarangs (I, Vampire #6)

Vs Mahakala - A powerful supernatural demon (Detective Comics #602-603)

Round 1
Battles the giant demon and does well against it but makes the mistake of letting his guard down when he turns his back on it

Round 2
KOes Mahakala temporarily using a wrecking ball while fighting him at a construction site but it isn't enough to completely stop him as Etrigan ultimately has to step in to make the save

Vs Etrigan The Demon - A supernatural demon who's easily on par with Superman & Wonder Woman in power

Fights Etrigan in defense of the lives of two criminals even although he has no shot of winning yet he still manages to break free of Etrigan's grip, toss him through cement bricks, and guard against being hit by his super speed attack (although Etrigan does catch him by the cape). Ultimately, Etrigan lets Batman live because he's so impressed and even amused that Batman would refuse to surrender despite facing certain death (Detective Comics #603)

Displaying impressive stamina, he courageously takes on Etrigan although he's brutally beat down yet he refuses to quit until he's finally able to successfully take down/stun Etrigan long enough for a spell to transform him back into Jason Blood (Blood of the Demon #3)

After being ambushed by an army of demons that overwhelm him, he awakens from being unconscious and is immediately ambushed yet again this time by Etrigan (who's less powerful due to having lost his rhyme which Batman deduces) yet still manages to fight him off with his weaponry (gas & grapnel gun) despite being forced into a freefall battle (The Dark Knight v1 #5)


Knightquest: The Search

1 - While having his back broken and being disguised as Sir Hedmington Gray, he beats 4 professional killers sent to murder him, also thanks to a special cane prepared for him by Harold (Legends of the Dark Knight #59)

Just to give an idea regarding Bruce's shape before the battle:

2 - Despite being in even worse shape (Legends of the Dark Knight #60)

And having been subjected for the second time to one of Shondra's psychic attacks amplified by Asp (one of such attacks killed an entire english village (Shadow of the Bat #22), and the only reason Bruce is still alive is because the assaults were directed to his Hedmington Gray's persona, i.e. someone who didn't really exist) (Legends of the Dark Knight #61)

He is able to beat, without using gadgets or the likes, one of the already mentioned killers after ambushing him (Legends of the Dark Knight #61)

Year One - Batman #405-406

The Dark Knight (in his first year) was shot at a leg, a bomb has been dropped on the abandoned building he escaped in (causing him to lose most of his gadgets), and a SWAT team composed of 18 heavely armed men out to kill is coming for him

Despite being shot in his leg and his right arm, he manages to take most of the SWAT team out, to keep the remaining members and other cops busy with the bats he lured to the scene, and then escape from the entire GCPD

Despite having been injured by multiple gunshots and, thus, far from top shape, Batman takes out a large group of armed thugs (with a little assist from Robin in the end), dodging and wading through gunfire in the process (Batman: Odyssey #3)

Batman: D.O.A.

While coralling a terrorist kidnapper, Batman falls unconscious on the ground. Turns out, he had been poisoned, the virus in question able to kill Batman in less than a day (greatly dehabiliting him along the way), with no antidote known

Anyway, he decides to go rescue the kidnapped girl, relying om his associates to rescue him. While he is in such a bad shape that he is forced to puke before meeting the kidnapper and confuse Tim Drake Robin with Dick, he still manages to somehow climb up a 50 stories building

Eventually, he meets the kidnapper and his associates and, despite his condition (at one point even hallucinating), is able to withstand a beating and survive a car crash

His healt worsening, Batman still manages to track down the kidnappers (in the process scaling another building and "taking a lift" from a copter, somehow not falling despite blacking out), to take out 3 of them, to scare the last one enough to make him flee (being shot at in the proceess and despite the terrorist was well aware of Batman's illness) and, finally, to stop him (while being pratically at death's doors).

Note: Eventually,Robin and co, who had managed to track down the responsible for poisoning Bats (i.e. Joker, Penguin and Two Face) and to obtain the antidote, arrive just when Bruce's heart stops beating and revive him