Is recognized as a national security level threat according to Director Bones (aka Mr. Bones) of the DEO (Batwoman #19)

 photo batwoman19-batmanvsdeo.jpg

Impressed by his Zero Year victory over The Riddler who even the US Military couldn't stop, a secret military black ops style program/team known as The Colony was formed and based on building an army of American Batmen to shut down terriorist networks worldwide which is similar to Bruce's Batman Incorporated idea only secretly military created and driven (Detective Comics #937)

 photo detectivecomics937-batmanmilitaryinc.jpg

Despite being known as the person who once broke the Bat and a physical powerhouse as well as one of the world's most ruthless killers, not even Bane can inspire fear into the hearts of Arkham Asylum's inmates nor get the same level of respect as the Dark Knight. To counter this, Bane creates his own Batman costume and decides to become Batman to wage war on Arkham's most dangerous inmates/Gotham rogues so he can take over Gotham for himself while Batman is absent at the time (Forever Evil Arkham War #3)

Birth of the BatBane p1 photo arkhamwar3-batbaneorigin1.jpgBirth of the BatBane p2 photo arkhamwar3-batbaneorigin2.jpgBirth of the BatBane p3 photo arkhamwar3-batbaneorigin3.jpgBirth of the BatBane p4 photo arkhamwar3-batbaneorigin4.jpg

Before Aquaman even met Batman, he considered the Dark Knight to be a serious threat against him and included him within his Atlantean war plans against the surface world (Aquaman #15)

 photo aquaman15-atlanteanwarplans1.jpg photo aquaman15-atlanteanwarplans2.jpg

After their battle, a badly wounded Deathstroke thinks to himself that Batman is the best opponent he's ever fought against and that he'd be feeling the punishment inflicted on him by Batman for days despite his healing factor. In addition, Slade admits that he'd hate to fight Batman if not for his greatly enhanced physical abilities (Deathstroke #7 - To see their battle(s) go the Good Showings Section under Street Level Fighters)

Meeting Lady Shiva for the first time, he has developed a reputation as being the most skilled and determined fighter in the world as we then see Shiva eager to put him to the test (Detective Comics Annual v1 #1)

 photo detectiveannual1-batmanmeetshiva1.jpg photo detectiveannual1-batmanmeetshiva2.jpg

Despite being out of his element underwater, his reputation as a fighter still seems to be well known by many as indicated by King Shark (Superman Batman #45)

 photo supermanbatman45-underwaterbat.jpg

Is acknowledged as the greatest human escape artist by the new god Mr. Miracle who's the greatest escape artist in the entire DCU (Brave and the Bold #138)

Mr. Miracle Respect photo bravebold138-bestescapeartist.jpg

Able to persuade the new god warrior Orion to follow his plan (JLA #33)

Superman explains to Wonder Woman why he respects Batman so much (Batman Superman Wonder Woman - Trinity #3)

 photo trinity3-supesrespect2a.jpg photo trinity3-supesrespect2b.jpg photo trinity3-supesrespect2.jpg

Is acknowledged by Superman as being among the most brilliant minds on the planet and is seen working on a cure for the Doomsday virus that's infected Superman alongside a handful of the most highly intelligent people in the world which includes the likes of Ray Palmer (The Atom) & Lex Luthor (Superman v3 #31)

 photo superman31-batintellect.jpg

Only when Batman's out of the picture is Lex Luthor said to be the smartest man in the world according to Superman (Grayson Annual #2)

 photo graysonannual2-batmansmartestman.jpg

Is called the most dangerous man on earth by Superman after he defeats 4 White Martians on his own which confuses Protex (White Martian/Hyperclan leader) who made the big mistake of underestimating him (JLA #3)

 photo jla3-worldsmostdangerousman.jpg

Explaining how he would defeat his Justice League team mates, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) acknowledges Batman as the most dangerous member of the JLA who's plan against Bruce is battle field removal and the first leaguer he would deal with after defending himself against The Flash and Martian Manhunter's opening attacks (Green Lantern Legacy - The Last Will and Testament of Hal Jordan)

 photo greenlanternlegacy-greenlaternvsjusticeleague1.jpg photo greenlanternlegacy-greenlaternvsjusticeleague2.jpg photo greenlanternlegacy-greenlaternvsjusticeleague3.jpg photo greenlanternlegacy-greenlaternvsjusticeleague4.jpg

Barry Allen aka The Flash (a forensic scientist himself) thinks of Batman more as a scientist than a detective due to the way he solves crimes (The Flash Rebirth #1)

 photo theflashrebirth1-batmanscientist01.jpg photo theflashrebirth1-batmanscientist02.jpg

Is the very first person The Flash/Kid Flash aka Wally West goes to for help due to being known as the World's Greatest Detective having solved every mystery (even other cosmic level/other worldly mysteries) he's encountered (DC Universe Rebirth #1)

 photo dcurebirth1-flashdetectiverespect01.jpg photo dcurebirth1-flashdetectiverespect02.jpg photo dcurebirth1-flashdetectiverespect03.jpg

His deductive prowess is well known and respected even by the likes of Lobo who is known as the best bounty hunter in the galaxy capable of tracking down practically anyone and warns his employer of Batman ahead of time then even offers to kill him just so he wouldn't be a future problem (Batman Superman #28)

 photo batmansuperman28-batmangalaxyrep.jpg

During his training years before he became Batman, he strikes fear in the heart of a large group of pit fighters (who are willing to fight in death matches) after they witness just how tough he is and what he can do without resorting to lethal force (Batman v2 #23 - Backup Tale)

 photo batman23-pitfighter3.jpg photo batman23-pitfighter4.jpg photo batman23-pitfighter5.jpg

In his first year as Batman, he scares so much a drug pusher that the guy is hellbent on confessing even after an attempt on his life is made (Batman #407)

Gets a zealous cult follower of the Demon's Head (Ra's Al Ghul) to talk without resorting to torture which Henri Duncurd was about to use in order to get the zealot to talk (Legends of the Dark Knight #144)

While being about to die and in very poor shape due to being infected by a lethal virus, Batman is able to scare a terrorist kidnapper enough to make him escape, despite the terrorist was aware of Bats being seriously ill (Batman: D.O.A.).

Able to make Firefly take off and run away with just a glare after Firefly sees him standing over the unconscious Black Spider (All-Star Batman #1)

 photo allstarbatman1-batmanvblackspider3.jpg

Able to make even a Talon (an undead super assassin) feel fear plus force the Talon to retreat after a short battle (Batman The Dark Knight v2 #9)

Despite how powerful he is, the very image of Batman is able to spook and immobilize Clayface with fear once he's completely surrounded by an entire unit of GCPD cops who are simply wearing Batman's cape and cowl which leaves Clayface vulnerable to be trapped (Batman The Dark Knight v2 #23)

The Bat Team vs Clayface 3 photo thedarknight23-bateamvsclayface3.jpgThe Bat Team vs Clayface 4 photo thedarknight23-bateamvsclayface4.jpgThe Bat Team vs Clayface 5 photo thedarknight23-bateamvsclayface5.jpg

Here is Luthor's plan to deal with Batman, in case the Dark Knight shows up in Metropolis (Superman Batman #72)

Scarecrow was able to terrorize all of Gotham City and is on the verge of killing Robin, but he is stopped by Batman, who beats him at his own game (Detective Comics #836, see Detective Comics #835 to have more instances of Scarecrow having Gotham in the grip of fear)

Before being chosen to represent the Sinestro Corps, Scarecrow mentions that only Batman has the ability to scare him something not even Black Lanterns can do and wanted to lure Batman out just to feel fear again (Blackest Night #6)

He is able to stop a brawl caused by Green Lantern Guy Gardner and scare him into sitting down (Justice League International #1)

Years later, just to show that some things never change, here is how the Dark Knight persuades Guy to "reconsider" his "application" for the position of JLA's leader (JLA: Secret Files & Origins #2)

Plastic Man disguised as Batman is able to stop a bloody prison riot which included super powered criminals (fomented by Mageddon-possessed Hector Hammond and to a lesser degree by the Shadow Thief) simply by showing himself from a distance (JLA #34)

Scares a powerful magical werewolf (created by Eclipso) so much that it transforms back into human form. We then learn that fear actually saps it power (JLA Showcase 80 Page Giant)


Sneaks up on the new god Metron and manages to get a fearful reaction out of him (JLA #14)

Parallax (cosmic entity of fear) is able to sense a disciple is near who happens to be the Dark Knight which is confirmed by the fact that Bruce is chosen to join the Sinestro Corps as shown in the next feat below this one (Green Lantern Rebirth #5)

Chosen as the first representive of sector 2814 for the Sinestro Corps (Green Lantern #17)

Proves more than capable of wielding a Sinestro Corps ring (only those with the greatest ability to install fear can) in battle against Power Ring despite it being the first and only known time he's used it. However, due to the charge on the ring being so low on power it proves to be not much use in battle (Forever Evil #4)

Sinestro Corps Batman vs Power Ring p1 photo foreverevil4-sinestrobatmanvspowering1.jpgSinestro Corps Batman vs Power Ring p2 photo foreverevil4-sinestrobatmanvspowering2.jpgSinestro Corps Batman vs Power Ring p3 photo foreverevil4-sinestrobatmanvspowering3.jpgSinestro Corps Batman vs Power Ring p4 photo foreverevil4-sinestrobatmanvspowering4.jpgSinestro Corps Batman vs Power Ring p5 photo foreverevil4-sinestrobatmanvspowering5.jpg

His ability to install fear impresses even Sinestro who believes he would be a great yellow lantern (Forever Evil #5)

Sinestro Respect photo foreverevil5-sinestrorespect.jpg