Sunday, November 16, 2014

Update 72 - Batman Vol 2: Batman vs Superman

- Added feats to the Special Prep Time (Battles) Section from Batman v2 #36
- Added feat to the Intellect/Resources (Science/Tech) Section from Batman v2 #36

Enjoy the cool Batman vs Superman battle!


Batman Archives said...

You should add to the Joker Capability website, just in the last 2 Batman issues he's shown the ability to control the Justice League, massively infect Gotham, and counter Batman's immunity to Paralytic toxins. And more if you nitpick enough.

All without Batman's noticing before it's too late.

Phantom Ghost said...

I'll definitely update the Joker Capability Website with all new feats from Endgame once the story arc is over so I can sort them better. I too was just as impressed with the things the Joker has managed to pull off so far in Endgame especially being able to mind control the Justice League.