Despite being shot in the back beforehand, he's still able to not only quickly recover but also disappear out of sight within the tall grass field in front of a group of people. He then sneaks up on Two-Face from behind and drags his body down along with him as he then makes them both disappear entirely into the tall grass field despite those same group of people watching very closely with a look of astonishment of their faces once the two of them are gone since they seemed to vanish without a trace (All-Star Batman #1)

 photo allstarbatman1-batman2facetallgrassfield1.jpg photo allstarbatman1-batman2facetallgrassfield2.jpg photo allstarbatman1-batman2facetallgrassfield3.jpg

Takes down all of Penguin's armed henchmen outside the building they're guarding by sneaking up on them despite the guards being close together within an open area even with street lamps present (The Dark Knight v2 #27)

Invisible Bat p1 photo thedarknight27-invisiblebat1.jpgInvisible Bat p2 photo thedarknight27-invisiblebat2.jpg

Able to sneak into Ra's Al Ghul's secret lair undetected and perfectly disguise himself as one of Ra's masked assassins (in order to spy on Ra's closely) fooling not only Ra's Al Ghul but also Talia despite both knowing him very well (JLA #45)

Master of Disguise p1 photo jla45-masterofdisguise1.jpgMaster of Disguise p2 photo jla45-masterofdisguise2.jpg

Alongside Wonder Woman he sneaks up on Ra's Al Ghul and his league of assassin ninjas even his various number of ninja Man-Bats despite their enhanced hearing without being detected beforehand (Batman & Wonder Woman #30)

 photo batmanwonderwoman30-batwonderstealth1.jpg photo batmanwonderwoman30-batwonderstealth2.jpg

Breaks into Lexcorp's building undetected, memoring a twenty-seven digit code and neutralizing the guard in the process with a neurotoxin, and hacks into the computer's database, sending everything to the cave (Batman Confidential #3)

Breaks into Cadmus top secret laboratory unnoticed and gets the information he needs then gets out (Batman And Superman - World's Finest #4)

Sneaks passed the very guarded D.E.O. and FBI perimeter setup while taking out Gotham's known best mercenaries on the way (Batman #608)

Breaking into the famous and very secretive Area 51 also known as Dreamland (Batman: Dreamland)

Breaking into a top secret military base known as Area 52 (JLA #25)

 photo batarea52-1.jpg photo batarea52-2.jpg photo batarea52-3.jpg

Sneaks into a top secret military base that's a mile underground Gotham City and even bypasses all their top notch security undetected until he finally gets to Amanda Waller (the Task Force X/Suicide Squad founder & commander) who he's eager to question (Batman v3 #4)

 photo batman4-batmanamandawallersuicidesquadhq1.jpg photo batman4-batmanamandawallersuicidesquadhq2.jpg

Easily gets passed military security clearing a way for the rest of the Justice Leaguers then sneaking up on them with Superman and Martian Manhunter pointing out that they can't even see him (Justice League: A Midsummer's Nightmare #3)

Able to stay hidden in the Watchtower for an hour without any of his League teammates detecting him not even Superman. We then learn he's using a gadget to block his heartbeat from being heard which is obviously the one thing Batman can't mask from Superman (JLA #1)

Breaks into the White Martain's base, takes out 5 of their defense drones, and setups up a trap for the White Martian A-Mortal who he successfully takes out via an off panel ambush attack despite his super senses then leaves him as a message literally to the other White Martians (JLA #3)

Able to get passed even the Spectre's mystical defenses sneaking into his temple to Hal's surprise since no one should be able to. We then see the gift he left for Hal's niece and his card as message that he was there (Spectre v4 #24)

Sneaks attacks and disappears on the 600 year old vampire Andrew Bennett (I, Vampire #5)

Easily KOes Cheetah with a surprise attack (Catwoman #47)

Disappears out of sight from a police officer then sneaks up on him a second later (Detective Comics #815)

Disappears out of sight while being shot at from Forbes at a distance then reappears quickly right behind him (The Dark Knight v2 #3)

Despite being weakened and being right in front of him, he's still able to disappear out of sight of Bane who has no clue where he's gone (The Dark Knight v2 #7)

Disappears out of sight of Azrael while standing right in front of him to Azrael's surprise (Azrael #27)

Disappearing out of sight on Mr. Terrific (JSA #31)

Disappears out of sight from the Suicide Squad after Deadshot attempts to quickly shoot him down but fails (Outsiders v3 #50)

Flash (Jay Garrick) using his super speed is unable to find Batman after his shadow disappears out of sight (DC Two Thousand #1)

Disappears on Martian Manhunter after remotely shutting off the lights for just a moment (Batman Confidential #53)

Sneaks up on Clark Kent then smashes his head through his laptop (Superman American Alien #4)

Batman vs Clark Kent 1 photo supermanamericanalien4-batmanvclarkkent1.jpgBatman vs Clark Kent 2 photo supermanamericanalien4-batmanvclarkkent2.jpg

While still in midair, he disappears out of sight from Superman then sneaks up on him in their very first meeting (Post-Crisis) (Man of Steel #3)

Disappears out of plain sight of Lois Lane, Catwoman, and Superman who are looking directly at him as he walks away (Batman Superman #15)

 photo batmansuperman15-batstealth.jpg

Despite being right next to them, he's able to quickly disappear out of sight before Superman and Captain Atom could turn their heads to look at him (Superman Batman Secret Files & Origins 2003)

Sneaks up on Superman and plants what appears to be a mini bat-tracer on his cape while talking with him then disappears (Action Comics v2 #12)

Quickly able to disappear without a trace before Superman could even turn around (Batman v2 #20 - Backup Tale)

 photo batman20-superbatstealth.jpg

While in the shadows he disappears completely out of sight of Gotham & Gotham Girl who are unable to see where he's gone to despite the two having what they call "Ultra Vision" which is seemingly very similar to Superman's x-ray vision being able to see through everything and everyone (Batman v3 #2)

 photo batman2-batmangothamstealth1.jpg photo batman2-batmangothamstealth2.jpg photo batman2-batmangothamstealth3.jpg photo batman2-batmangothamstealth4.jpg photo batman2-batmangothamstealth5.jpg