Standard/Advanced Prep Time


Batman Gadgets/High Tech - Standard gear Batman carries around as a precaution to help deal with various different situations and threats he has to face


We get small look what's inside Batman's average utility belt these days which is being studied and searched through for research purposes which even includes a small piece of Kryptonite. It seems Batman's current utility belt is built in such a efficient way that it's able to carry a massive amount of items within despite it looking slim and not large at all. As a matter of fact, the people studying the equipment in his utility belt even mention that they've only managed to go through and catalogue roughly 30 percent of what's inside his belt having found up to 42 items total from what we actually get to see here (Detective Comics #937)

 photo detectivecomics937-batmanutilitybeltitems.jpg

His entire Batsuit is computerized and he has a central processor installed inside his batcowl that he uses to gain access inside Arkham Asylum's surveillance system and shut it down temporarily (Detective Comics v2 #28)

 photo detective28-batsuitcpu1.jpg photo detective28-batsuitcpu2.jpg

His cowl is connected to his suit's central computer and as a contingency plan he has it setup so that the computer will short circuit and erase itself should someone try to remove his mask to seemingly prevent anyone from using the technology and information in his suit. As we know he also has a powerful taser built in to protect himself in case he's rendered unconscious as we find out here that a team of bomb squad experts even failed in an attempt to remove his mask and only ended up electrocuted (Detective Comics #937)

 photo detectivecomics937-cowlcontingency.jpg

His cowl can release tear gas as a defense mechanism protocol to protect his identity as seen here when Solomon Grundy (being mind controlled by Gorilla Grodd) tries to unmask him (Superman Batman #3)

Despite being captured and unconscious at the time, Scarecrow was unable to remove his mask that seems to have a special lock on it that prevents anyone from removing it other than himself (Batman The Dark Knight v2 #12)


Has a transparent bulletproof section in his mask that, when voice-activated, can shield him from point blank shots in the face (Batman: Odyssey #3)

His mask has a mouth guard installed inside to protect his mouth area from harm (Batman Rebirth #1)

 photo batmanrebirth1-batmansuitazer.jpg

Has a high tech lie detector installed inside his cowl (Batman v2 #3)

Has a high tech digital mask installed within his cowl that allows him to change his facial appearance perfectly very similar to his EMP mask (Batman v2 #34)

 photo batman34-digitalmask1.jpg photo batman34-digitalmask2.jpg

Can record live streaming footage from his cowl lens (that is linked to the batcave's computer) with Alfred viewing the live feed from the batcave (Detective Comics v2 #33)

 photo detective33-batlenslivefeed1.jpg photo detective33-batlenslivefeed2.jpg

Replaying a recording of his case involving The Reaper in memory of his son (Robin) its shown that he records all his cases and stores them within his cowl archives (Batman v2 #19)

 photo batman19-batarchives1.jpg photo batman19-batarchives2.jpg

Has facial recognition tech installed inside his cowl (Batman v2 #19)

 photo batman19-facialrecognition.jpg

Analyzing what's inside Scarecrow's new fear toxin and what the effects of the fear toxin do to people using his cowl's high tech eye lens (Detective Comics v2 #28)

 photo detective28-batlenstech.jpg

From a far distance he's shown using thermal vision to examine a crime scene for evidence (Detective Comics #788)

Has heat sensor vision that can analyze and spot people/objects

Able to see the heat signature of a high tech invisible sentry robot with his lenses then uses some type of gas or chemical to expose it so it can now be seen and finishes it off with his electrical brass knuckles (Batman Incorporated v1 #1)

 photo batmaninc1-batvision1.jpg photo batmaninc1-batvision2.jpg photo batmaninc1-batvision3.jpg

Using the multi wavelength visual view tech in his cowl's lenses to quickly scan the room without having to physically search for anything manually by hand (Batman The Dark Knight #1)

Able to look into Bloom's back using what appears to be his zooming thermal vision to locate the super seed inside his body (Batman v2 #50)

 photo batman50-bathermalvision.jpg

Using what appears to be x-ray vision installed inside his cowl lens to see that the person in front of him was pulling out a gun on him. Notice also how he can see through the person's clothes and his body to see even his skeleton moving (Detective Comics #937)

 photo detectivecomics937-batxrayvision.jpg

Installed high intensity strobes into his bat-visor to counteract Poison Ivy's powerful mind controlling pheromones. The strobe tech shocks his brain and resets his short term memory allowing him to stay in control of himself (Detective Comics v2 #14)


Puts up eye shields and ear plugs rendering himself blind and deaf in order to counter Count Vertigo's disorienting power effects. Afterwards, he employs the use of his cowl's sonar sensor to navigate through Vertigo's effects (Batman #647)

Has echo location radar installed within his cowl which he uses to find the secret entrance inside Ra's Al Ghul's lair (Detective Comics #838)

Has a radio-logical alarm in his cowl (JLA Classified #15)

Has micro-transmitters that he plants on an alien to track it via satellite, anticipating he might have run

Shot Ra's Al Ghul in the arm with a special dart from his gauntlet glove that bonds with the DNA and acts as GPS that can track anyone for up to 48 hours (Batman and Frankenstein #31)

 photo batmanfrankenstein31-batgpsdart1.jpg photo batmanfrankenstein31-batgpsdart2.jpg

Has a gadget that can quickly analyze substances and tell him what exactly the substances are plus what they can do as shown when he uses the gadget to scan what's inside Mad Hatter's tea (The Dark Knight v2 #18)

 photo thedarknight18-batscanner.jpg

Uses an advanced device that's linked to his batcave's computer to quickly scan & identify the body of a victim who was so badly burned that she couldn't be identified by normal means (Detective Comics Annual  v2 #2)

 photo detectiveannual2-dnascanner.jpg

Has a high tech device connected to his gauntlet gloves that can quickly hack and search through computers (Talon #12)

 photo talon12-bathacktech.jpg

Aquaman #16:

Has a regulator that can adjust to different oxygen levels to avoid toxicity and a homing beacon strong enough to reach Cyborg despite being at the bottom of the ocean or possibly even further according to Aquaman

 photo aquaman16-underwaterbat.jpg

Uses subsonic emitters he carries around to map out even the darkest parts of the ocean floor known as the Dark Waters and helps Aquaman navigate through the area who couldn't see despite his enhanced vision. He also advises Aquaman to use his Justice League communicator to visually contruct a 3D hologram of the area which is equipment every Justice League member carries on them

 photo aquaman16-underwaterbat2.jpg photo aquaman16-underwaterbat3.jpg photo aquaman16-underwaterbat4.jpg photo aquaman16-underwaterbat5.jpg photo aquaman16-underwaterbat6.jpg

Can remote control the Batmobile as seen here when he uses it to save people who are mind controlled plus himself (Legends of the Dark Knight #206)

Has a mini defibrillator unit installed inside his utility belt that he uses to save a man's life (Batman Eternal #45)

 photo batmaneternal45-defibunit1.jpg

Able to keep Cheetah restrained with his special created handcuffs that were co-designed by Mr. Miracle (Catwoman #48)

Has a laser attached to his wrist gauntlet that he uses to easily burn through Gordon's shackles and free him (The Dark Knight v2 #22)

 photo thedarkknight22-batglovelaser.jpg

Gas/Smoke/Flash Bangs

His gauntlet gloves can shoot mini gas pellets (Detective Comics v2 #3)

 photo detectivecomics2and3-batmanvsdollmen5.jpg photo detective3-batgauntletgas.jpg

Can release gas from his utility belt buckle that he uses to take down mind controlled people attacking him as quickly as possible without hurting them (Detective Comics v2 #40)

 photo detective40-utilitybeltgas.jpg

The blades on his gauntlet gloves are also smoke bombs that can fire off and create a smoke screen (Detective Comics v2 #33)

 photo detective33-batblades1.jpg photo detective33-batblades2.jpg

Launches a mini missile that deploys a big cloud of smoke upon contact with its target that hits a helicopter causing the pilot to go off course. Then throws what's described as a "blackout bomb" that blinds the people inside the helicopter as he jumps inside and takes over the second helicopter (Batman Eternal #29)

 photo batmaneternal29-blindingbombs1.jpg photo batmaneternal29-blindingbombs2.jpg

Uses a device that releases a large black smoke screen to blind numerous GCPD officers (Batman Eternal #30)

Black Smoke Cloud 1 photo batmaneternal30-blacksmoke1.jpgBlack Smoke Cloud 2 photo batmaneternal30-blacksmoke2.jpg

His boots can release a large smoke screen cloud that he's shown using against jokerized citizens (Batman v2 #37)

 photo batman37-batbootsmoke.jpg

Blinds his attackers with flash-bang pellets that are deployed from the bottom of his boot (Batman & Two-Face #27)

Boot Flashbangs photo batmantwoface27-bootflashbangs.jpg

Blinds and disorients GCPD officers by pushing a button on his utility belt that sets off a wide range flash bomb (or flash bang) effect that enables him to quickly escape along with someone else he carries away (Batman Eternal #45)

 photo batmaneternal45-batflashbomb1.jpg photo batmaneternal45-batflashbomb2.jpg photo batmaneternal45-batflashbomb3.jpg

Using a flash bang grenade to blind Malik who's a meta human with hard light construct powers then takes him down (Justice League International v2 #12)

Using various tech (a taser, mace or pepper spray, and tear gas) weaponry against Clark Kent with no affect against him until he uses what appears to be a very powerful flash bomb batarang that totally blinds the Man of Steel allowing himself enough time to escape (Superman American Alien #4)

Batman vs Clark Kent 3 photo supermanamericanalien4-batmanvclarkkent3.jpgBatman vs Clark Kent 4 photo supermanamericanalien4-batmanvclarkkent4.jpgBatman vs Clark Kent 5 photo supermanamericanalien4-batmanvclarkkent5.jpg

Chemical Foam, Grapnel Gun, & Other Subduing Gadgets

Uses a unique type of batarang to create some type of energy field or floating energy mines of some type to help contain the Will O' the Wisp demon inside the spell circle while Superman holds it off (Batman v2 #20 - Backup Tale)

 photo batman20-batarangenergy1.jpg photo batman20-batarangenergy2.jpg

Has fast hardening chemical foam capsules that he can use to contain someone as long as the foam is allowed 6 seconds of time to completely harden around the intended target (Batman #626)

Bat Foam Capsules photo batman626-batfoam.jpg

Takes the fire powered meta human Heatstroke out of flight using chemical foam capsules but is later unable to capture her due to interference from Coldsnap enabling her to escape (Batman and the Outsiders Annual #2)

 photo batoutsidersann2-batheater3.jpg

Uses a special fast hardening chemical foam to contain an explosive blast and saves everyone inside the building from being harmed. He then uses a reverse chemical agent to dissolve the special chemical foam he initially used (Detective Comics v2 #38)  

Bat Foam Contains Explosion 1 photo detective38-chemicalfoam1.jpgBat Foam Contains Explosion 2 photo detective38-chemicalfoam2.jpg

Stops a large rioting mob of jokerized citizens from entering the building via the window he came through by using a fast hardening chemical foam batarang to form a strong barrier (Batman v2 #38) 

Bat Foamarang photo batman38-batfoambarrier.jpg

Can shoot Bat-Bola weapons out his gauntlet gloves to subdue multiple targets (Batman & Two Face v2 #26)

Bat Gauntlet Bat-Bolas p1 photo batmantwoface26-batbolas1.jpgBat Gauntlet Bat-Bolas p2 photo batmantwoface26-batbolas2.jpg

Subduing a mob of well armed thugs using high tech net gadgets or "batnets" (Batman Gotham After Midnight #2)

The cable line in his grapnel gun is said to have a 15 ton breaking strain (Batman Confidential #2)

Grappling Gun Strength p1 photo batmanconfidential2-grapnelgun1.jpgGrappling Gun Strength p2 photo batmanconfidential2-grapnelgun2.jpg

Showcasing the strength of his grapnel gun's cable line as it helps him stop a speeding car from getting away without the cable line snapping (Batman & Two Face v2 #25)

Bat Strength photo batmantwoface25-batstrength.jpg

Using his grapnel gun that he attaches to his utility belt for better control to steer a damaged 747 airplane from crashing into the city successfully showcasing just how strong the grapnel gun's cable line is (Batman v3 #1)

Batman saves 747 Airplane 11 photo batman1-batmanv747airplane011.jpgBatman saves 747 Airplane 12 photo batman1-batmanv747airplane012.jpgBatman saves 747 Airplane 13 photo batman1-batmanv747airplane013.jpgBatman saves 747 Airplane 14 photo batman1-batmanv747airplane014.jpgBatman saves 747 Airplane 15 photo batman1-batmanv747airplane015.jpgBatman saves 747 Airplane 16 photo batman1-batmanv747airplane016.jpgBatman saves 747 Airplane 17 photo batman1-batmanv747airplane017.jpgBatman saves 747 Airplane 18 photo batman1-batmanv747airplane018.jpg

Using one of his smaller grapnel guns to send Glorious Godfrey flying backwards who attempted to sneak attack him displaying just how powerful his grapnel gun is (Robin Rises Omega One Shot)

Team Batman vs Glorious Godfrey Apokolips Army p2 photo robinrisesomega-teambatmanvsapokolips2.jpg

Uses a unique grapple line gadget that completely surrounds the target(s) and ties them up on contact so they're unable to escape. Notice that it mimics Darkseid's famous omega sanction that he previously encountered in Final Crisis (Batman The Dark Knight #2)

Tasers/Electrical Weaponry

His entire costume is wired to potentially use 200,000 volts of electricity as a defense mechanism when he's unconscious or unable to defend himself (Batman #609/Batman: Ultimate Guide)

Can use his utility belt to send a 50,000 volt shock to his enemies (Nightwing v1 #14)

Overwhelms Cyborg with a huge burst of electricity once Cyborg touches him that he sets off from his utility belt which also affects the rest of his Justice League team mates due to them being within close range. In addition, we learn that the electrical burst has shut down the Justice League transporter technology as noted by Luthor (Batman & Robin v2 #33)

 photo batmanrobin33-batzapped.jpg

Can emit tazer shocks from his gauntlet glove's finger tips (Batman v2 #16)

 photo batman16-batfingertasers.jpg

Using the tazers installed in the fingertips of his gauntlet gloves to discharge a large burst of electricity to free himself from the giant sized squid that's squeezing him underwater (Detective Comics v2 #32)

 photo detective32-batfingertazers1.jpg photo detective32-batfingertazers2.jpg photo detective32-batfingertazers3.jpg

Takes down a man using the taser installed inside his gauntlet gloves (Detective Comics v2 #36)

 photo detective36-batglovetazer.jpg

Using tazers in his gauntlet gloves to completely kill the nerves in a sniper's hands so he'll never be able to use them again (Batman & Red Hood v2 #20/Batman & Robin v2 #20)

 photo batmanamprobin20-batgloves1.jpg photo batmanamprobin20-batgloves2.jpg

Electrocutes Ra's Al Ghul with his tazerangs aka electrical batarangs which painfully stuns and briefly takes down The Demon's Head as well as the group of ninjas close to him who are harmed because of the electrical shock (Batman & Ra's Al Ghul #32)

 photo batmanrasalghul32-batazerangs.jpg

Takes out Monster (Hulk/Bucky hybrid character) with an electrical batarang powered with 10,000 volts specially created to defeat powerful beastly or monster like enemies such as Killer Croc and Solomon Grundy (Superman/Batman #21)

Has a tazer gun powerful enough to momentarily stun and affect even Superman (Batman Superman #15)

Super Stun Gun photo batmansuperman15-batazervsuperman.jpg

Destroys Julian September's reality altering engine device with a highly charged tazer gun (JLA #18)

Can reverse stun gun charges on his Bat suit (Batman Odyssey v1 #6)

Has a grounder installed in his batsuit that reverses the electrical blast shot from Penguin's umbrella at him right back at Penguin plus all his henchmen surrounding him nearby which effectively takes them all out at the same time (Batman v2 #44)

 photo batman44-batsuitgrounder1.jpg photo batman44-batsuitgrounder2.jpg

Acid Weaponry

Uses acid filled batarangs to seriously hurt Emperor Penguin (aka Emperor Blackgate) on top of a powerful tazer to knock him down then releases gas out his gauntlet hand glove to neutralize him (Detective Comics v2 #20)

Batman vs Emperor Penguin p1 photo detective20-emperorpenguinvsuberbat1.jpgBatman vs Emperor Penguin p2 photo detective20-emperorpenguinvsuberbat2.jpg

Throws acid tipped batarangs into Hugo Strange's enhanced monster man that severally hurts and even blinds the monster (Batman & the Monster Men #6)

Sprays acid on Green Lantern Simon Baz (Justice League v2 #23)

 photo batmangreenlantern-acid.jpg photo batmangreenlantern-acid2.jpg

Sonic/Sound Weaponry

Makes sure that a KOed Silver Banshee stays out of the fight by putting on her a mini hypersonic device effective even on paranormals and modifying it on the spot to drive her scream back at her which subdues her (Superman Batman #3)

Using sonic grenades to subdue Man-Bats who are very sensitive to sound due to their enhanced hearing (Detective Comics v2 #19)

 photo detective19-sonicgrenades.jpg

Ice/Cold Weaponry

Uses a Co2 canister that freezes/kills the bugs in the air plus immediately drops the temperature in the area by 100 degrees (Batman Streets of Gotham #20)

Ambushes and subdues multiple Talons by freezing them with a high tech freeze device (Forever Evil Aftermath: Batman vs Bane)

 photo foreverevilbatmanvsbane-talonsonice1.jpg photo foreverevilbatmanvsbane-talonsonice2.jpg photo foreverevilbatmanvsbane-talonsonice3.jpg

Uses a liquid nitrogen capsule against Ghost Soldier which actually affects him despite his intangibility although it doesn't stop him (Batman Superman #11)

 photo batmansuperman11-ghostsoldierfreeze.jpg

Legends of the Dark Knight #201:

Attempting to subdue Clayface 3 as quickly as possible, he throws a liquid nitrogen capsule at him but messes due to the wind.

After immobilizing/impaling Clayface he's finally able to freeze him with the liquid nitrogen capsule so he's able to be safety transported back to Arkham Asylum without hurting anyone.

While pinned against the wall and being electrocuted by Ultimate Clayface, he pulls out a liquid nitrogen capsule then uses it to freeze Clayface's large hand which frees his body from Clayface's super strong grip/hold as well as hurting him (Detective Comics #735)

 photo batvclayr2-2.jpg photo batvclayr2-4.jpg

Fire/Heat Weaponry

Takes out Clayface (Basil Karlo/Ultimate Clayface) with a unique heat powered batarang that's powerful enough to dry up and break down his body (Gotham Sirens #24)

Can turn his batarang's into intense fire/heat powered gadgets that he uses to easily light a circle of candlesticks (Batman v2 #20 - Backup Tale)

 photo batman20-batarangheat.jpg

Has high tech brass knuckles that generate intense heat and seem to be powered by his gauntlet gloves which are used to take down Mr. Freeze (Batman Eternal #31)

 photo batmaneternal31-heatknuckles1.jpg photo batmaneternal31-heatknuckles2.jpg

Quickly subdues Mr. Freeze with a small gadget that can seemingly overheat someone that its placed on (Batman v2 #16)

 photo batman16-batheater.jpg

Blows apart of huge pile of snow that fell on him with an Infrared Ordnance weapon meant as a protocol for Mr. Freeze (Brave and the Bold #3)

Uses what he calls a silane capsule that's basically flammable gas (that ignites on contact with air) against a giant sized robot (Batman: Europa #2)

 photo batmaneuropa2-silanecapsule.jpg

Toxins/Tranquilizers Weaponry

Hoses Joker and Riddler in advance with a chemical that paralyzes them in order to easily keep them in check (Justice Leagues: Justice League of Arkham #1)


Has a chloroform patch in his cape that he uses to quickly put Joker's Daughter to sleep by wrapping it around her face (Batman Eternal #38)

 photo batmaneternal38-chemicalpatch.jpg

Takes down multiple targets/gunmen by shooting them with tranquilizer darts from his gauntlet gloves (Batman & Two-Face #27)

Tranquilizer Gauntlet Gun photo batmantwoface27-batranqgun.jpg

Shown taking down multiple League of Assassin ninjas head on in battle using the tranquillizer guns in both his gauntlet gloves (Batman & Aquaman #29)

 photo batmanaquaman29-batglovegun.jpg

Has fast acting non-lethal poisonous mini bat darts that paralyze his targets body parts (Batman #608)

Batman Tech vs Mercs photo batman608-batweapons.jpg

Magnetic Devices/Weaponry

Using magnetic batarangs to easily subdue a group of high tech power armored Rocket Reds allowing Black Lightning to finish them off (Green Lantern v4 #16)

Using a small magnetic gadget to easily subdue the Whisper gang who were all wearing metal (Batman v2 #3)

Using the demagnetizer on his utility belt to break free from magnetic cables that were controlling him (Detective Comics v2 #4)

EMP/Electromagnetic Pulse Weaponry

His cowl is shielded to protect his brain from the dangerous effects of an EMP as he's then seen using one (JLA Classified #14)

Has an EMP device installed on his utility belt that he uses to shut down the power in Arkham Asylum then uses absorbing capsules to soak up the water inside the cells where hostages were being held (Batman v2 #16)

 photo batman16-batemp1.jpg photo batman16-batemp2.jpg

Energy Deflection High Tech Equipment

Uses the energy deflector installed inside his utility belt to repel Mr. Toxic's radiation energy (Detective Comics v2 #11)

Bats is attacked by the Composite Superman (a being created by Prof Ivo using the DNA of Superman, Batman and others) and, believing him to be the Man Of Steel, uses a lead-backed mirror he carries just in case he needs to protect himself from heat-vision. The move works, the HV being reflected back to the attacker, who is forced to flee (Superman Batman Annual #3)

Has chaff grenades that he uses to deflect Dr. Light's light beam blasts then is shown using a mini concussion blast pellet bomb that really hurts Dr. Light's head and confuses him (Superman Batman #43)

 photo supermanbatman43-fortressbattle4.jpg photo supermanbatman43-fortressbattle5.jpg photo supermanbatman43-fortressbattle6.jpg

Propulsion Tech/Weaponry

Using his propulsion high tech gadget to generate enough force to bust out an acid tank that he's trapped/locked within (Batman v2 #14)


Using his high tech mini propulsion gadget to weaponize a large garbage bin against Red Hood (Batman #641)

 photo batman641-batechpropulsion1.jpg photo batman641-batechpropulsion2.jpg

Attaching his high tech mini propulsion gadget to Brick's chest that's powerful enough to send him flying backwards despite his invulnerability (Green Arrow #71)

 photo greenarrow71-batvsbrick2.jpg photo greenarrow71-batvsbrick3.jpg


Defeats Brick by using a very powerful incendiary grenade that actually manages to hurt him despite his invulnerability (Green Arrow #71)

 photo greenarrow71-batvsbrick5.jpg photo greenarrow71-batvsbrick6.jpg

Has non lethal miniature explosives that are responsive to the slightest pressure (Batman #649)

Detonates his utility belt that causes a huge explosive blast powerful enough to destroy a reinforced water tank made to hold a giant sized squid (Detective Comics v2 #32)

 photo detective32-batfingertazers3.jpg photo detective32-batutilitybelt.jpg

The JLA uses their powers/abilities to destroy Z with one combined blast but its Batman's powerful time fuse batarang that finishes the job burying Z underground (JLA Classified #15)

Using attaching mini explosives that are powerful enough to send even Captain Nazi flying through a brick wall despite his invulnerability (Batman #647)

 photo batredhoodvsocietyvillains1b.jpg photo batredhoodvsocietyvillains1c.jpg

His short timed explosive batarang is powerful enough to send even a rookie Superman flying out a building (Batman Superman #1)

Year One Batman vs Year One Superman p3 photo batmansuperman1-batmanvsuperman6.jpgYear One Batman vs Year One Superman p4 photo batmansuperman1-batmanvsuperman7.jpg

Destroys 3 Doomsday clones that unexpectedly attack everyone with explosive batarangs (Superman Batman #10)

Fires a mini rocket out of his glove gauntlet that blows a huge hole in a water tank container (Batman & Two-Face #28)

Mini Gauntlet Rocket Launcher p1 photo batmantwoface28-batgloverocket1.jpgMini Gauntlet Rocket Launcher p2 photo batmantwoface28-batgloverocket2.jpg


Batman Using Prep Time -  Examples of Batman using prep time to build or use advanced tech and weaponry in order to combat and defeat powerful threats

Developed high tech "smart" arrows that he gave to Green Arrow to help him out against the high tech enemies he was up against (Green Arrow v4 #14)


Utilizes a powerful chemical that takes out Ms. Mercy having previously analyzed similar demonic cells (Batman: Book of Shadows)

Quickly defeats Ferak one of Poison Ivy's powerful plant creatures with chemicals meant to take it out saving Young Justice in the process (Young Justice No Man's Land Special)

Able to take down the powerful giant sized plant monster man known as Mr. Bloom using numerous grapnel cable line shooters to hold him down while attempting to cut out the main super seed in his back to stop him for good although he's interrupted before he could (Batman v2 #50)

Batman vs Bloom 1 photo batman50-batmanvbloom1.jpgBatman vs Bloom 2 photo batman50-batmanvbloom2.jpgBatman vs Bloom 3 photo batman50-batmanvbloom3.jpg

Dons a modified red version of his costume with a specialized weapon and chemical he created to break Poison Ivy's mind control over Clayface (Detective Comics v2 #15)


Encases Clayface within energy cages by using a special high tech energy gun although Clayface is still able to narrowly slip away each time due to the energy cages not being perfectly sealed shut plus Clayface's shape shifting ability (The Dark Knight v2 #23)

 photo thedarknight23-energycagegun1.jpg photo thedarknight23-energycagegun2.jpg photo thedarknight23-energycagegun3.jpg

Has a unique and powerful weapon inside his utility belt that he uses to quickly take down Clayface (Batman Eternal #31)

 photo batmaneternal31-clayfaceweapon1.jpg photo batmaneternal31-clayfaceweapon2.jpg

Takes down Clayface using tranquilizer darts loaded with very strong doses of lidocaine (Batman Eternal #38)

 photo batmaneternal38-clayfacetranqs.jpg

Destroys Mangubat robots using guns that fire some type of energy blasts (Batman Superman #14)

 photo batmansuperman14-batmanvsmangubats1.jpg photo batmansuperman14-batmanvsmangubats2.jpg

Shown using a sonic gun against a large mob of Man-Bats on the loose (Detective Comics v2 #19)

 photo detective19-sonicgun1.jpg photo detective19-sonicgun2.jpg

Sneaks up on a wood nymph (nature deity) and threatens to use agent orange against her which obviously would've worked since it intimidated her enough to tell Batman everything (JLA League of One)

Takes out Gentlemen Ghost by throwing a special made nth metal batarang through him. The rare Nth metal is the only known substance capable of affecting Gentlemen Ghost who comes back every new moon once he's exposed to it (Batman Eternal #6)

Nth Metal Batarang p1 photo batmaneternal6-nthmetalbatarang1.jpgNth Metal Batarang p2 photo batmaneternal6-nthmetalbatarang2.jpg

Takes out a hostile ghost that's killing people using the nth metal batarang in his utility belt (Batman Eternal #24)

 photo batmaneternal24-nthmetalbatarangvsghost1.jpg photo batmaneternal24-nthmetalbatarangvsghost2.jpg

Having studied his advanced high tech helmet beforehand, he's able to defeat Prometheus by sending a virus into his helmet that erases all the copied physical programming & his own physical ability completely and replaces them with the physical ability of a very well known disabled man leaving Prometheus totally helpless (JLA #38)

Uses technology that allows him to navigate through Spellbinder's mind altering illusion power with help from Robin (Detective Comics #692)

Uses a high tech device he built that's able to prevent his mind from being invaded by Martian telepathy (JLA Classified #45)

Aquaman Vol. 6 #22:

Gives Aquaman powerful high tech helmet that disables The Eel's powerful telekinetic powers by 99 percent


Later on we see Aquaman successfully use it against the Eel to completely neutralize him (however when Arthur takes Eel out of water some water leaks in the helmet giving Eel that 1 percent chance to break free by freezing it with his power)


Robin neutralizes Bombshell's powers by using advanced tech created by Batman to defeat Major Force (Teen Titans vol 3 #64)


Handles a Kryptonite being-possessed Captain Atom, who was giving trouble to Superman, by using a high tech gadget to draw the Kryptonite being out of Captain Atom (Superman/Batman #20)

Develops a special virus tailor made to take Plastic Man out and can see it works when Plastic Man's son (Offspring) who has practically the same powers of his father, is mistakenly injected with the virus (Countdown To Mystery #3)

Injects a venom enhanced Bane with a special chemical that he seemingly created as a contingency plan which neutralizes the venom in Bane's bloodstream and turns it into a toxin resulting in his body painfully forcing it out of his system and still being able to immensely feel the affects of the chemical even long afterwards (Batwoman #24)

 photo batwoman24-batvenom.jpg

Built a device that drains the power of a powerful alien vampire that once took on the JLA and almost won plus nearly killed him in their previous fight (Batman Confidential #53)

Grayson Annual #2:

- Built a machine called the Hypothalamus inhibitor that severally weakened Blockbuster who's proven powerful enough to give even Superman a tough 1 on 1 prolonged fight according to Superman's own words

 photo graysonannual2-worldsfinestriovsblockbuster2.jpg photo graysonannual2-worldsfinestriovsblockbuster3.jpg photo graysonannual2-blockbusternew52history.jpg

- After replicating the Hypothalamus inhibitor that was originally created by Batman to severely weaken Blockbuster, Luthor teleports the device to Grayson and Superman who then use it to defeat the super powerful Blockbuster (who's far more powerful than Superman at the time) and Fist of Cain terrorist group who are made almost powerless due to being exposed to the massive pink light emitted from the inhibitor that greatly diminishes their meta human powers

 photo graysonannual2-luthorinhibitordevice1.jpg photo graysonannual2-luthorinhibitordevice2.jpg photo graysonannual2-luthorinhibitordevice3.jpg photo graysonannual2-luthorinhibitordevice4.jpg photo graysonannual2-luthorinhibitordevice5.jpg

Takes Bizarro by surprise with a solar spectrum laser that not only hurts him but blinds Bizarro's eyes turning them into gems (Batman/Wonder Woman/Superman: Trinity #2)

Superman Unchained #6:
NOTE: See the Special Prep Time (Battles) Section for the Batman vs Wraith battle which takes places after these images below from Superman Unchained #7!

- Secretly transfers data to Superman confirming the structure of the synthetic ring he's already given to the Man of Steel in advance so he'd have a way to take down Wraith (who's more powerful than Superman) if he had to

Superman w/Synthetic Ring vs Wraith p1 photo supermanunchained6-wraithsyntheticring1.jpg

- We learn that Batman made the special rings for Superman and himself which are created from synthetic mineral based on Wraith's power signature that affects Wraith the same way kryptonite does to Superman which in turn enabled Superman to beat Wraith in combat just as intended

Superman w/Synthetic Ring vs Wraith p2 photo supermanunchained6-wraithsyntheticring2.jpgSuperman w/Synthetic Ring vs Wraith p3 photo supermanunchained6-wraithsyntheticring3.jpgSuperman w/Synthetic Ring vs Wraith p4 photo supermanunchained6-wraithsyntheticring4.jpg

Tower of Babel:

An in-depth look at Batman's protocols & weaponry he created to defeat the Justice League should they ever go rogue (JLA Secret Files #3)

Here are Batman's contingency plans put into action by Ra's Al Ghul's League of Assassins who take down the Justice League (JLA #43-46):

- Martian Manhunter: Nanites  

Nanites p1 photo jlatowerofbabel-martianmanhunter1.jpgNanites p2 photo jlatowerofbabel-martianmanhunter2.jpgNanites p3 photo jlatowerofbabel-martianmanhunter3.jpgNanites p4 photo jlatowerofbabel-martianmanhunter4.jpgNanites p5 photo jlatowerofbabel-martianmanhunter5.jpgNanites p6 photo jlatowerofbabel-martianmanhunter6.jpg

- Aquaman & Plastic Man: Mr. Freeze's freeze formula (Plastic Man) & Modified Scarecrow fear toxin (Aquaman)

Freeze Formula & Scarecrow Fear Toxin p1 photo jlatowerofbabel-aquamanplasticman1.jpgFreeze Formula & Scarecrow Fear Toxin p2 photo jlatowerofbabel-aquamanplasticman2.jpgFreeze Formula & Scarecrow Fear Toxin p3 photo jlatowerofbabel-aquamanplasticman3.jpg

- Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner): Hypnosis rendering him blind which made him much less effective

Hypnotic Suggestion p1 photo jlatowerofbabel-greenlantern1.jpgHypnotic Suggestion p2 photo jlatowerofbabel-greenlantern2.jpgHypnotic Suggestion p3 photo jlatowerofbabel-greenlantern3.jpgHypnotic Suggestion p4 photo jlatowerofbabel-greenlantern4.jpgHypnotic Suggestion p5 photo jlatowerofbabel-greenlantern5.jpgHypnotic Suggestion p6 photo jlatowerofbabel-greenlantern6.jpg

- Wonder Woman: Highly advanced VR (Virtual Reality) Chip

VR Chip p1 photo jlatowerofbabel-wonderwoman1.jpgVR Chip p2 photo jlatowerofbabel-wonderwoman2.jpgVR Chip p3 photo jlatowerofbabel-wonderwoman3.jpgVR Chip p4 photo jlatowerofbabel-wonderwoman4.jpg

- The Flash: Vibra Bullet

Vibra Bullet p1 photo jlatowerofbabel-flash1.jpgVibra Bullet p2 photo jlatowerofbabel-flash2.jpgVibra Bullet p3 photo jlatowerofbabel-flash3.jpg

- Superman: Synthetic Red Kryptonite

Synthetic Red Kryptonite p1 photo jlatowerofbabel-superman1.jpgSynthetic Red Kryptonite p2 photo jlatowerofbabel-superman2.jpgSynthetic Red Kryptonite p3 photo jlatowerofbabel-superman3.jpgSynthetic Red Kryptonite p4 photo jlatowerofbabel-superman4.jpgSynthetic Red Kryptonite p5 photo jlatowerofbabel-superman5.jpgSynthetic Red Kryptonite p6 photo jlatowerofbabel-superman6.jpg

Justice League v2 #19-20:

- Has a hidden area (or secret batcave) inside his Batcave that has his secret plans written down & drawn up plus special weaponry/equipment to defeat his Justice League teammates should they go rogue

The Secret Batcave p1 photo justiceleague19-thesecretbatcave1.jpgThe Secret Batcave p2 photo justiceleague19-thesecretbatcave2.jpg

- Covering his tracks, he later tells the Justice League that he's been trying to find a cure for Superman by studying the kryptonite that was stolen from him. Afterwards, we see him lead Superman down into his secret batcave and reveals to Clark the contingency plan he has for Wonder Woman and even himself that he entrusts to the Man of Steel

The Secret Batcave p3 photo justiceleague20-thesecretbatcave1.jpgThe Secret Batcave p4 photo justiceleague20-thesecretbatcave2.jpgThe Secret Batcave p5 photo justiceleague20-thesecretbatcave3.jpgThe Secret Batcave p6 photo justiceleague20-thesecretbatcave4.jpg

This is a look what's inside most of the boxes that contains special weaponry to defeat almost every leaguer should they go rogue that Batman plans to use against The Crime Syndicate (an evil Justice League from an alternate universe) (Forever Evil #4)

What's in the box? photo foreverevil4-secretweaponsvsjusticeleague.jpg

Stored inside his Justice League contingency box/pod for Cyborg are the schematics for Cyborg's cybernetic body which is used by Batgirl and Red Robin to tweak the Mother Box fused within Cyborg to open a boom tube portal to Apokolips (Batman & Robin v2 #35)

 photo batmanrobin35-motherboxtech2.jpgInternet 3.0 vs Cyborg 1 photo batmanrobin35-internet30vscyborg1.jpgInternet 3.0 vs Cyborg 2 photo batmanrobin35-internet30vscyborg2.jpgCyborg Schematics photo batmanrobin35-cyborgschematics.jpg

Abducts and restrains Frankenstein (temporarily) via the Batplane after dropping a special substance on him that's been designed for Justice League type use and seemingly against super powered beings (Batman & Robin v2 #19)

 photo batmanamprobin19-frankenstein1.jpg photo batmanamprobin19-frankenstein2.jpg photo batmanamprobin19-frankenstein3.jpg

Shuts down the giant rogue WayneTech robot with a remote device (Batman Confidential #2)

Batman, in his early years, is able to single-handedly defeat an army of Luthor's robo-soldiers that had conquered a military base, chased off the human soldiers, and prevented the army from conquering the base back (Batman Confidential #5)

Power Armor/Mech Suits

Inside his own alien robot he created, Bats uses it to avoid detection from a giant alien and sentient starship and to "blind" it (JLA Classified Cold Steel #2)

Batman Gotham After Midnight #3-4:

- Clayface has absorbed people into his body to make himself grow into a giant and rampages through Gotham City

- Batman having already built a giant high tech robot battles the giant Clayface and evenutally manages to deduce and exploit his weakness to defeat him then restores Clayface to his original state

Uses a giant sized mech suit to combat and completely subdue Mr. Bloom with assistance from Robin (We Are Robin) aka Duke Thomas. Mr. Bloom is then later on finished off by the other Batman (Jim Gordon) (Batman v2 #50)

Mech Batman vs Bloom 1 photo batman50-mechbatmanvbloom1.jpgMech Batman vs Bloom 2 photo batman50-mechbatmanvbloom2.jpgMech Batman vs Bloom 3 photo batman50-mechbatmanvbloom3.jpgMech Batman vs Bloom 4 photo batman50-mechbatmanvbloom4.jpgMech Batman vs Bloom 5 photo batman50-mechbatmanvbloom5.jpgMech Batman vs Bloom 6 photo batman50-mechbatmanvbloom6.jpgMech Batman vs Bloom 7 photo batman50-mechbatmanvbloom7.jpgMech Batman vs Bloom 8 photo batman50-mechbatmanvbloom8.jpgMech Batman vs Bloom 9 photo batman50-mechbatmanvbloom9.jpgMech Batman vs Bloom 10 photo batman50-mechbatmanvbloom10.jpg

Dons powered armor to counter act the formidable armor powered assassin Scarab who he manages to get the upperhand on before Robin interfers and she's able to escape (Robin #128)

The Scarebeast invades Wayne Manor while Bruce is still recovering from his previous encounter with the monster that left him weakened. Despite this, Bruce with help from Robin and Alfred are able to contain Scarebeast after bringing it down into the batcave where Bruce uses his high tech powered armor and other equipment to stop the monster (Batman #630)

War Armor - Large sized power armor used for big battles

Batman v2 #9:

- Takes on 9 Talons all at once within the Batcave and manages to take some of them down although he's eventually overpowered due to being too weakened beforehand on top of the Talons being super humanly strong (as we see them penetrating his battle armor with their weapons). We also see him using his robotic T-Rex dinosaur in his Batcave to crush several Talons

Batman Eternal #1:

- Easily breaks an older model airplane in half displaying the enhanced level of super strength his war armor provides him

 photo batmaneternal1-warsuitstrength1.jpg photo batmaneternal1-warsuitstrength2.jpg photo batmaneternal1-warsuitstrength3.jpg

Detective Comics v2 Annual #3:

- Defeats a well armed small army despite charging head on into them then being surrounded. In addition, the war armor proves strong enough to withstand heavy assault rifle gunfire without the armor being badly damaged and still intact

War Batman vs Small Army 1 photo detectiveannual3-warbatmanvsarmy1.jpgWar Batman vs Small Army 2 photo detectiveannual3-warbatmanvsarmy2.jpgWar Batman vs Small Army 3 photo detectiveannual3-warbatmanvsarmy3.jpgWar Batman vs Small Army 4 photo detectiveannual3-warbatmanvsarmy4.jpg

- The armor can emit a magnetic pulse/EMP that he uses to disable a magnetic rail gun

 photo detectiveannual3-armoremp.jpg

Batman & Robin v2 #12

- While fighting a large power armored super villain known as Terminus he resorts to using his own unique augmented power armor suit that he keeps in his batomobile and holds his own fighting against Terminus who ends up running out of power unable to continue their battle

- Putting his 2nd contigency plan into motion to destroy Batman & Gotham, Terminus has a warhead launched programmed to hit Gotham. However, Batman using his augmentation suit manages to catch up with the warhead in time then override and redirect it safely into the harbor saving everyone

Using the same power armor suit he used against Terminus or a very similar one he takes down a well armed motorcycle biker gang and takes no damage to his armor despite the weaponry they use against him. In addition, the armor works like a hazmat suit which protects him from the radiation emitting from the meta human he went in to take down (Detective Comics v2 #34)

  photo detective34-powerarmorbatman1.jpg photo detective34-powerarmorbatman2.jpg

Haz-Bat Suit - An enhanced lightweight armored hazmat suit that primarily protects him from all kinds of biohazard threats and high levels of radiation as well as other things.

Justice League v2 #36-37:

- Withstands a big blast of fire from a meta human with pyrokinesis with no damage to the suit and uses tasers to take out another meta human

 photo justiceleague36-hazbatvpyrometa1.jpg photo justiceleague36-hazbatvpyrometa2.jpg photo justiceleague36-hazbatvpyrometa3.jpg

- Withstands the extremely powerful pull of a black hole without being sucked in against a meta human with gravity control also grabbing Superman in the process. We then see him hit at point blank with a heavy blast from the same meta human resulting in only his visor being cracked but not broken and still protecting him. He also is shown using the electricity in his gauntlet gloves to re-start the meta human's heart that stopped

 photo justiceleague36-hazbatvgravitymeta1.jpg photo justiceleague36-hazbatvgravitymeta2.jpg photo justiceleague36-hazbatvgravitymeta3.jpg

- The suit has enhanced thermal imaging and medical scanning capabilities that he uses to analyze the body of Patient Zero (who's the first person infected by the Amazo virus) enabling him to see how his body is mutating

 photo justiceleague37-hazbatech.jpg

- Alongside Superman he's blasted away by Patient Zero who uses a powerful blast of heat vision against the World's Finest. He then reveals to Superman that his suit is created to withstand the Man of Steel's heat vision blast which is why he took no damage from Patient Zero's heat vision which apparently is at least equally as powerful as Superman's own heat vision

 photo justiceleague37-hazbatvheatvision.jpg

Power Suits created to battle Superman/Superman level opponents

With Superman powerless at the time, Bruce stands in for him in Metropolis by apparently creating a body of armor that resembles Superman in appearance. It also proves strong enough to allow Bruce to quickly defeat Metallo (Superman Batman Annual #2)

Does very well against Bizarro using high tech power armor with specialized weaponry and actually hurts Bizarro good (although he doesn't win). The armor also provides great protection that enables him to withstand attacks from an enraged Bizarro (Batman/Wonder Woman/Superman: Trinity #3)

Built a special stealth suit designed to keep him completely undetected from Superman (as one of his contingency plans before they truly knew each other) who's unable to sense or see Batman when put to the test with a full Electromagnetic Spectrum scan. We also learn it can cloak itself from anything attempting to detect it according to Bruce. See the Special Prep Time (Battles) Section to see it in action against Wraith (Superman Unchained #2 & Epilogue Backup Tale)

Super Stealth Suit Batman p1 photo supermanunchained2-batstealthsuit.jpgSuper Stealth Suit Batman p2 photo supermanunchained2-batstealthsuit2.jpgSuper Stealth Suit Batman p3 photo supermanunchained2-batstealthsuit3.jpg

Fenrir/Justice Buster

Created a special mech suit for the sole purpose to combat and defeat the Justice League which contains specialized weaponry for each member of the league. This just a brief look at most of the battles that took place while he was using the mech power suit referred to as the "Justice Buster" by Superman. For a full break down of his Fenrir plan to defeat the Justice League see the Special Prep Time (Battles) Section (Batman v2 #35)

Justice Buster vs Wonder Woman aka God of War 1 photo batman35-justicebustervswonderwoman1.jpgJustice Buster vs The Flash 2 photo batman35-justicebustervstheflash2.jpgJustice Buster vs The Flash 3 photo batman35-justicebustervstheflash3.jpgJustice Buster vs Aquaman 1 photo batman35-justicebustervsaquaman1.jpgJustice Buster vs Superman 1 photo batman35-justicebustervsuperman1.jpgJustice Buster vs Superman 2 photo batman35-justicebustervsuperman2.jpg

Insider Suit - Power suit created to mimic the abilities/powers of his Justice League teammates  

Bruce Wayne The Road Home: Batgirl

- Showing off the capabilities of his high tech Insider suit that possessed the powers/abilities of his Justice League teammates which displays super speed, heat vision, green hard light energy, and camouflage as he gauges Batgirl's abilities using it

Bruce Wayne The Road Home: Outsiders

- Defeats the Outsiders with the Insider suit who mistake him for a super villian terrorist


Batman & Robin v2 #33-37:

- Designed special power armor known as the Hellbat to deal with major threats and extreme battle scenarios that's kept on the Justice League Watchtower. In addition, his core Justice League teammates (the original New 52 Justice League) played a big part in its creation by each contributing in their own unique way into to making the Hellbat quite powerful so he wouldn't be vulnerable anymore whenever they battle the larger scale threats

Hellbat Power Armor 1 photo batmanrobin33-hellbat1.jpgHellbat Power Armor 2 photo batmanrobin33-hellbat2.jpgHellbat Power Armor 3 photo batmanrobin33-hellbat3.jpgHellbat Power Armor 4 photo batmanrobin33-hellbat4.jpgHellbat Power Armor 5 photo batmanrobin33-hellbat5.jpgHellbat Power Armor 6 photo batmanrobin33-hellbat6.jpg

- The Hellbat power armor also draws from his own metabolism as noted by Luthor

 photo batmanrobin34-motherbox2.jpg

- Has a Photonic cloaking

 photo batmanrobin35-hellbatcloak1.jpg photo batmanrobin35-hellbatcloak2.jpg photo batmanrobin35-hellbatcloak3.jpg photo batmanrobin35-hellbatcloak4.jpg

- Withstands numerous energy blasts from Apokolips Justifiers including Godfrey with no affect showcasing the suits very strong durability. We also see that the suit seems to be symbiotic in nature since he can control what it does as shown when he attacks the Justifiers also deploying mini robots to drain them. In addition, he easily overpowers Godfrey then appears to cover his entire body and painfully subdue him with the Hellbat's symbiotic like substance

 photo batmanrobin35-hellbatvsgodfrey1.jpg photo batmanrobin35-hellbatvsgodfrey2.jpg

- Flys straight through a large ship very fast and easily breaks it apart

  photo batmanrobin36-hellbatvbigship.jpg

- Able to create a vast amount of mini batarangs that's more than enough in number to take down an army of Parademons

Hellbat vs Parademon Army photo batmanrobin36-hellbatvsparademonarmy.jpg

- Displaying the suits super strength as he easily takes off the head of a giant Apokoliptian tank-like weapon vehicle and is temporarily restrained with electrical cables only to quickly bust loose as he's then shown easily overpowering the Apokolips army to the point where he has to be stopped

 photo batmanrobin36-hellbatvsapokolipsarmy1.jpg photo batmanrobin36-hellbatvsapokolipsarmy2.jpg

- Decisively defeats Kalibak (son of Darkseid) in melee combat by using Kalibak's own blaster staff against him. In addition, he shows the ability to create a Batman symbol like shield that's strong enough to guard against an attack from Kalibak

Hellbat vs Kalibak 1 photo batmanrobin36-hellbatvskalibak1.jpgHellbat vs Kalibak 2 photo batmanrobin36-hellbatvskalibak2.jpgHellbat vs Kalibak 3 photo batmanrobin36-hellbatvskalibak3.jpg

- Without looking he uses his mother box to send Kalibak away to another location on Apokolips easily preventing his sneak attack

Hellbat w/Mother Box vs Kalibak photo batmanrobin37-motherboxkalibak.jpg

- Impressively does well against Darkseid in battle and even manages to hurt him as well as withstanding heavy attacks from Darkseid although Darkseid ultimately gets the upperhand in combat

Hellbat vs Darkseid 1 photo batmanrobin37-hellbatvsdarkseid1.jpgHellbat vs Darkseid 2 photo batmanrobin37-hellbatvsdarkseid2.jpgHellbat vs Darkseid 3 photo batmanrobin37-hellbatvsdarkseid3.jpgHellbat vs Darkseid 4 photo batmanrobin37-hellbatvsdarkseid4.jpgHellbat vs Darkseid 5 photo batmanrobin37-hellbatvsdarkseid5.jpgHellbat vs Darkseid 6 photo batmanrobin37-hellbatvsdarkseid6.jpgHellbat vs Darkseid 7 photo batmanrobin37-hellbatvsdarkseid7.jpgHellbat vs Darkseid 8 photo batmanrobin37-hellbatvsdarkseid8.jpg

- Cleverly waiting for the right moment, we see him using the chaos shard to absorb Darkseid's omega beams (which seems have boundless power) then redirect all the power in the Hellbat suit into 1 powerful chest beam fired from his bat emblem that knocks down Darkseid allowing him to then escape

Hellbat Chest Beam vs Darkseid 1 photo batmanrobin37-hellbatchestbeam1.jpgHellbat Chest Beam vs Darkseid 2 photo batmanrobin37-hellbatchestbeam2.jpgHellbat Chest Beam vs Darkseid 3 photo batmanrobin37-hellbatchestbeam3.jpg