Saturday, May 23, 2015

Convergence - Shadow of the Bat & Batman & Robin

Added feats from Convergence Shadow of the Bat #1 & 2 to the following Sections:
- Deduction (Observation/Preception)
- Skills Misc
- Agility/Speed (Gunfire)
- Teams/Mobs (Skill)

Added feats from Convergence Batman & Robin #2 to the follow Sections:
- Endurance (Stamina)
- Skills Misc

For those of you who are fans of Azrael (Jean Paul Valley) as Batman aka Azbats you will probably enjoy the Convergence Shadow of the Bat issues so check them out. Also, we're treated to a Batman (or Batmen) vs Wetworks (Wildstorm) in Convergence Shadow of the Bat #2!



Alexander Winchester said...

Hi, looking all these scans, I saw, in strength/power section, a thing that should be clarified. I'm talking about the scan from Gotham After Midnight #2. Because I am a archeology student, I would like to fix this. I saw those scans, when Batman has sustained those two statues. Indeed, there's a huge mistake about what the writer wrote in that comic. They weren't sarcophagi but egyptian statues. It is a completely different story. It is correct to say that just the coffin of a sarcophagus can weight 2-3 tons, and the rest, 100-110 kg, but this is not the case. The scan shows clearly two statues, high about 5 meters, made not by gold, would be ridiculous, but certainly by granite, the most used material in ancient Egypt, one of the most durable material. Doesn't exist any sarcophagus so hight, indeed the bigger sarcophagus ever made (Merneptah's sarcophagus) found in 2012 in the Valley of the Kings, is high just 2,5 meters. Moreover, is clear that looking the bottom of those statues you can see clearly the pedestals. So, because they were two egyptian statues, we can agree that the weight of each statue was about 1 ton. A egyptian statue with that size, has always an average weight of 1 tons, reaching weights much more consistent, depends of the size. The Taharqa statue for example, made by granite is a little more than 1 tons, and wasn't neither tall, or as the Ramses II statues, that can reach the weight of 5 tons.

Phantom Ghost said...

Hi, Alexander!

Thanks for helping to clarify that particular feat for us its really appreciated especially since I did some additional research myself to find out for sure. What I have done is gone ahead and added that its a Egyptian statue in parenthesis while keeping the the descriptive text the same since that's how it was originally written (or may have been intended by the writer) and especially since we both agree on the weight.

One thing to note is that I try not to get too caught up in mixing and matching our real world with fictional comic book worlds since they don't always match or make sense when you try to compare the two even if they have similarities. Still, I do try to be as accurate as possible so it is very much appreciated that you made this clear for us all.

Thank you again and feel free to comment more.

Alexander Winchester said...

Thank you, my pleasure, it is funny to discuss in a scientific way about comics. In this case we have a clearly mistake made by the writer, but the approximate weight (1 or more tons) is correct.

Korey Daniel said...

I've been looking at batman arkham knight for since it came out on Monday and Tuesday and I've only been able to find 1 fanfiction for it.