Friday, July 10, 2015

Which Marvel Super Villain do you want Batman to fight the most?

Out of all the awesome Marvel super villains who would you like to see The Dark Knight take on the most? Let me know in the poll!


BAT GOD said...

At some point the could take down whoever he fights, and all tale about the prep time, does not apply for every villain, since he has been fight all kind of mutants, demigods, demons, mythological creatures, metha humans and superhumans, so, he could beat most of Marvels vallains of heroes without a prep time.

Anonymous said...

"At some point the could take down whoever he fights" -BAT GOD

You seem to be ignoring characters such as Galactus and Thanos.
Please don't tell me he'll beat them "because he has a plan." That's the ultimate cop-out. You don't even know what plan he could possibly have.

Sure, Batman is smart, strong, and agile. He's the master of planning. But how could a man with Earth technology who is on the same level as a homicidal clown and a man who loves riddles, can fight a god who has destroyed planets on quite a few occasions.

If anybody responds with something like "But he always has a plan!" then I'll be so mad...