How tough is Batman? - Extraordinary feats that showcase Batman's ability to endure pain and his resiliency

Can go for days without sleep

Nonstop Bat Fun! photo batmanrobin23-nonstopbatfun.jpg

Trained his body to compress a full night's rest into 3 hours (Detective Comics #776)

After training 9 months "somewhere in the Himalayas" with Shihan Matsusa, known to be one of the greatest zen warrior monks, he is able to master Tummo meditation ("elemental battle between ice and blood" that takes place while he is meditating nearly naked outside), actually melting the ice he is sitting on (Detective Comics v2 #0)

Upset due to his remembering himself as he was when his parents died, a young Bruce (still a rookie Batman) throws a punch to what appears to be a crystal glass wall. Not only does he put a huge dent in it but he also seems totally unconcerned by having glass stuck in his hand and bleeding badly showing no expression of pain (Batman: Tenses #1)

In his Bruce Wayne persona, he undertakes a stress test and shows that he's in perfect physical condition with no stress whatsoever which according to the doctor should be impossible especially given his professional position (Batman: Tenses #2)

Putting himself through an intense hour long exercise routine that's said might kill any other man yet it still leaves him unsatisfied and wanting to do more before he's interrupted (Detective Comics #526)

While in 137 degrees heat with only workout shorts on, he's shown doing one arm pull ups (for an untold amount of time) off his helipad that's on top of his Wayne building Skyscraper with no safety gear to catch him if he falls and even quickly switches to the other arm once he slips off due the built up sweat in his hand (Batman Rebirth #1)

 photo batmanrebirth1-brucewayneonearmpullups01.jpg photo batmanrebirth1-brucewayneonearmpullups02.jpg photo batmanrebirth1-brucewayneonearmpullups03.jpg photo batmanrebirth1-brucewayneonearmpullups04.jpg

While still in his training years before he became Batman, Bruce fought for 28 hours straight in a gauntlet with death match rules and won against every opponent thrown inside the pit with him without killing them. In attempt to teach him a lesson and get him to break his no kill code, "The Queen" (his combat teacher/sensei at the time) sends a mob of fighters against him only to see them all defeated with the rest too scared to step inside the pit and fight him after witnessing just how tough he is and what he's capable of which ends the gauntlet (Batman v2 #23 - Backup Tale)

 photo batman23-pitfighter1.jpg photo batman23-pitfighter2.jpg photo batman23-pitfighter3.jpg photo batman23-pitfighter4.jpg photo batman23-pitfighter5.jpg

A young Bruce Wayne (just before he became Batman) is shot by a sniper rifle from Morgan Duncard (aka Nobody the son of the legendary manhunter/mercernary Henri Duncard) and was able to avoid a fatal wound due to spotting Morgan's sniper rifle just in time beforehand and act accordingly. Despite his wound, Bruce still catches up with Morgan before he's able to make his escape in a speeding car then roughly beats him down. Be sure see their other battles as shown in the Good Showings (Street Level Fighters), Martial Arts (Battles), and Strategy/Tactics (Meta Humans/Super Powered) webpages on the site (Batman & Robin v2 #6)

Batman v2 #26-27 - Zero Year:

- While still in his rookie year and wearing much less durable body armor (then what he wears currently), he's ambushed and shot multiple times by the GCPD even through his cowl which shows him suffering through immense blood loss from his head

Zero Year Batman vs GCPD p1 photo batman26-gcpdvsthebat1.jpgZero Year Batman vs GCPD p2 photo batman26-gcpdvsthebat2.jpgZero Year Batman vs GCPD p3 photo batman26-gcpdvsthebat3.jpgZero Year Batman vs GCPD p4 photo batman26-gcpdvsthebat4.jpgZero Year Batman vs GCPD p5 photo batman26-gcpdvsthebat5.jpg

- Attempting to escape on his boat it turns out its been booby trapped with an explosive that he impressively withstands despite all the punishment he's already taken as proven when he's shown quickly recovering from the explosive blast and then running cover while being shot at

Zero Year Batman vs GCPD p6 photo batman26-gcpdvsthebat6.jpgZero Year Batman vs GCPD p7 photo batman26-gcpdvsthebat7.jpgZero Year Batman vs GCPD p8 photo batman26-gcpdvsthebat8.jpg

- Cleverly thinks of a way to escape the death trap that the GCPD setup for him and with some help from Gordon he's then able to get away completely

Zero Year Batman vs GCPD p9 photo batman26-gcpdvsthebat9.jpgZero Year Batman vs GCPD p10 photo batman26-gcpdvsthebat10.jpg

Withstands some punishment from Clayface without his batsuit plus proves capable of holding his breath for over 7 minutes long after being swallowed whole by Clayface (Batman v2 #20)

Bruce Wayne vs Clayface p1 photo batman20-waynevsclayface1.jpgBruce Wayne vs Clayface p2 photo batman20-waynevsclayface2.jpgBruce Wayne vs Clayface p3 photo batman20-waynevsclayface3.jpgBruce Wayne vs Clayface p4 photo batman20-waynevsclayface4.jpgBruce Wayne vs Clayface p5 photo batman20-waynevsclayface5.jpgBruce Wayne vs Clayface p6 photo batman20-waynevsclayface6.jpgBruce Wayne vs Clayface p7 photo batman20-waynevsclayface7.jpgBruce Wayne vs Clayface p8 photo batman20-waynevsclayface8.jpg

Withstands the leopard blow death strike technique to the face by rolling with the hit and is only stunned as a result. He's then shown quickly right back up on his feet chasing down his skilled attacker (Detective Comics #443)

Willingly lets Superman use his heat vision to burn a microchip tracking device out of his skull then gets right back up like its nothing (Batman #619)

Legends of the Dark Knight #25

A rookie Batman being immensely tortured then put to the test shortly afterwards evading mini homing missiles

After being badly tortured and skillfully tested to his limits the very weakened Batman is jumped by a man who is using a power pack suit that augments his abilities. Despite being brutally beaten, Batman makes a huge comeback through sheer motivation and although Batman's attacks aren't quite enough to defeat his opponent, he gains the biggest amount of respect from his augmented opponent who gives up after seeing Batman's refusal to lose even in the face of death as the young Batman collaspes from the immense amount of pain his body has taken.

Despite being having not slept for a week, being heavily drugged, tortured, and chained up by his wrists he's still able to break a metal water pipe in half, free himself, and then put a stop to Deacon Blackfire's plans (Batman Eternal #17)

 photo batmaneternal17-thecult1.jpg photo batmaneternal17-thecult2.jpg photo batmaneternal17-thecult3.jpg photo batmaneternal17-thecult4.jpg photo batmaneternal17-thecult5.jpg

Despite being tortured by the 3rd Batman replacement (now Azrael/Michael Lane), he's able to escape from his bonds by dislocating his arm out of his sleeve giving him the chance to get free then get the upper hand as well even while weakened (Batman #674)

Bats is tied to an electro-chair and while his costume's insulation makes sure this experience doesn't prove lethal, it's Batman's determination and stamina that allows him to withstand the intense pain the shocks cause him (especially when Joker seemingly increases the voltage) long enough to break free (Detective Comics #834)

Unexpectedly goes into a lethal 30 story high freefall and still manages to break his fall in time only coming out with a dislocated shoulder which is popped back into place with Bruce showing no expression of pain (Batman #592)

Stops himself while rapidly free falling from a extremely lethal height by clinging onto 2 wide open buildings from opposite sides using the embedded grappling hooks in his gauntlet gloves. Despite the force of catching/stopping himself from such a lethal free fall being strong enough to rip his arms off he's still very impressively able to hold on using brute strength although in great pain (The Dark Knight v2 #29)

 photo thedarknight29-freefall1.jpg photo thedarknight29-freefall2.jpg photo thedarknight29-freefall3.jpg photo thedarknight29-freefall4.jpg

Despite being caught inside a building that's blown apart by a missile with a ton of debris burying him, he's still seen coming out of it just fine without any injures (while the other men that were inside are dead) as Nightwing comes along to help out. (Batman #436-437)

Willingly buries himself in the earth in order for the "beast within to emerge" as he's seen also busting out from under the ground with brute strength (Batman City of Light #5-6)

Despite having to free himself from a straitjacket and bench press a coffin lid through 600 pounds of loose soil that's suffocating him, he's still able to break free from his own grave (literally). All this while not being in top shape to begin with due to not having rested in days, having been subjected to drugs, and being dosed with the Joker's new Venom toxin without time to properly recover (Batman #681)

Withstands a lethal amount of built up air pressure just long enough for it to bust them free saving Robin (who passes out due to the pressure) in the process (Detective Comics #700)

Diving and swimming under freezing water temperate for a little over 6 minutes despite previously mentioning that the limit his heart would be able to withstand is 4 minutes. In doing so, he's not only able to still acheive his goal in foiling Calendar Man's deadly plan but also ride the explosive blast he caused out of the freezing water surpassing his own expectations/limits and proving his new apprentice Duke Thomas (We Are Robin) wrong (Batman Rebirth #1)

 photo batmanrebirth1-batmanfreezingwater01.jpg photo batmanrebirth1-batmanfreezingwater02.jpg photo batmanrebirth1-batmanfreezingwater03.jpg photo batmanrebirth1-batmanfreezingwater04.jpg

Withstands the vacuum of space for 24 seconds and was willing to go further until J'onn shuts down the training exercise out of concern (JLA: Welcome to the Working Week)

Dosed with a very potent fear toxin from the Scarebeast while being choked to death, Batman fights off the effects of the toxin in time to break Scarebeast's super strong grip then escape (Batman #629)

During various bouts with Eddie Hurst who was granted super strength, speed, and invulnerability by the Randori stone, he is able to take a huge amount of punishment and continue fighting despite being smashed against the ground, slammed against the wall, and taking a powerful punch (Detective Comics #788)

Batman #490 - Knightfall Era

Despite being very fatigued and out of shape, the Dark Knight battles a Riddler pumped up on Venom

Round 1: after a brief tussle, Riddler gets the last blow on Batman and escapes

Round 2: after getting the drop on him, Bats fights Riddler roughly to a stalemate, before Bane's henchmen intervene and shot Nigma

Despite being unknowingly weakened by the lethal Colossus virus he's still not only able to withstand punishment from Killer Croc (who's much more powerful due being enhanced by the Hush virus here) but also still defeat Croc with raw skill (Batman: Europa #1)

Infected Batman vs Killer Croc 1 photo batmaneuropa1-sickbatmanvskillercroc1.jpgInfected Batman vs Killer Croc 2 photo batmaneuropa1-sickbatmanvskillercroc2.jpgInfected Batman vs Killer Croc 3 photo batmaneuropa1-sickbatmanvskillercroc3.jpgInfected Batman vs Killer Croc 4 photo batmaneuropa1-sickbatmanvskillercroc4.jpg

Able to defeat a venom enhanced Bane in melee combat despite being infected with the Colossus virus that is killing him and has already badly weakened him (Batman: Europa #4)

Infected Batman vs Bane 1 photo batmaneuropa4-batmanvsbane1.jpgInfected Batman vs Bane 2 photo batmaneuropa4-batmanvsbane2.jpgInfected Batman vs Bane 3 photo batmaneuropa4-batmanvsbane3.jpgInfected Batman vs Bane 4 photo batmaneuropa4-batmanvsbane4.jpgInfected Batman vs Bane 5 photo batmaneuropa4-batmanvsbane5.jpgInfected Batman vs Bane 6 photo batmaneuropa4-batmanvsbane6.jpgInfected Batman vs Bane 7 photo batmaneuropa4-batmanvsbane7.jpgInfected Batman vs Bane 8 photo batmaneuropa4-batmanvsbane8.jpgInfected Batman vs Bane 9 photo batmaneuropa4-batmanvsbane9.jpgInfected Batman vs Bane 10 photo batmaneuropa4-batmanvsbane10.jpg

Batman #665

- Having taken a massive beat down by the hands of Branca aka "Bat-Bane" (Dr. Hurt's 2nd Batman replacement) who's dosed on Hugo Strange's monster serum and Venom, Bruce although barely able to stand still gears up to battle the monstrous impostor

- Able to defeat Branca despite the pain also saving Robin

The Dark Knight v2 #5-7

- Injected by Bane's very powerful new venom toxin by Scarecrow, he loses control and attacks Superman who's come to help him out. We're then able to see how powerful Bane's venom toxin is as Bruce is shown powerful enough to hurt even the Man of Steel who's forced to go all out in order to stop The Dark Knight

- Helping him back on his feet, Superman offers to get him medical attention with Bruce refusing who then sends him after the Flash while he decides to chase down the White Rabbit

- While confronting White Rabbit (after taking down Scarecrow), he's ambushed by a very super humanly powerful Bane now pumped up on the same powerful venom toxin he just was injected with only Bane is now also smarter because of the venom toxin. Despite not being at peak condition and proving to be no match for Bane, he's still impressively able to withstand every attack Bane hits him with and even fights his way back to his feet (using a gadget) then cleverly uses his stealth/speed to escape in order to come up with a plan

Impressively withstands Bane's very powerful attacks who's naturally a metahuman plus greatly enhanced with Venom and yet still decisively defeats him in a melee battle (Forever Evil Aftermath: Batman vs Bane)

Forever Evil - Batman vs Bane p6 photo foreverevilbatmanvsbane6.jpgForever Evil - Batman vs Bane p7 photo foreverevilbatmanvsbane7.jpgForever Evil - Batman vs Bane p8 photo foreverevilbatmanvsbane8.jpgForever Evil - Batman vs Bane p9 photo foreverevilbatmanvsbane9.jpgForever Evil - Batman vs Bane p10 photo foreverevilbatmanvsbane10.jpg

Allows himself to be bitten in the chest and suffer through massive blood loss for the sake of letting Man-Bat (Abraham Langstrom the father of Kirk Langstrom) drink the anti-dote that he's injected into his own bloodstream in order to cure Man-Bat who's skin was too durable to penetrate with a needle much moreso than a regular Man-Bat. Impressively, Batman is not only able to endure through this but also quickly get up afterwards once the anti-dote has worked then subdue Abraham Langstrom for the police to take into custody (The Dark Knight v2 #29)

 photo thedarknight29-manbatbloodsucker1.jpg photo thedarknight29-manbatbloodsucker2.jpg photo thedarknight29-manbatbloodsucker3.jpg photo thedarknight29-manbatbloodsucker4.jpg

Is ambushed by Dollmaker's surgically modified doll men and injected with a paralytic drug that completely numbs the entire left side of his body yet he's still able to withstand all their punishment including being hit by a sledgehammer in the back and still defeats them (Detective Comics v2 #2-3)

 photo detectivecomics2and3-batmanvsdollmen1.jpg photo detectivecomics2and3-batmanvsdollmen2.jpg photo detectivecomics2and3-batmanvsdollmen3.jpg photo detectivecomics2and3-batmanvsdollmen4.jpg photo detectivecomics2and3-batmanvsdollmen5.jpg photo detectivecomics2and3-batmanvsdollmen6.jpg photo detectivecomics2and3-batmanvsdollmen7.jpg photo detectivecomics2and3-batmanvsdollmen8.jpg

Survives a reinforced trapped room full of poisonous gas after defeating 3 of Ra's Al Ghul's finest assassins although barely alive and unconscious (Batman Chronicles #8).


Batman Birth of the Demon

- After taking out all the men but one on the digging site, Batman mistakenly lets his guard down around one who succeeds in knocking him down into toxic waste grounds.

- As a result of being exposed to the toxic waste, Bruce has become noticeably ill with a serious high fever as we see Alfred, Talia, and Ra's point out how sick he appears.

- Despite his illness, Bruce goes on to fight Ra's Al Ghul (who hasn't had a dip in the lazarus pit so he wasn't in his typical prime form either) in a brutal battle where they're both severally burned as they fight in fire for a short period of time with neither showing no signs of pain and Bruce managing to get the upper hand. We then see Bruce manage to yet again get the upper hand as he successfully fends off Ra's attack despite being blinded by the wind of sand. With Bruce still blinded however, Ra's takes advantage of the opening taking Bruce down with the shovel nearby then impaling the shovel seemingly to his heart. However, through an inhuman act of stamina and willpower, The Dark Knight rises and wrestles Ra's into the lazarus pit close by ending their battle in a stalemate. We then see Bruce is completely healed as a result of being inside the lazarus pit as he rises out of the sand that he's buried in.

Fights Ra's Al Ghul to a stalemate before their fight is broken up by Talia despite having just fought off a small team of his League of Assassins, Ubu (who injured his ribs), and being stabbed with Ra's' broken damascus sword (Batman The Chalice)

Withstands a ton of punishment from The Sensei (who's had centuries to perfect his martial arts skill) with his arm and fingers getting broken, being blinded, even impaled and yet he's still able to impressively fight on and outsmart The Sensei to win the fight. Batman also proves The Sensei wrong about it only taking 1 minute to break him (Batman #671)

Court of Owls
Batman v2 #2-6 (2011-2012)

- While at the highest level in the Wayne Tower (30 stories high), Bruce is ambushed by the super human assassin known as the Talon who hits all Bruce's vital areas with knives causing him to bleed out then is kicked out an "unbreakable" window

- As the mayoral candidate will confirm 2 days later, Bruce is at the 30th story of the tower when he is attacked

- While free-falling, Bruce gets further wounded from the assassin's claws.

- Still, Bats is able to take Talon out and then break his fall by grabbing the gargoyle (displaying amazing strength and endurance) located in the middle of the building and, later, he is shown still standing and talking with the cops

- Two days later, we see him fighting and defeating a gang (apparently after having already "talked" with other 4), withstanding other punishment in the process, then he is busy working on the case despite Alfred urging him to rest

- Later on, he is caught in an explosion that levels the floor Bats is on (apparently the top floor) and causes him to frefall yet again, despite trying to use his bat-line to stop himself

- At this point, Alfred resorts to slip Bruce a drug (and, judging by Dick's reaction, not a small dose, either) in order to have him rest without much success

- Later on, while investigating the Court Of Owls, he is ambushed by the Talon, who sends him crashing into the Court's hideout

- Batman stays there for more than a week, tortured psychologically by the Court, forced to wade multiple times through the labyrinth while being chased by the Talon, ending up hallucinating because the only source of water is drugged, until the Talon catches up with him and stabs him through the guts

- Then, Talon proceeds to give him a beating at the behest of the Court, who then comes to finish him

- Despite going through this ordeal, the Dark Knight is able to fend off the Court, soundly defeat Talon and make his escape (withstanding an explosion he himself causes, in the process)

Still badly weakened & recovering from his recent encounter while trapped inside the Court of Owls Labyrinth, he's unexpectedly ambushed inside Wayne Manor by four Talons. He's shown quickly taking down a Talon with a kick then impales another down by pinning the Talon to the roof tiles (Batman v2 #8)

After being briefly overpowered with his battle armor broken up and blacking out he quickly recovers highly motivated once the bats hiding within the batcave come out. Impressively, we then see him taking out 4 remaining Talons while enduring -20 cold temperature (which affects the Talons) despite still being badly hurt already (as noted by Alfred who's monitoring his vital signs) yet ultimately shows no sign of weakness. The last picture was added just because it's awesome and funny btw :D. (Batman v2 #9)

Court of Owls Conclusion 
Batman v2 #11
Vs Lincoln March (calls himself Thomas Wayne Jr.) - A Talon who has a high tech Talon designed power suit & weaponry specially created to rival or exceed Batman's equipment/gear.

- Is roughly tossed through a brick wall then at high speed flight he's forcefully dragged around by a cable line in midair as he's thrown very hard into skyscraper windows and forcefully flown through a building only to be then roughly thrown into a giant bell

- Afterwards he's flown very high into the sky while still hanging on via cable line as he's then let go into an airplane jet engine that threatens to fatally suck him in yet still survives by impressively holding on through raw strength. We then see that he's already planted a mini explosive on Lincoln March/Talon in advance that's powerful enough to take Talon out (briefly) which freely allows him to climb/move away from the airplane jet engine onto the airplane jet wing then lets go once he's unable to hold on any longer sending him into a lethal freefall

- Suffers through a very bad landing (and is barely conscious as a result) into his Initiative Tower via his high velocity bat rope after lethally free-falling from thousands of feet in the air from the same airplane. While inside the tower we then see him survive the tower being destroyed via explosives and almost being buried alive inside the wreckage after it collapses. In the end, we see him brutally eye-gouging Talon/Lincoln March to escape and leaves him helpless to be "killed" inside the exposing building although its made known that Lincoln March would survive due to his regenerative Talon healing factor

- The result of this large amount of punishment he's withstood only leaves him in some bandages and a wheelchair that he's still impressively able to get up from and walk around after a lengthy conversation with Dick Grayson/Nightwing which shows just how unbelievably tough the Dark Knight truly is both mentally and physically

Batman Endgame Conclusion
Batman v2 #40
Vs The Joker - The Joker is enhanced with Dionesium in this entire story arc which is a formula similar to what Talon's use that makes them super human in addition to providing a healing factor.

Is ambushed by the Joker and engages in their most brutal battle yet having withstood multiple stab wounds to the back, lethal razor sharp cards thrown into his eye and arms, acid to the mouth, and a long fall down a cliff while wrestling with the Joker. In the end although very badly injured Bruce is able to maneuver the Joker (who's on top of him attempting to kill him with a knife) into a position to be taken down by a falling cave stalactite in the back then prevents the Joker from reaching the pit of Dionesium as they both lay there bloody and beaten

 photo batman40-batmanvsjoker1.jpg photo batman40-batmanvsjoker2.jpg photo batman40-batmanvsjoker3.jpg photo batman40-healingblockerbatarang.jpg photo batman40-batmanvsjoker4.jpg photo batman40-batmanvsjoker5.jpg photo batman40-jokerdionesiumpit1.jpg photo batman40-jokerdionesiumpit2.jpg photo batman40-jokerdionesiumpit3.jpg

JLA Classified #19-21

Batman has to fight Jin Si (one of the Hypotheticals), who is created to be the living incarnation of hand to hand combat and undefeatable by anything. Despite being clearly outmatched & on the losing end, taking significant damage, and is also busy strategizing against Tuzik & coordinating the other Leaguers, he is able to continue fighting for an extended period of time until Flash takes care of Jin Si for him. Not only the Dark Knight is still conscious at the end of the clash, but he is functional enough to take out Soldat (leader of the Hypothetical) and help Superman take out the pocket universe kryptonian criminals' replicas created by Ghost Lion (spectral summoner of the Hypotheticals)

Justice League of America v2 #8 & Countdown #50 - Scans are combined to give you an accurate portrayal of how the fight went down

Does quite well against an amnesiac Val Armor (aka Pre-Crisis Karate Kid, the greatest martial artist in 31st Century's DCU, here believing himself to be the super villain Trident with his skills intact) blocking his sneak attack, landing two powerful punches that draw blood, and very impressively withstand all his exotic attacks without going down despite Val also giving him a hernia in his right leg. We then see Batman cleverly distract Karate Kid so Black Lightning could come from behind and take him out to end their battle ASAP. Afterwards, we see Batman walking around just fine proving that he's able to work through the pain and was ready to go further had the fight continued

Here he's shown carrying an unconscious Karate Kid around right after changing into a new costume just to prove he was just fine

Held down and beaten on by a large group of super powered aliens so badly that he begins to bleed internally despite this he fights through the pain and breaks free from their hold with brute strength enabling him to stun them with his sonics and is then rescued by the Justice League (Batman Confidential #54)

Despite still being weakened and just coming out of coma, he KOes the large & super strong alien being known as Titan Super Gladiator (who's knocked down Superman with a punch) in melee combat (Batman Superman #10)

 photo batmansuperman10-batmanvsupertitangladiator1.jpg photo batmansuperman10-batmanvsupertitangladiator2.jpg photo batmansuperman10-batmanvsupertitangladiator3.jpg photo batmansuperman10-batmanvsupertitangladiator4.jpg photo batmansuperman10-batmanvsupertitangladiator5.jpg

Vs Brute - A large mindless monster (loosely based off Marvel's Hulk) with super strength and very strong durability

Just to give you an idea of how strong Brute is, here we see him drop Wonder Woman with one punch while she's distracted and has her badly hurt as a result at the time (Justice League America #79)

 photo justiceleagueamerica79-brutewonderwoman.jpg

Withstands a surprise attack from Brute and is shown quickly right back on his feet fighting against the large monster (Convergence Batman & Robin #2)

 photo conbatmanrobin2-batmanvsbrute1.jpg photo conbatmanrobin2-batmanvsbrute2.jpg photo conbatmanrobin2-batmanvsbrute3.jpg photo conbatmanrobin2-batmanvsbrute4.jpg photo conbatmanrobin2-batmanvsbrute5.jpg photo conbatmanrobin2-batmanvsbrute6.jpg

Still recovering from his injuries due to his previous battles and being bandaged up, he's suddenly surprise attacked out of no where by Wonder Woman flying through the window who tackles him from behind who then brutally slams his body into the ground and speeds off with him in flight. Impressively, he withstands this harsh punishment and recovers quickly enough to counter attack using gadgets from his utility belt (that he grabbed while being attacked) to briefly affect Wonder Woman who drops him as he then free falls and is seen breaking through a tree branch then roughly landing on the ground. Amazingly, not only is he still conscious but is seen moving around and plotting his next move (Batman v2 #35)

Bruce Wayne vs Wonder Woman p1 photo batman35-brucewaynevsgodofwar1.jpgBruce Wayne vs Wonder Woman p2 photo batman35-brucewaynevsgodofwar2.jpgBruce Wayne vs Wonder Woman p3 photo batman35-brucewaynevsgodofwar3.jpgFenrir Justice League Plan Stage 1 photo batman35-justiceleaguefenrirplan1.jpg

How durable is Batman's costume? - The Bat Suit's durability Vs Bullets, Fire, Electricity, and other things

Hit from behind with a wooden chair with zero effect

Kevlar in his cowl standing up to a wooden board headshot which has zero effect on him (Shadow of the Bat #90)

Shields himself from two sai's thrown at him by a ninja Manbat using his cape that's reinforced with Kevlar (Batman Superman Annual #2)

 photo batmansupermanannual2-batcapesais.jpg

His suit protects him from being bitten by Man-Bat (Detective Comics v2 #26)

Batman vs Man-Bat p2 photo detective26-manbat2.jpgMan-Bat Bite photo detective26-manbatbite.jpg

Batwoman pulls down a brick (or concrete) wall on top of him from behind which has no real affect as he's then shown quickly regaining the upper hand over her with ease and showing that he's actually the one in control of the situation (Batwoman Annual #1)

 photo batwomanannual1-walldrop1.jpg photo batwomanannual1-walldrop2.jpg photo batwomanannual1-walldrop3.jpg

His body armor is insulated from even enhanced tasers (Batwoman #24)

 photo batwoman24-taserprotection1.jpg photo batwoman24-taserprotection2.jpg

Withstands an unexpected electrical blast that's powerful enough to knock him off his feet but is just fine afterwards (even smiling) thanks to his body armor (Batman Superman #14)

 photo batmansuperman14-batmanvsmangubats2.jpg photo batmansuperman14-batarmorvselectricalblast.jpg

His costume is insulated enough to survive the electric shocks of an electric chair that he's tied to, as pointed out by Joker, albeit it doesn't take away the pain (Detective Comics #834)

Setting his suit to maximum electrical charge he electrifies the air which in turn affects him immensely as well due to the numerous deadly spores in the air being zapped and busted away by his suit's powerful taser yet his suit still does a great job of protecting him from being killed. Notice also how his cape is able to protect Calendar Man from being killed or even harmed in the process showcasing how strong it's durability is (Batman Rebirth #1)

 photo batmanrebirth1-batmansuitazer.jpg

His cowl protects him from being fatally burned by acid to the face without being harmed despite the acid being shot at point blank range (Detective Comics v2 #5)


His suit is strong enough to protect him from being burned alive as he's sealed inside a vat of acid yet he comes out of it just fine although externally most of his costume is burned away (Batman v2 #14)


His cowl protects his face from being severely burned by the Joker's acid and lethal hand buzzer (Batman v2 #17)

 photo batman17-cowlshield1.jpg photo batman17-cowlshield2.jpg photo batman17-cowlshield3.jpg photo batman17-cowlshield4.jpg photo batman17-cowlshield5.jpg photo batman17-cowlshield6.jpg

His costume is fireproof enough for to withstand a flamethrower at point blank range unfazed (Batman #659)

His cape protects him from the fire of Chimera with no damage done (Wonder Woman #165)

His armor is able to withstand Blaze's (the queen of hell) hellfire blast which protects him from taking any serious damage although he does feel some of the effect from it (The Dark Knight v1 #5)

Takes repeated gunshots at point blank range without slowing down although he's hurting afterwards displaying impressive stamina in the process (Batman #604)

Bullets are shown bouncing off his costume with no effect on him (Batman Birth of the Demon)

 photo darknight-bulletproof.jpg

Neither bullets nor a tranquilizer dart are able to penetrate his suit or effect him although shot at close range (Gotham Knights #16)

A thug is seen running away in fear while shooting at him with his sub machine gun and having no effect nor doing any damage to him due to his bullet proof armor (Gotham Knights #27)

Is shot at close range several times and is unfazed (Batman & Two Face v2 #25)

The Bat Hates Guns photo batmantwoface25-batmanvsguns.jpg

Shielding McKillen with his cape from a large amount of automatic gunfire despite being surrounded and trapped in the ground (Batman & Two-Face #27)

Batcape Shielding photo batmantwoface27-capeshield.jpg

Using his cape to shield himself from machine gunfire (Detective Comics #743)

With just one arm, he blocks & deflects bullets being fired at him from a sub machine gun (Batman Confidential #33)

Blocks & deflects bullets with just 1 armored gauntlet glove despite the attempt to sneak attack him (Batman & Catwoman v2 #22/Batman & Robin v2 #22)

 photo batmancatwoman22-batmanvspowersoldiers2.jpg photo batmancatwoman22-batfear.jpg

Using one arm to shield himself from The Wrath's automatic gunfire at close range and is completely unfazed as bullets bounce off his batsuit (Detective Comics v2 #23)

Bulletproof Bat p1 photo detective23-bulletproofbat1.jpgBulletproof Bat p2 photo detective23-bulletproofbat2.jpg

Has a transparent bulletproof section in his mask that, when voice-activated, can shield him from point blank shots in the face (Batman: Odyssey #3)

His cowl is also armored from bullets (Batman #576)

In order to re-establish his urban myth within Gotham as being unkillable, he willingly makes himself a target for snipers and gets shot multiple times but is unfazed (Detective Comics #730)

Is shot by what appears to be a semi-automatic Model 82A1 Barret rifle in the chest twice and once in the arm while gliding in midair with no damage or harm being done to him or even so much as his suit as he's then shown still landing safely on his feet while the shooter ditches the gun and speeds away on his motorcycle once he realizes the weapon won't stop the Dark Knight (Batman v2 #52)

 photo batman52-batmansuitvbarret82a1model.jpg

Takes everything Vigilante throws at him (bullets, gas, and grenades) and still delivers a massive beat down in the process with Vigilante's weaponry having no affect on him nor doing any damage to his costume (Gotham Underground #8)

The Bat Suit's durability vs Explosive Blasts

Shields himself and a thug with his cape from an exploding Luthor-simil robot (Batman Confidential #6)

Despite being within close range of it, he still detonates his utility belt that results in a huge explosive blast that destroys the reinforced water tank and still comes out of it just fine even with his suit perfectly in tact (Detective Comics v2 #32)

 photo detective32-batfingertazers3.jpg photo detective32-batutilitybelt.jpg

Has Arsenal purposely cause an explosion within the room they're trapped within in order to escape while shielding them both with his cape. When then find out that his cape has triple weaven kevlar built in which completely protects them from harm to Arsenal's surprise (Batman Plus Arsenal #1)

Blows up a building that he's still in and walks out unfazed along with his unconscious prisoner

Destroys laboratory while he's still inside and comes out unharmed (Detective Comics #750)

Is caught by surprise with a bomb being detonated while he's still in the building with it. Yet he walks out unfazed from the explosion although somewhat on fire (Detective Comics #743-744)

While distracted due to fighting Deathstroke, Harley Quinn detonates numerous bombs she's set up ahead of time collapsing the building they're inside down on them and as a result burying them both underneath tons of debris. However, thanks to his body armor and despite enduring a rough battle with Deathstroke beforehand he's still able to stand up out of the large pile of debris just fine without any visible damage to his suit (Deathstroke v3 #5)

Batman vs Deathstroke 9 photo deathstroke5-batmanvsdeathstroke9.jpgBatman vs Deathstroke 10 photo deathstroke5-batmanvsdeathstroke10.jpgBatman vs Deathstroke 11 photo deathstroke5-batmanvsdeathstroke11.jpg

Withstands a bomb that detonates within point blank range resulting in him free falling from several stories high while he was still on the train. He barely manages to break his fall in time before he hits the ground yet he gets back up shortly afterwards although he's badly hurt (Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #186 - #187).

Being hit with two pounds of semtex doesn't seem to slow Batman down in the least as he's then shown (with an assist from his motorbike) easily taking out the thugs in an helicopter he was chasing while talking with Alfred (Batman v2 #2)

Despite being hit by an explosive blast (a bozooka missile from Joker's henchman), he still runs right through it without being harmed then beats down on The Joker (Batman v2 #15)

 photo batman15-madbat1.jpg photo batman15-madbat2.jpg

His body armor is powerful enough to protect him from an unexpected tank blast with little to no damage being done to him as he's then shown quickly recovering from it and even takes out the jokerized tanker shooting at him right afterwards (Batman v2 #38)

Batman vs Tanker 1 photo batman38-batmanvstanker1.jpgBatman vs Tanker 2 photo batman38-batmanvstanker2.jpg

His cape proves strong enough to shield 2 people including himself from being harmed by even a large destructive beam generated through advanced alien technology from an alien spacecraft used by Mongul that completely blows up the house they were inside (Batman Superman #5)

Bat Cape Shield p1 photo batmansuperman5-batcapeshield.jpgBat Cape Shield p2 photo batmansuperman5-batcapeshield2.jpg

Vs Super Powered Threats
The Bat Suit's durability vs Super powered attacks from all types of super powered beings

Batman #664-665:

Beaten down badly he nearly has his back broken by Branca aka "Bat-Bane" Dr. Hurt's 2nd Batman replacement (Batman #664)

It turns out Branca is pumped up on a combination of Venom AND Hugo Strange's monster serum (giving him vast super enhanced strength, speed, and durability) according to Bruce here. The only thing that saves his back are the shock absorbers in his costume's body armor as mentioned by Alfred (Batman #665)

His armor withstands attacks from an OMAC drone with no damage done to it even with the drone using protocols & weaponry designed soley to defeat Batman (The Omac Project #3)

Impressively, taking a HUGE amount of punishment from Ultimate Clayface (who's proven powerful to knock down even Supergirl, Power Girl, and Wonder Woman) who takes him by surprise no less. Even though he's then trapped by fused debris and ice, with brute strength he manages to break free then quickly takes down Clayface and Mr. Freeze despite his weakened state (This is actually a combined feat of durability and stamina) (Shadow of the Bat #75)

Able to withstand an enraged onslaught from Clayface despite being ambushed and weakened already yet he's still able to fight back plus get away (Detective Comics v2 #15)


Takes a punch to the face from Clayface and is still standing (The Dark Knight v2 #22)

 photo thedarkknight22-clayfacepunch1.jpg photo thedarkknight22-clayfacepunch2.jpg

His suit protects him from Ultra The Multi-Alien's ambush attack and is even shown in good enough condition to dodge Supergirl's enraged heat vision attack afterwards (Superman Batman #31)

Vs Mr. Toxic (Detective Comics v2 #10-11)

Mr. Toxic showcasing how lethal and powerful his radioactive energy is as he easily kills two men who's bodies are shown to have very quickly melted down to the bone

Batman is caught by surprise and hit by a blast radiation from Mr. Toxic yet his suit still impressively protects him from being killed or even being seriously hurt although he's very slow and in great pain. Despite being greatly weakened due to the radiation, he's still able to defeat Mr. Toxic also displaying amazing stamina in the process

Wonder Woman #164

1 - Withstands a huge blow from the goddess Eris (who's possessing Poison Ivy's body) and is quickly back on his feet

2 - Slammed into the ground by the god Deimos (who's possessing Joker's body) with concern from Wonder Woman but recovers just fine

Despite taking repeated attacks from Frankenstein, he's still able to defeat the monster man in battle (Batman & Robin v2 #19)

 photo batmanamprobin19-batmanvsfrankenstein1.jpg photo batmanamprobin19-batmanvsfrankenstein2.jpg photo batmanamprobin19-batmanvsfrankenstein3.jpg

Takes a punch from The General (aka Shaggy Man) and is shown right back up on the attack shorty afterwards (JLA #26)

Withstands an unexpected attack from Mongul and is just fine afterwards (Infinite Crisis #1)

Is caught off guard by an unexpected attack from Martian Manhunter and is still impressively able to fight him off despite the punishment he just withstood. Later on in the story arc we find out that J'onn's old alien sidekick Zook was the one responsible for attacking Batman who has the ability to shapeshift plus perfectly mimic all the powers/abilities (including the weaknesses) of the super powered beings he morphs into (Superman Batman #28)

Despite Captain Marvel's (aka Shazam in the New 52) magical invulnerability he's able to punch him several times in the face without his hands being injured or even noticeably being hurt at all due to the durable strength of his gauntlet gloves (Robin Rises Omega One Shot)

  photo robinrisesomega-batmanpunchshazam1.jpg photo robinrisesomega-batmanpunchshazam2.jpg

His suit is able to stand up to the durability of Superman's skin for a short while however it should be noted that Superman was weakened due to Batman exposing him to kryptonite (Batman #612)

Withstands a kick to the face from Superman who's weakened due to being exposed to the kryptonite Batman is using against him (Batman Superman Annual #1)

Batman Clan vs Superman Clan p3 photo batmansupermanannual1-batmanclanvsupermanclan3.jpg

Is slammed against a wall by Clark Kent (before he became Superman) who has him in a choke hold and is still shown fighting back afterwards then escaping (Superman American Alien #4)

Batman vs Clark Kent 3 photo supermanamericanalien4-batmanvclarkkent3.jpgBatman vs Clark Kent 4 photo supermanamericanalien4-batmanvclarkkent4.jpgBatman vs Clark Kent 5 photo supermanamericanalien4-batmanvclarkkent5.jpg

Withstands a massive punch from a mind controlled Superman who's ordered to kill him yet through sheer will is able to get back up on his feet although he's badly injured (Superman Batman #39)

Adventures Of Superman #642

Max Lord has taken control of Superman and made him think that Batman is one of his worst foes and has ruthlessly murdered Lois. So, Supes viciously attacks Bats in the Watchtower, seemingly going for the kill. The Dark Knight is able to withstand the punishment the Man Of Steel unloads on him, manages to stall him by activating the Watchtower's countermeasures, and seemingly manages to stay conscious for a short while after Kal heat vision blasts him right before Wonder Woman arrives for the save (Batman ends seemingly in a coma and and in need of Purple Ray treatment, though)

Withstanding attacks from an enraged Kid Amazo who boasts about having the strength of Superman and is still able to fight him off (JLA Classified #40)