Friday, November 16, 2012

Update 14

- Added feats to the Endurance Section (Body Armor) from Detective Comics v2 #5 & Batman v2 #14
- Added feats to the Standard/Advanced Prep Section from Batman v2 #14 (Standard), Detective Comics v2 #14 (Standard) & Green Arrow v4 #14 (Advanced)
- Added feat to the Intellect/Resources Section (Resources) from Batman & Robin #13
- Added feat to the Deduction Section (Observation) from Justice League v2 #13
- Added feat to the Strategy/Tactics Section (Solo Battles) from Legends of the Dark Knight v2 #1
- Added feat to the Willpower Section from Batman The Dark Knight v2 #13

I apologize for not updating in a while but hopefully I'll be able to keep up with posting new images more regularly now that I have more free time. Let me know what you think about the new posted feats or anything else on your mind about the site. Enjoy the massive new update and more to come soon!

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